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There is only one cop on duty at a time so the visibility of the police is low, however if you call the police they respond quickly. Occasionally a car will be broken into but New London is overall a very safe town with little crime. There are however a lot of abandoned buildings in New London and kids and teens have been known to go into them.
They answer us when we need them
Housing is very family oriented.
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It's been great living here but I would like to eventually move.
We don't have many attractions in my area because it's a small town and not highly populated.
The parking here is readily available. We do not have to pay for it because we live in a small town. If the parking is difficult it is because we're at a busy mall. Transportation via taxi or bus is not needed. Most people drive or walk.
Our area is very safe.
The weather has the extreme cold and extreme heat it's the best of both worlds.
We need more things to do other than go bowling around here.
The employment in my area could be better. The people with degrees can find jobs easily but the people who are only high school graduates have a tough time finding work that is not through a temporary employer.
The businesses in Southeast Iowa are good for being a smaller community. The Mall is up to date on trends and have family-owned stores here receive great business and the people of this community are very supportive of each other. Specifically the Casey's General Stores are in great condition and are by far the best customer service of any other store in Southeast Iowa. I prefer them to any other. I prefer mom-and-pop businesses over any other because it supports family and that is very important to me. Although I do believe we need more clothing and recreational stores around here I am satisfied that the stores meet my day-to-day needs.
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