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When I was a Child I loved the community feel of my neighborhood . It was certainly the village to raise a child mentality. I would like to get back to that!
It is a city full of historical experiences for all the people that lives here. The city has its ups and downs, but I feel if you give the city a chance. You'll eventually come to love the city.
It isn’t safe, there is a huge homeless population to the point I avoid walking my dog because I know I’ll be approached at least once during a walk around the block no matter the hour. There are often fights that I can hear from my windows and I’ve heard shots more than a few times. Aside from the depressing mood of the people, it’s also just dirty and gross. There are rats and cockroaches everywhere and no one in any power seems interested in changing that.
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Baltimore is the worst city to live in. I used to live in baltimore and it was beyond terrible. My experiences were the worst. I could not go to school, work nor live in the neighborhood in peace. Everybody black in baltimore picked at me for me being intelligent and it upset me so much!!! It was also very racists in baltimore as well. This city all of the black people go against each other. I quit numerous jobs because the people in baltimore were trying to stop me from getting ahead and were smooching off of me. There were also very meddlesome in baltimore as well. Baltimore is very ignorant and has nothing but a bunch of smooch offs. I left baltimore nearly three years ago and i'm so glad that God delivered me from that city because baltimore was a demonic city to live in. I would not recommend that anyone moves to baltimore nor move to the state of maryland because it is a horrible place to live in.
This city is an ok city to be in. I say this because it is not safe all the time. You will always have to worry what happened down the street. This place will always be home, but at times I do wish it was different.
Baltimore gets a bad reputation, mostly because of the Wire and Trump's tweets. Both bring up legitimate problems that have affected this city for far too long, and as someone who's lived here for half a decade now, it can be painful to see progress become stagnant. However, they don't call it Charm City for nothing. If you are middle class and have an open mind, you can have a great time here. It may not be on most people's maps, but it's certainly worth a visit.
Baltimore was truly a "Charm City" at one time ant this is still true in come communities. Unfortunately, the majority of the inner city is filthy with abandoned buildings, drug abusers/ alcoholics hanging on corners, shootings and violence. The inner city has bled me almost dry of the joy and kindness that i once had and this has upset me. The public schools, in general, are far below standard. I will be relocating back to the outskirts of the city where I was raised. That area is still very peaceful and beautiful. I have seen both the best and worst of Baltimore.
Crime is at an all time high....shootings all day every day. Money is not being fairly and equally distributed to city and county schools. When city schools are properly funded and operating, crime in the city will diminish.
Baltimore is a extraneous place to reside. There are endless amounts of crime, killings, and police brutality that happens weekly and sometimes daily. However, Baltimore builds character and fuels personnel like me for motivation. Motivation to work extremely hard to force yourself outside of an neighborhood as so. The biggest issue is having a community that lacks iconic figures and role models to push you harder. And thats where I come in, once completed I will create my own mentor organization from my experience where I mentor now.
There’s not a lot to do unless you have the money to support these activities. The workforce is great.
There’s a lot of crime in Baltimore. There is a lot of corruption within political ranges and within the police department. Everyday, someone is lost to senseless gun violence. There are tons of homeless people but there are also a lot of vacant houses that could be revamped and house these homeless people. Homicides are getting out of control and Baltimore just needs saving.
There are many things to see in Baltimore and many things to do which is great, but it is also extremely dangerous here. There’s a lot of genocide and gun violence that needs to be stopped in order to atleast start to improve the city.
Baltimore is a wonderfully diverse area- in culture, geography, and activities. I went hiking, toured the city, and walked the beach all in the same lovely spring day. Most activities are within an hour's drive, and public transportation is fair as well. They also have great local events like the free First Thursday concert sponsored by local radio stations for artists and musicians.
I love living in Baltimore, MD. The city has its own charm despite several short comings of the current city administration. However, a lot of excellent local restaurants, night life, job opportunities, and relatively affordable housing outweigh the negatives for me.
Baltimore really is charm city. It's a city full of neighborhoods, so unless you are downtown you forget you're actually in a city. The people are what make this city so great.
Maryland is a living HELL I can't wait to leave the people are rude and negative if you are trying to succeed people will pull you down like the crabs that they're famous for get on top people will do whatever they can to pull you down and destroy you Baltimore city and county is dirty mostly the city trash everywhere abandoned buildings then its corrupt people the mayor was the latest corrupt government official to be caught the school system in Maryland is a JOKE!!this state is HOPELESS there's only 2 options get murdered or leave to have a chance of living plain and simple!!
Baltimore has a certain reputation but its nothing like people think. The people here are talented in so many artistic ways. And the community though it has its bad ends are here for one another.
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I like the hot spots to visit, I was the crime rate and the negativity would go down. It is slowly becoming better, but not for the poor.
Stay near the harbor. Go one block away and your hit with either homeless begging, crapping in the street, or take a chance of getting hit by kids on dirt bikes riding on sidewalks and between cars. Place is dirty as hell and I’d never go back. I visit big cities often and only found LA to be worse. What the he’ll Baltimore, send the cops out and clean that crap up.
I enjoy baltimore but there is alot of violence
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