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Downtown Bangor is beautiful, and the Bangor Public Library's renovations have made it even more amazing than before.
I enjoy the friendly nature of those you meet in Bangor. I found it a happy place to grow up with plenty of places to "get away" and enjoy the beauty of nature.
My biggest problem with Bangor is that they do not have any bike lanes and drivers refuse to give cyclists the three feet of room required by law.
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The travel in Bangor is easy. Everything you need is conveniently located. Beautiful old and new buildings. The water front is beautiful and a lot of great events are held there.
Beautiful small city with conveniences. Clean air, feels safe. However, winters are cold and long, streets are bad, and jobs don't always pay much. However, it's a great family-friendly place not far from the beautiful Maine coast.
Great City to live in. Downtown is great with a huge variety of cuisine and entertainment. Darlings waterfront pavilion has tons of great shows put on each year ranging from luke bryan to korn.
Bangor is a mid sized city with tons of restaurants and plenty of shopping and party night life. it is home to concerts in the summer at the Waterfront.
Bangor has a nice small town feel with a great little downtown area filled with cool shops and restaurants open year-round.
Bangor is a small town, what I like about that is, knowing where everything is and short drive times. What I do not like about Bangor is, there really isn't much to do here for fun, especially for kids. I take my kids to the park, the town swimming pool, or the arcade, that is really it for options. I wish someone would open more fun places for children. I also wish we had more of a variety of restaurants and shopping places here. It is a close knit place to live though, making it easy to get acquainted with your neighbors . I do not have to worry about my children being out after hours either, because the crime rate is very low. I do wish that the cost of rental units were cheaper also. All in all, it really isn't a bad place to live.
Quiet town, small schools, city living without feeling like living in a city, nice places to walk, lots of outdoor activities, busy downtown, waterfront concerts
Bangor Maine has some great activities to do during the year. You can always find something to do with the family or with friends. I would like to see the town take more care in the roads as they are in need of repairs. There are some great neighborhoods in Bangor as well as some bad but overall the people in Bangor are friendly and helpful. There are some great local businesses to do some shopping or to get a bite to eat. Bangor makes a great town to live and work in and is in close proximity to some of the states awesome local parks and beaches.
Bangor is a great town to get started on your own. I was 19 when I moved to Maine and was completely on my own. I loved how Bangor could be a "big" city and then you could drive 20 minutes and be in the country. It reminded me a lot of home and that helped me adjust well. I don't like that there isn't more things for college and high school kids to do. I would love to see more outdoor activities or even indoor ones, like laser tag, go carts, etc.
I've worked in Bangor for about 6 years now, its a great area with numerous job opportunities. If I wasn't leaving for school, I can see myself staying here for some time!
Bangor is very diverse and unique community. While the community may be rather large, it feels as though everyone is willing to help one another. The town has much to offer from culturally diverse restaurants to new facilities to use for all ages. Simply put, Bangor is a great town to be in.
Great library, bars, restaurants and quaint downtown area! It is walkable with a variety of places to go with friends or family.
Bangor is a great place and is constantly growing. It's in the perfect position to support city and nature at the same time.
Bangor is small city in the middle of Maine with everything you could ask for in a city. Shopping, bars, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, hiking/biking trails, trampoline park, inflatable park, all of this without the traffic jams of larger cities.
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It's a lovely town with a lot of shops and places to eat. The street lines could use a paint touch up. There's a lot of wildlife to see.
I have found Bangor to be lovely place to grow up. It has provided me with a safe, but health lifestyle that perfectly fosters the development of individuals--from childhood through adulthood.
Sometimes there are creepy, drug people lurking. Mostly in the late night hours. There are a lot of fun things around Bangor, cute antique shops and coffee shops. Bagel Central is my favorite spot.
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