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Police are visible and quick to respond when called. Larceny is high, last year my brother's bike was stolen out of our garage.
I live in the community of Bangor but because the school district here isn't very progressive, when I was in the 2nd grade my parents transfered me to a school district close to us, South Haven Schools. I continue to attend at South Haven and will graduate from South Haven also. Many members of the community are very poor and many do not work. I will not return to live here after college graduation. My parents live here but both work in other cities nearby.
The crime rate of Bangor, MI is somewhat low. As a resident you rarely hear anything about crime here. I feel safe in Bangor. Police are always driving around the streets. It is easy to track them down when needed. I don't have any concerns.
The area in which I stay is quiet. It's a great place for kids. There is rarely a dangerous situation here. If there were more stores and people I would love to stay here and build up a family.
I enjoy living in the house I'm in. Nice and cozy
It's friendly, but I wish there were more people
I'd say it's a great crime and safety area
Like I've said before, I enjoy the fact that it's a quiet and friendly area, but I'm a young guy that still wants to get up and do things. This area is not that type of area that I enjoy. Maybe when I get older and aren't able to do the things I do today.
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