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I like that overall Baltimore is very diverse its a old city so you get to see so much original landscape and design I'm the city. And their amazing slam poetry just keeps me coming back for more. It saddens me that there is so much violence, not just from the people in the neighborhoods but from Police also. That what I would like to change the amount of violence that goes on here.
baltimore is a great living experience with diverse cultures and fine eateries and a night life that is suitable to all walks of life, i would only change how horrible there roads are and how the pot holes can damage your cars.
Baltimore is ideally located near New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. This provides an opportunity to do just about anything. Because of its location, you can be in the country, on the water or in one of the metropolitan areas very easily.
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Baltimore is a diverse city with many hidden gems. It can be rough in some areas and definitely worth visiting. People can be phenomenal in this city and will surprise you. The infrastructure is traditionally old but rustic. Baltimore is my home town and I love it dearly. Baltimore will need love and healing in the future.
There are really good areas in Baltimore! It is a typical city and has rough areas as well. Overall there are some really good finds in this area.
Baltimore has brought me so many amazing opportunities and memories! I moved here in order to continue my education and was accepted to Notre Dame University of Maryland! I also have been teaching in the preschool setting throughout the city, and have loved it so far!
Baltimore has always been home for me. I went away to college in NC and realized that I was a city girl at heart and right after I graduated I came right back to what I knew, Baltimore.
I have lived here my whole life and have seen Baltimore go from a nice city to one of worst city to live in. You have many nice areas of Baltimore City but crime shadows all of the good that City has to offer.
Baltimore is a very unique city. There are a lot of great sites and places to go. It has so much potential. I would change the amount of crime in this city.
My experience in Baltimore has been good. There are a lot of positive things happening in Baltimore, besides the negative impacts. I learned that you have to make smart decisions. There are plenty of activities for people to do to get active such as parks, gyms, and more. I've seen police mess with people for no reason. There are too many corner stores, but not enough markets for fresh food. Baltimore is a place for people who loves to work hard.
I lived in Baltimore while attaining a 4 year degree at Loyola University. Overall, I had a a very good experience. In part, due to my school, but mostly because of the city. It was a very fun city with friendly people and a lot to do. These things to do, however, were mostly within the downtown Baltimore and Inner Harbor area which made nights out an expensive night by virtue of the travel expenses. The immediate area around my school was dangerous, and offered little to do. Baltimore in general, just like any big city, is not a place to be wandering about alone and without knowing the area. All in all, the summary of my experience was: Great city, but know where to go.
Baltimore has been an interesting place to live. Fells Point and the Inner Harbor are fun places to go downtown. The suburbs around the city are a good place to live also. It is not difficult to locate the neighborhoods where you would rather not park at night. If you have children, it is better to live in the county or send them to private school.
Baltimore is a great up-and-coming place for young professionals. There are a ton of great restaurants, the housing is relatively inexpensive, and there are a ton of museums and art galleries around to enjoy. As a teacher in the public school system, however, I can't say that I'd be excited to send my kids to school here.
The artwork displayed around Baltimore city is beautiful and diverse. It captures the creative and charming side of "Charm City".
I have been living in Baltimore for over 10 years and I have has a good experience. It could be better if it wasn't for the high rate of crimes.
The Hippodrome is very nice. Beautifully restored. Great shows. Nice restaurants close by. Convenient parking.
It is a very violent neighborhood considering the fighting and gun violence that continues throughout daily life.
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My overall experience living in Baltimore City was great in my early years but, Today with the increase in the Murder rates it really has me scared for my safety not only for myself but my family. Overall the experience here can be great its a lot to do and my city has some very nice attractions.
The murder rate to be lower and better public schools. The drug addiction to be addressed more and provide better housing by fixing up the run down communities.
as of Jan. 06 2016, I became a resident of the street's of Baltimore city. my first week of not knowing anybody or where to eat or go to sleep or basically anything and having to rely on myself and my survival skill's. I told myself there are only two ways of doing this and one was giving up and checking in And the other way was to suck it up And the last thing I want to be is a reason not to be successful. I definitely am not going to be a burden on our presidents of tomorrow. So I began hunting how to get started with a life in Baltimore. Now today is feb.18th 2017
as of today at this moment I am living in Blair neighborhood in a one bedroom apt. I am a fulltime student in Strayer college .and I volunteer with healthcare for the homeless giving back to the people that helped me succeed and knew I had success in me even when I couldn't see it. I believe life is but a journey.
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