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Home is a word that means something different to everyone. Baltimore is my home, and it will always be special to me.
Baltimore is a very beautiful city, with a lot of history and attractive scenery to view. Great place for tourist!
Dirty and lots of crime it was not as bad when i was younger now 41 don't want to raise my children here leaving the first chance i get i feel it's the only way my family will feel safe and comfortable
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There is to many bored up homes and homeless. I would like to see the city help the homeless and and fix up the homes. Not just on Baltimore but all over the United States.
Baltimore has its ups and downs. In the city, there, of course, is violence. In fact, the murder rate here has gone up in the past couple of months. There are bad neighborhoods and of course fairly decent ones. Despite this, Baltimore is my home. This is where my family is, and where I am. I, along with all of my friends and family, have not only grown here, but have grown to love Baltimore. If home is where the heart is, my heart lies in Baltimore.
My experience in Baltimore has been really great. The food is awesome and the people are friendly and helpful. Morgan Sate is great school and I love that I am able to get the full college experience at one of the best hbcu's. The diversity is a plus because i enjoy learning about where other people came from. So
I Would have to give Baltimore 4 stars because it is a really a great place.
It is very familiar, there are a lot of different cultures and places to go. You can find great cuisine, a variety of activities, from the Harbor to the aquarium.
I would like to get guns off the streets.
Second of all make sure the lottery and MNT stadium give the money Baltimore city school system so our kids can stop want overcrowded schools and have more teachers in the school system . And last of all open up the parks and rec's so I kiss and have a safe place to play and get help with the homework if needed .
I like the friends I have made in the community! It's a pretty boring place though. Like any place there are good and bad areas. The people in certain areas are very welcoming and other areas are not.
I would love for the city to unite in a peaceful manner. Also create more family friendly events and areas.
i grew up in baltimore city i would say baltimore city has change so much since i live there . i love that people would come together when things happen either good or bad but no matter what the situation is between the people in it . Everyone in the neighborhood would talk to each other and their children would play in the streets like kickball or even tag . What i would like to see change is the trash and the homes falling apart and being back to being safe .
I remember the first time I visited Baltimore. It definitely felt different from all the cities in Maryland I have visited such as Annapolis. I didn't know much about its history but the few times I heard of it, it was described as old, dangerous but remarkable back in the 1800's. I always wondered how this once great city became desperate. There wasn't much to say about Baltimore. Everything spoke for itself: Crime, drugs, and gentrification. It saddened me to see people living in such conditions but I believe that a lot are getting done and it will take time. Besides the depressing atmosphere, I really enjoyed the museums.
I don't like anything about Baltimore City. I would like to see change in our schools, murder rate, and most likely the environment. There is a lot of carelessness and not enough love.
Baltimore city is one of the best cities that I have lived in. I wouldn't pick any other place to live at the moment unless work or school is a factor. I have lived here for almost 8 plus years now and the food here is great, the music is great, it has awesome little attractions, and the people here also are great as well. You can always go down to the inner harbor and see something you might like. For instance riding a boat, or seeing your favorite concert live.
I love Baltimore it has different neighborhoods that are all very unique. The violence, vacant buildings/houses and amount of homeless people has to go!
I love the beautiful buildings downtown and the harbor. I would love to see less violence in the community.
Great place to live . Everything is so expensive but you will make it with the great paying jobs and everything. The shopping area you will love it dearly
Review Baltimore
I would like the city of Baltimore to change, because there is too much violence in this city. Too much killings and shootings. The cost of living is too high and its hard for a single mother to make it.
I have lived in Baltimore for over 40 years and contrary to how my city is portrayed in the today, Baltimore City has a lot to offer. I would like to see local government do more for the inner city with the youths and their parents to help better themselves and become productive citizens.
I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I strongly dislike the violence and death rate. Young people are dying every day. I only hope to one day make a difference in my community. I also enjoy seeing that the police department is catching these criminals fast instead them roaming the streets and causing more harm to the city. I appreciate the city for having so many homeless shelters and drug and behavioral programs. This kind of help is beneficial and could save a lot of lives. The best part about Baltimore is the Ravens. I've been a huge football fan for years. I have been to the stadium to watch the game once.
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