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Bangor Charter Township is a charter township of Bay County in the U.S. state of Michigan
Joseph Trombley in 1834 purchased Bangor township's section 16 from the government which was the being of the Bangor settlement.[9] Bangor was platted in 1851 and was renamed Banks in 1864. In 1871, Banks became an incorporated village while Wenona was platted.[10] In 1873, the Township consisted of about 10 sections. The community of Bangor in 1873 was served by the Banks Post Office[11] which opened on May 18, 1864. The Banks Post Office was closed on May 1, 1866. On Nov 17, 1870, the Banks Post Office was reopened.[12] By 1873, Wenona was served by a post office with the same name.[11] The City of West Bay City, also known as West Bank City, was formed in 1877 by the state legislature consolidating the communities of Banks, Salzburg, and Wenona
Not really much crime but police are around to help
There is a quite atmosphere yet still things to do with little crime and schools can be pretty good
Review Bangor Charter Township
Bay City ranks safer than some of the neighboring cities, but it's still not the best.
Bay City is pretty, it just needs more activities to do.
Lately on the Southend of Bay City there have been plenty of break ins into cars and homes. I'm on a Bay City Neighborhood Watch page on Facebook, so I do hear about quite a bit of crime in Bay City. In the 19 years that I've lived here, neither me, my mother, or my father have experienced any sort of crime. Right now however, it's just after Christmas time so our crime rate is slightly higher than usual.
I love Bay City because it's home to me. I tried moving to Mount Pleasant for school, but I just couldn't seem to make it work. I love the people I'm surrounded by in Bay City. I love that I'm still close with my high school (John Glenn High School), and I know that due to their new superintendent their school systems are constantly being bettered. I love that I'm located so close to Euclid Road, a street filled with fast food places galore and other stores, and then Wilder Road crosses Euclid and is filled with stores such as Wal-Mart and our Bay City Mall. Plus, in Downtown Bay City we have tons of little stores, coffee shops, and restaurants! And in the summer we have tons of fairs and one of thee best fireworks displays! And in the winter, everyone heads over to Vets Park for a great day of sledding! Bay City is an involved and overall fantastic community to be a part of!
When I was young I did't notice many problems but as I grew up I realized all the issues taking place, especially in light of recent events, such as a student getting shot in the leg at a bon fire. It is getting worse and worse in the Bay Area and I would not bring my future children here unless there where dramatic improvements.
It is unbelievable the number of pot holes that line road after road in Bay City, MI. It is safe to say Bay City is lacking the proper funding it needs to save what once was a excellent town to live in.
like I said the weather isn't very appealing but the food is good and schools are pretty good and you can find nice people
I feel very safe with little to worry about
It can be really cold and windy and rainy and snowy but the summers can be nice with quite a bit of sun.
There is such a variety and wide array of opposition both during the day and for a night out
There are a lot of opportunities for like part time jobs and for high school students but not a lot of career potential
A lot of businesses have been leaving due to hard times but there is still a pretty good selection of everything
We have a beautiful state park but can't use the beach due to muck & weeds growing. I have been told that at one time it was very nice.
There's not much crime; police cruisers are visible on the streets but slow to respond to accidents
Review Bangor Charter Township
roads could be cleared earlier after a snow storm
Depends on what you want to do. There's a lot of fast food restaurants & small local businesses but not a lot of manufacturing or large corporation job openings
Not a variety. If you want Olive Garden, Outback, Logan's etc you have to travel about 15 miles to one.
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