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I would like to see more activities for the youth of today. I would like to see the city officials take more of an interest in the youth than in adding casinos everywhere.
I can only describe Baltimore as the "tough love" city. I say this because Baltimore's reality is handed to you early either if you grew up here or transferred here. I love Baltimore's aura and atmosphere because the citizens here tell it like it is. The history that dwells in these streets and of course the vast amount of resources one can utilize either for education or job advancement. There may be some rough neighborhoods and a few bad apples but Baltimore has made me appreciate my education and what I own either personal property or intellect.
Baltimore is a city with dangerous parts and also very nice parts. The inner harbor is beautiful and full of restaurants and places to visit. It is home to the national aquarium and many shops that allow for visitors to shop. The harbor allows tourists to take boat rides or take a harbor cruise. Downtown Baltimore features the more dangerous aspects of the city. There is a lot of crime as you would expect in a major city, but walking around during the day time should be no problem. Parking can be a hassle sometimes and parallel parking skills are a must have for this city.
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I grew up in baltimore, and I loved it. I lived in Perry Hall. This city is constantly active, yet there is plenty of nature to be found particularly in the county.
I'd like to see more safety precautions and better rates for rent in the area.
My experience has been mixed; I like attending Towson University (which is technically in the county) and I liked my internship at House of Ruth, MD, but there are some things I would definitely change about the city if I could.
Baltimore is a city that breeds culture and tradition with its sports, customs, and its family friendly environment. It is a city that hosts great education and job opportunities. The city gets a bad reviews because of past events, but truly is one of America's great cities.
Full of diversity, there's always somethingfun going on, and lots of great places to eat. Would like to see less violence, we need more community programs and better school system.
My overall experience living in Baltimore has been good. I like the friends that I have made and the community that I currently live in. I have attended great schools. I love the tourist sites such as the inner harbor and the aquarium because it makes the city more inviting. I would like to change the reputation of the City. Because of the crime in certain areas, many people view the entire city negatively. In reality, every city has its negatives but that does not overshadow the positives of it nor does it categorize the whole city as being bad.
Living in Baltimore, the city, the people itself need to come together to clean the city up, and help with our homeless situation.
I have live in Baltimore, MD all my life. I live in a low income neighbor and was raised by my foster care parents. I always knew I could be something better in life. I haven't been fortunate to have the finances to go to college. Now, I work for a job that help pays some of the school bills but not all. I appreciate the help but it's still a lot I have to pay out of pocket. I am going to school for nursing. I want to start my own youth independent living program for foster children. I work to jobs and with some school financial help I would be able to only work one job and focus more on my schooling. It's not where you from its where you want to go. I always say Failure Is Not An Option.
Baltimore is a very urban and diverse environment, and with that comes the perks and struggles. I love the walkability, and tight knit neighborhoods.
I like the City living and the Cultural Arts. Lots of free events throughout the year for families.

Baltimore's major events including Light City, a festival of light, music and innovation; Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival, Baltimore Book Festival; New Year's Eve and July 4th celebrations at the Inner Harbor; Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar; School 33 Art Center’s Open Studio Tour; and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.
I love Baltimore City. I think there needs to be some improvement when it comes to the trash and littering. I love that there is always something to do and a new site to see.
Baltimore has its positives and negatives. Being a decent-sized city, there are cultural attractions to experience, and there are some good restaurants in the area. The harbor is a nice hang-out in good whether, and the little neighbors have distinct flavor. That said, the positives vary according to area, because some parts are very violent and dangerous and dilapidated or underdeveloped.
Baltimore is a city that caters to all walks of life. There is something for everyone. There are entertainment options, fine dining, and family friendly activities. Baltimore is also home of many corporate headquarter, like Under Armour.
I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but I do live in Hackensack, New Jersey. Living in Baltimore was a rough part of my life but one of the greatest that I've experienced. When people think of Baltimore, they think of a "dirty city", "riots", "shootings", but they never lived in Baltimore like I did to really know what it is like. There are good parts in Baltimore, it is just that people rather talk about the bad things that go on. Living there had it's ups and downs, but overall it is a good place to live. Till this day, I am upset that I moved, I lived there my whole life. Baltimore is the place where I grew up, and it is the only place I know from heart.
I love Baltimore. The sites, the ease of travel in and out of it. Downtown Baltimore is one of my favorites especially near the Hard Rock Cafe. You can park and walk where you'd like. Browse and shop and dine to your hearts desire. Then your ride home isn't long. I live in Harford County, minutes outside of the City.
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Baltimore is a great city to live in. I purchased my home three years ago, in which I feel happy to reside here. My kids love the nearest schools, parks, and rivers, The neighbors are always watching for you... very great neighborhoods.
I have lived in Baltimore for the past five years. I can say that the city has won my heart. My favorite aspect of the city is how convenient it is with everything else around. There are plenty of restaurants, activities, gas stations, banks, malls, bars, parks, schools, retail stores, grocery stores, and plenty more. In the past years I have engaged in a lot of the tourist activities that are provided within the Baltimore harbor including the aquarium, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Power plant live, pirate ship rides, just to name a few. There is also other cities that surround the area that provide other great options for the community such as Towson, MD, White Marsh, MD, and Parkville, MD. Overall, within a 25 minute commute at most this area is perfect for anyone who loves a city that allows you to get the most out of living there.
I like the free public transportation that is available to take you around the city and other neighborhoods.
Downtown area has many fun things to do - the Harbor, aquarium, lots of shopping areas and eateries.
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