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The town of Bamberg is small but you will never miss a single beat. Everyone is very neighborly and friendly. There is not a lot to do but it is not far from other places who has more activities. There is hardly any crime. For a little town we are extremely supportive of sports, clubs, community and school projects. One thing that I can say that I would change about this wonderful town is the amount of fun activities it lacks.
Bamberg is a small town. There is only two stop lights in Bamberg. Everyone knows everyone, it is a really small town so news travels fast... Plenty of people are in this town are related to each other so everyone is like a huge family. There is not a lot to do except go to sports games and church. There is plenty of churches and many welcome plenty of people. It is pretty safe with the occasional accident.
There are plenty of friendly people in the community, but there's plenty of unfriendly people as well. Many people are happy to participate in community events.
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The majority of the crime here is theft or drug related. Violent crimes, shootings etc. are very uncommon here. Overall there really isn't that much criminal activity in our town.
I've lived in the town of Bamberg my whole life. It's a small and quiet town. Nothing much happens around here. I don't see the town improving economically. Jobs are moving out and the town is getting smaller. I myself am hoping to move somewhere else someday.
How long people tend to live in Bamberg I say about all their lives , the people are friendly and the pets you barely are any. Also for the community events we barley have any now.
The crime and safety in Bamberg is getting better in my eyes but as in some towns it's always something going on but in Bamberg it's only minor crimes going on. The police of Bamberg there are very dependable at all times. The only concern I have about Bamberg is that they should have more job offers in the area or hire more people.
The overall experience in the area of Bamberg , South Carolina is a great place to live and some people in Bamberg will try to do things for the community . Would I see myself living here again when I finish college , yes I do because like I stated it is a great place to live and have nice people who uplifted you in any kind of way. What I see in the future is more people moving in my small town n enjoying there selves.
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