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Baltimore has pockets of good and pockets of bad. Overall the bad outweighs the good and this needs to change. I live alone in a nice quiet neighborhood and have not experienced any issues.
Like most cities my city has its ups and its downs, do we have alot that needs to change yes we do, but I believe that if we could all just come together as a community it can be done. I love my city born and raised a Baltimorean
Great place to meet other college aged students. Lots of universities around the area. Big city amenities with a small-town feel. The creative scene is bubbling. The bad: crime. Lots of shootings and theft.
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As a native to the city,Baltimore has it's ups and it's downs.The city school systems are poor and low budgeted. There aren't many teachers for education to be provided towards students and for students to have better opportunities. The school society has slowly increased since the 1990s but the system has gone down from school closings,poverty rates increased and abandon areas on the rise.The nightlife is filled with bad opportunities and misbehaves that citizens are scared to go out late. Families struggles to provide food and better job pay but affordability is harsh.Tourism in Baltimore is shown by the decent parts of Baltimore such as the Downtown/Inner Harbor areas.Where attraction and amusement photo shops the poverty and disfigurement of Baltimore.
Baltimore has a very diverse population and a lot of character, it has a great deal of potential. There are many distinct areas that have different cultural qualities. It's proximity to areas like DC, Philly, the beach, and many natural places in the mountains makes it a desirable place to live. I would love to see growth span to the school systems and the local low income communities so they can thrive and contribute to the beauty of Baltimore.
I love my city. It has its flaws like every other place. Nightlife there is always something to do for fun. Safety is what I am most concerned about I feel that you have to watch your back always and be very aware of your surroundings. Affordability seems to be ok.
Baltimore is a very small city, not much transportation is available (I come from a big city) but it's quiet, and perfect to get away from too much activity.
I was born and raised in Baltimore city and still reside here. It’s not the most friendliest city but it taught me how to survive. In addition to book smarts I’ve learn street smarts as well.
I'm a resident of Baltimore City and was born and raised here. It's a great town for arts and Science and Public Health.

High crime and drug rates. Dalmatian like neighborhoods. One area could be very nice and two blocks around the corner can be totally different.

Some areas are very down to earth and friendly and others are a little pretentious and stuck up. Food is great, lots of restaurants and cheap eats and many fun inner harbor activities. Full of historic architecture, galleries and museums.
Baltimore is my hometown that I have love for. However, the city needs to improve in order to ensure that we are seen as a better city. I am a proud graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and would enjoy seeing the city seen as a positive one by becoming more like a family.
I have been here for 24 years and enjoy it. My city has its up and downs just like any other city in the world. It is hard to get funding for school or help with paying for school and not many grants or scholarships.
I lived here my whole life. The crime is bad in some areas but I love the city overall. The schools are good here, and I would live here my whole life.
It's easy to get around and there are usually activities or stores within walking distance of your high school or college campus.
Experience has been good so far. Friendly people and are very welcoming. Don't feel very secure with safety however.
I lived in Baltimore for all of my life and the main thing I would love to see a change is the public school systems and opportunities. In some cases depending on the classes have taken, there were a lack of educational resources. I live in a city where young adults within my age are in need of those educational and job opportunities, but there is always an opportunity divide between young and a blockage to at least reach those opportunities.
I love that Baltimore is a place with much diversity and a lot to learn. There are plenty of places that are doing worse off. However, one thing that I'd like to see change is the rate of violence displayed by the citizens of this city. We've got to do better!
Baltimore is a vibrant city with a vibrant culture. The city is full of so much untapped potential, and we need a strong leader to activate it. We just need to learn to get along and love each other better.
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Baltimore has a lot of really fun things to do, if you can afford to do them. There are obviously the bar/nightclub scenes in each neighborhood. I personally enjoy the aquarium, science center, museum of industry and the American Visionary Arts Museum. All of which cost money to get into! But, most of these places have reasonable membership programs if you're a repeat offender like me!

I've lived in both Upper Fells Point and Federal Hill. Both are areas I felt safe in, but that's not to say there weren't any incidents. The cost of living is a little pricey, but it's easy to manage if you have roommates. The biggest issue I had is parking!
This is where I grew up. I like the fact that it's a manageable City and the weather is pretty tame compared to other places in the country. I would love for the city to be safer with better public transportation and less homeless people
Baltimore is a lively community. There are many things to get into late night as well as during the day. there are many family friendly actives to get into as well
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