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I lived in Baltimore while in university. The city sometimes gets a bad reputation, but I found it to be a vibrant places to live with plenty of opportunities to explore different sights.
The historical aspects of Baltimore are very charming - the brick sidewalks, the lovely row houses. The bar and restaurant scene is also very nice. However, the division that exists between races and classes is troubling. Although the city is diverse, it is segregated. This lack of community across neighborhoods creates health and financial disparities that continue to feed the high crime rate.
Baltimore isn't as bad of a place as people claim it is. It is full of misguided and uneducated children that just needs a little push or guidance. I would like to see the school system improve and more opportunities or activities. By doing so i believe there will be less crime and trouble.
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Baltimore is city where you make things for yourself happen you do not wait for others to give you hands outs you have to go out there and make things happen. Living in the inner city with only my mother I had to make sure I stayed on the right path to keep my mother happy. I love Baltimore the people in it the schools I wouldn't want to live no where else but there are something I would love to change . Which would getting the inner city more looks from big time schools for sports , the bus system is trash never on time and the police but other than that the city is a great place.
Baltimore is a great city with lots to do, great food, good public transport and convenient travel within the city.
Baltimore is a beautiful city filled with history and rich with diversity. It's got a charm like no other city.
My experience here has been amazing! I wish people wouldn't base the experience of the city on The Wire. I have made amazing friends in the community and have been giving back through tutoring and mentoring since I moved here
I love Baltimore not only because i was raised here but , because it is an awesome city with a diverse population. I gave Baltimore a rating of 4 because, this City isn't as aesthetically appealing as some other cities. There are not many places to sight see and there are limited resources for new and exciting trends in beauty, health, and wellness.
I love Baltimore Maryland that's my home town and would like to see better teachers in city school system and better living environment for city children.
its a love hate city depending on who you surround yourself with. i love the small areas that have their own names such as mount washington, hampden, or mount vernon to name a few. downtown transportation is pretty reliable
I came to Baltimore a little over a year ago as a transfer student and at first I was very hesitant to go out and explore by myself. I still have that slight hesitation because while the area is great, I know it can be decieving. The crime is high here so we are told to constantly watch our backs and travels in groups of two or more. Despite the hesitiation of crime, the area is very lovely. The community is incredibly welcoming and friendly. Almost everyone has a smile to give, even the homeless. While hesitant about the crime, I wouldn't mind living here in Baltimore outside of my college campus.
I've lived here for two and a half years. Housing is cheaper than the other metropolitan areas, but with reason. The public schools are no good, there is no reliable public transportation and the "fun" areas are very far apart. There's definitely things for families to do, including just hanging out at the many parks. There's gyms and outdoor areas to stay fit, but Baltimore is not a bike friendly city. Safety is typical, I guess. There were the riots, there's crime and a heroin epidemic but that's nothing new for this city. There are definitely safe areas so when looking for a home just be aware of each neighborhood. Depending on where you work the commute can be okay or stink.
I found Baltimore to be an alright place to be. If you're an artist, there's a great (but somewhat small) community that's incredibly supportive. Rent's very doable in most neighborhoods. It's also not the safest place in the world though. I worked at an art store for s year and we got robbed at gunpoint 3 times that year.
Baltimore is a very lively city. The diversity, large economy, and fun night life make Baltimore a great place to live. You do have to be careful about certain areas, safety can sometimes change on a street to street basis. As long as you are in a metropolitan area or near a college or university like Johns Hopkins and MICA you should be safe.
Baltimore's excellent Art and music scene. Because it is affordable, and lots of young creative people get their start in Baltimore, which makes the music and art scene especially dynamic and compelling. I would personally like to see the overall community environment change, mainly because there is redundancy of not so good looking rural areas throughout Baltimore. Community clean-up should get the job done.
The City is amazing. There are nice museums like the Walter's art museum, great events like Light City, and phenomenal Programs for youth and adults, like our Rec centers. But, the cleaning of the city could be better.
Baltimore is a city of opportunities and has an affordable cost of living which I enjoy as a student.
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I love the seafood offered at local restaurants. As a city it would be nice to see people given better oppertunities for empolyment and education.
great city, family friendly with great and competitive high schools. Contains some of the best universities and historic black universities in the united states. People are nice but they can improve on the rate f violence and fighting in the ghetto communities, cleaner environment and renovation of old buildings for safety.
Baltimore is a great city to live in. Downtown harbor offers lots of local restaurants, great live music and a great up close view of the harbor. There are several ships and small boats that offer a chance to sail across the harbor with enjoying food, music, and site seeing. Baltimore has a casino downtown as well which was built two years ago and provides plenty of fun for the 21 and up crowd. Baltimore offers a lot of great family activities as well as adult entertainment for every age group. Public transportation has been expanded which allows the suburbs to be right at ones finger tips. All in all Baltimore is a great city to have under your list of cities visited. The only downfall to visiting Baltimore, remains once you visit you may not want to leave.
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