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I love the people of Baltimore. So far, everywhere I have encountered polite and friendly people, which is a change compared to Boston. Something I would like to see changed is the housing. There're a lot of dying old houses. I feel that if they were to fix these houses, their would be more housing and more people off the street.
I live in a nice community and have nice neighbors but there's a lot of crime here and the municipality is slow to take care of things like roads and snow clearing
It’s my home town so I have a soft spot in my heart for it but it’s not the best place. I would love for the communities to get together more often and just have fun. Spread love and be positive more often.
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Baltimore has a lot more to offer than just crabs. There are plenty of fun activities all around town for the whole family. Such as the Preakness, The street race, The Orioles' games, as well as the Ravens. Also, enjoy fine dining at some of the more popular restaurants located Downtown Iner Harbor.
What i love most about Baltimore is its uniqueness in arts and music. Aside from being one of many cheap cities to live in; many people find their start here. i would love it if the people of Baltimore became more collective. The idea of looking out for one another is slowly going away.
Baltimore is an awesome city but the crime rate is horrible. There are some very loving and helpful people.
to much crime but there is crime everywhere.sports programs are good. theres a lot of chances and oppertunties for younger kids and teenagers.the school system far as public school needs work
Baltimore is an incredible city that has so much potential for growth. Its beauty truly lies with the communities within the inner city. Of course you can still expect certain details of inner city life. However, the experience you gain from this city is boundless.
It may not have a great reputation but it really is so great, with the aquarium, Johns Hopkins (plus some other great hospitals), and lots of great little neighborhoods.
My experience with Baltimore is very rocky. Baltimore is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do. I enjoy it here, the majority of the people here are amazing, the food is good but sometimes it is not safe. The violence here is too high and that is not the environment that I want to live in.
I have had a wonderful experience in Baltimore. There is a lot of things to do in the city such as various restaurants, and sight seeing. The city also futures the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. Even though some parts of the city is not safe, the police and law enforcement personnel try to make it safe.
Love it. Great place to start a career. I moved here for an internship after my undergrad, to the canton area, and I couldn't be happier.
Baltimore is a very hard and difficult place to live in. Its not where you live its about what you make out of it. The people are very cruel and try to live beyond there means the streets are dangerous and is not a great place to raise a family. Living here can really make you become a product of your environment you can go outside and may not make it home.
Baltimore is a very affordable city. The trade off is that you have to be more carefully cautious due to safety concerns.
Baltimore is very interesting but at times can be unsafe. You have to be careful where you go after certain times. Baltimore has a lot of potential.
As a life long resident of Baltimore, I would like to see it improve in many areas. I would like all the public schools to have a more well rounded curriculum that include Science, Technology, Reading , Engineering , Arts, and Mathematics(STREAM).I would like homes to become more affordable for single income families. Lastly, I would like there to be a wider range of healthier low cost stores, market and restaurants located in the city.
I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. It is a very nice city with a lot of diversity and great public schools. It is also called Charm City and it deserves its name because this city highlights the culture of the arts. Whatever it may be from theatre, painting, dancing, to music Baltimore has it along with great sites to visit and to explore. I enjoy living in this city and I know others would too if they decide to come here.
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Baltimore City Maryland is a great place to live. Especially the Brewers Hill, Canton area. The harbor waterfront is on Boston St. There is a Korean War Memorial Park there to watch the boats or to fish. There are a lot of stores and many places to eat from pizza to dinner. Homes are being renovated and new houses and condos are being built all the time. Patterson Park is a huge park with a history where one can walk around, play ball and walk the dog. I recommend that people come and see for themselves.
Baltimore Maryland is a very safe a effective community. I love it here, everybody is always so nice and willing to help each other out. Everybody also loves the sports teams that play here.
I like some of the people and places in baltimore. I think if better opportunities was there it could be better.
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