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I like that there’s history here and there’s some cool place to visit. However, the violence here is crazy.
Safety is the main issue along with the local corrupt government in our city. The diversity is great along with different venues for ethnic food throughout the city. The police force and mayors office among other government officials are the issue that is plaguing this city especially Jack Young.
Baltimore is a great city with a balance of suburban and urban. It is a city where everyone has a lawn, but at the same time, there aren't cars honking at all hours of the day.
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What I loved the most about Baltimore is the scenery. Coming from Los Angeles, another beautiful city, I was pleasantly surprised by the lush greenery and foliage all over the city. When driving down the highway, both sides are verdant and overflowing with trees and wildlife. During the spring, there are stunning trees flowering, especially the cherry blossoms! One thing the pains me about Baltimore, is the amount of dead animals in the street. I was horrified to see beautiful deer and forest critters all over the highways and even certain busy streets. I don't know how we can solve this problem, but I know there needs to be a change.
I love Baltimore I love the different diversities of people, and I have so many tourist attractions. It's a beautiful place to live the people here are very friendly, hardworking and will make you feel at home no matter where you are.
I like the murals on the many abandoned buildings. Some neighborhoods are better than others. I wish there were more options for the youth and teens.
There are many different neighborhoods in Baltimore, which is pretty cool because it offers greater diversity. On the other hand, you can certainly tell when parts of the city have been neglected. The biggest change I would like is to see less trash in the streets
i liked the downtown area because there is a lot of good restaurants and clubs to go to. also the harbor is right next to the aquarium so its family friendly. The most important thing that i would like to see change in Baltimore is the crime level. Baltimore is one of the most dangerous countries in America and the homicide levels are scary high. I have lived in Baltimore for around eight years when i was younger and i always remembered how my parents would warn me and my brother to stay safe and not to go anywhere were not supposed to be.
I moved from Tampa, Florida to Baltimore two years ago to pursue graduate school. Baltimore has one of the top three best music conservatories in the United States, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. I moved here in hopes of applying right away, but decided to take a gap year and save some money working. I spent those two years exploring the city and its surrounding cities. I absolutely fell in love with Baltimore and everything it has to offer. My favorite things about Baltimore is the historic buildings, the outdoor summer activities, and all the vegan food options. This city is very hip and I feel like I fit right in.
The city of Baltimore does not have a good repetition. It's known for many crimes and murders. Also it's filled with so much hate and jealousy. But there is a lot of great successful people here, who is trying to make a change for this city. In Baltimore we have to work on uplifting and supporting one another. Instead of trying to tear each other down, we should try to help motivate one another to choose the right path in life. We should invest in fixing up the vacant homes that's in a lot of our communities. Also, we should invest in more homeless shelters to get those in need off the streets. The key to having a great city is when everyone comes together to invest in it and make a change. Also, to support one another successes.
Baltimore is a great place to live for me! Our infrastructure, public schools, and other resources need to be funded differently; there is no way for individuals to fix the system.
Baltimore has had it's fair share of issues and it doesn't seem like much is being done to crack down on them. Baltimore hails as the Heroin and Murder capital of America. I worked in the City Council's Office for a few months last summer and I distinctly remember the amount of crack and heroin addicts roaming the streets screaming a stumbling around mindlessly. Tourist attractions like the inner harbor and Camden Yards are just a bandaid over the deep wound that is Baltimore.
I don’t live in Baltimore city but I spend the majority of my time here for work and play of course Baltimore has some dangerous spots like all cities do but downtown is beautiful the harbor is nice they have summer activities evaryday in the summertime and ice skating for winter nightlife is huge I have a hard time to choose what I want to do because it’s a lot to do you got fells point federal hill mt Vernon canton and the casino which is not in the best part of town. Where I work at is really really safe I leave work at late nights and the area has their own contract Sircurity patrolling 24 hours of the day the hospitals are great and food is delicious.
Baltimore is a very diverse city. Yes, it is gritty, however there a pockets of thriving interesting small business that make this place worth while. I've learned that old bay pretty much can go on anything, and eating crabs is a serious matter.
If you were smart, you’d stay away from Baltimore. Besides the things to do downtown, you do NOT want to live here. Although home prices are cheap, the public schools are trash, the taxes are very very high, and it is NOT safe here. You should not let your guard down when you’re walking around at night. You should lock all doors, windows, and cars, because anything that could get taken, will get taken. You may be lured in, but you shouldn’t be. You should steer clear of this town. I recommend living outside Baltimore, even if it may be a little expensive. Stay away from Baltimore, unless you are a drug dealer, then you’ll make a fortune.
My home is here , I grew up here I met my wife here. Had a wonderful marriage to a DC woman who I miss her every day.she passed away May 25th 2019.Best woman man could ask for.
Not a great city to live in. The cost of living is high compared to other cities, yet there are still significant safety issues in the city.
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As a resident of Baltimore I love it here . There’s so much good in here that a lot of people do not get to see . I was born and raised here and although environments (Some better than others). Everyone still makes the best out of what they have. Some of the things that I would like to change is the opportunities can be greater as well as health insurance and violence and the amount of vacant housing . If us as a union can come together sloth of these things can get done to improve and grow a safer and healthier Baltimore.
I like that there is a lot of room for growth here in Baltimore. There are parts of the city that need to be fixed while also holding the integrity of the city.
While being viewed as a dangerous and scary city I have still managed to enjoy my 17 years of living here. I have not had any negative experiences in relation to criminal activity. The cities police department does a decent job and most citizens are enjoyable to be around. The city has really good schools like Poly, which I attend.
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