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The "Queen City" is growing, but it has its growing pains. Recent revitalization efforts are underway to attract young professionals to the area to replace Maine's aging workforce. Although there is a long ways to go, Bangor promises to be a great place to work and live thanks to its safe neighborhoods and growing entertainment and night life sectors.
Bangor is a great place to shop and eat at a variety of restaurants. There are also numerous colleges and hospitals in town as well. The city has upscale neighborhoods, and also, low cost neighborhoods to reside in.
Good town to grow up in, everything you would need is extremely accessible. Most everyone is nice and downtown Bangor is expanding immensely.
Bangor, Maine has a wonderful school system. Bangor has some amazing parks, but not many opportunities for young children, or children with sensory issues. There aren't many indoor activities for children in the winter time. There are some really nice neighborhoods in Bangor, but several neighborhoods with drug issues.
Bangor is such a great Maine city. It has everything from entertainment, living, schools, and food. I feel safe everywhere I go and everyone is very friendly.
Cliche, trying to be Portland, ME and very small but can be fun and has a good mature ADULT life, unless you're a lawyer.
It is one of the best places I have ever lived although the weather is freezing. It is environmentally friendly without any pollutions around. People around are also friendly helping out each other like giving rides to those who are going back from Walmart with a lot of shopping bags. I could even say this is the best place to live regardless of race or status.
The schools are amazing. I like the nightlife. there are a lot of activities that you can do as a family.
Bangor is perhaps one of the biggest cities in Maine, and is certainly the last outpost north before the Canadian border. The bars and nightlife in the city are very cozy considering the small size of the city (about 40,000.) Though the city struggles with housing, drug addiction, and municipal infrastructure failures, the city has a bright and optimistic future because of its very young population.
Bangor is an excellent city located in northern Maine. It offers a lot of great attractions, food and shopping!
The Bangor area has been growing rapidly over the last few years. I have enjoyed trying all of the new businesses, all of the new local places to shop and dine. The City is doing a wonderful job at cleaning the city up, bringing in new business to reestablish and make it a better place for our children to grow.
Small city life. Low crime, poor jobs, lots of restaurants and most of the college educated people move away after graduation.
Bangor is a great up and coming area with a growing downtown area! I am excited to see what is in store for the future.
I like the small town feel of the rising Bangor population city. I would like to change accessibility for pedestrians, because streets in the area are designed around motorists not pedestrians.
I have been in and around the Bangor, Maine area my entire life. I like the new businesses that are moving in, the growth in the downtown area, and the waterfront concerts. Transients are a problem, and can be intimidating when you have to walk past them. I wish there was someplace for them to go, that would not be in the path of business folks just trying to get to work, or back to their car.
Nice places to go in Bangor, the people are slightly on the uncomfortable side. If you live near the downtown side of Bangor, make sure your doors have safe, reliable locks.
I havent been using Niche long I think so far it is just fine Cant complain or comment as I haven't been here long
Bangor was once a joyful city that had that small town feel. Over the last decade it has taken a hit and has lost its value and people look to move away as soon as they can.
2017 will mark the twenty-two years residing in Bangor. Over the years Bangor has been on an upward trend in development, recreation, night life and much more. Local farmers markets, waterfront concert series, trendy restaurants and bars in the quaint historic downtown of Bangor provide a hot spot for visitors and millennium youths. A day trip to the ocean, lake, or hiking in Acadia National Park are all vital to a quick get away. Public schools and friendly safe communities are a steal for newly weds looking to start a family. I couldn't have imagined growing up anywhere else in Maine. Truly an up and coming town that has much to offer for all ages.
Bangor is a city that has seen some wonderful development in the downtown area, but is still facing a huge drug epidemic that is not well managed. It is a family friendly city with lots of activities for children, though not a lot of employment opportunities. Lots of parks, walking trails, and farmers market make it a great place for the health-conscious.
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