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The murder rate to be lower and better public schools. The drug addiction to be addressed more and provide better housing by fixing up the run down communities.
as of Jan. 06 2016, I became a resident of the street's of Baltimore city. my first week of not knowing anybody or where to eat or go to sleep or basically anything and having to rely on myself and my survival skill's. I told myself there are only two ways of doing this and one was giving up and checking in And the other way was to suck it up And the last thing I want to be is a reason not to be successful. I definitely am not going to be a burden on our presidents of tomorrow. So I began hunting how to get started with a life in Baltimore. Now today is feb.18th 2017
as of today at this moment I am living in Blair neighborhood in a one bedroom apt. I am a fulltime student in Strayer college .and I volunteer with healthcare for the homeless giving back to the people that helped me succeed and knew I had success in me even when I couldn't see it. I believe life is but a journey.
I've been living here all my life. I would like safer streets, better education system for inner city children, more jobs, and neighborhood upgrades.
i used to live in maryand i believe that there were more jobs in baltimore hen here in delaware. i am a single mom and i did not want my son in a school full of bullys and i found the school that i graduated is a very nice school for my son to graduate in i was in special ed and i did graduate with very low reading level but iam wanted to futher my schooling and thats why i decided to go back to college i really enjoy college
Baltimore is so dynamic. Almost like a beautiful disaster because it's gorgeous but the poverty of the residents is horrible. The city has so much to offer with no resources
I live in Baltimore City, where I live is a great small little community. It is slowly going downhill due to drugs, violence, senseless killings, home invasions, racial discrimination and so much hate. The problem is everyone is entitled to their own opinions, beliefs and no one person is better than anyone else. We are equal but until people decide to stop fighting, judging and hating each other nothing is going to change. If everyone would and could come to realize that violence and hate are not the answer that getting alone, talking, communication and finding a common ground would lead to better communities, schools and would go on from there. It's about coming together sharing each other's fears, wants , needs and finding peace so everyone can be feel equal and work together as one. It is possible people just need to step outside the box.
Baltimore is a small city, it is affectionately known as Smalltimore. It is easy to run into the same faces over and over again, whether at the bars or at work. Like many cities, there are areas that are unsafe. I would love to see the city invest more in uplifting areas that are blighted with poverty and crime, rather than ignoring these large areas and instead spending hundreds of thousands in neighborhoods that only serve to increase the disparity between income levels.
I love that being here is my childhood home. I was raised here and seen a lot dealing with our city. I would like to change the education system. I feel education is one of the most important things that we need. The knowledge is out here we just need to properly utilize it. Also, I would appreciate projects of rebuilding vacant homes rather if it becomes facilities of healthcare, education or housing for the homeless. I would love to make change because our city needs it.
Baltimore is a wonderful city for those traveling and sight seeing. But for those living here it's a depressed and saddened city.
I really enjoy living in Baltimore md I was born an raise in Baltimore md with my mom n dad. Baltimore has so much activity to do.
I literally love Baltimore! It's so much to do here, so many fun things to do in the city for all ages. The night life is amazing.
The only thing I love about baltimore is downtown. To me it's like a mini new York with the harbor, the gallery, Lexington market...I love downtown! But what I would change about baltimore are the neighborhoods, the crime, and the education system. Schools keep getting closed down, the curriculum is flawed, too many abandoned homes, too much crime.
Baltimore city is a great place to live. Easy to get around with all the public transportation. Plenty of entertainment at just about every corner. Free live shows held at the inner harbor. Great food to eat and plenty of people to talk to if your interested in meeting new people. Their health care is great and the doctors really care about your well being and not just about the money. I love my city.
Baltimore is a friendly city for the arts and has world-class museums with free admission to boast. However, the city has a long way to go in improving public transportation, public schools, poverty rates, and unemployment rates. The city needs to spend a lot more time and money on its poor and working class citizens.
I have lived in Baltimore my entire life. There are things that I would change about Baltimore, such as the amount of crimes that happens here, but overall, this is home for me. I have been fortunate to grow up surrounded by family, feeling safe, and attending some of the best schools in Baltimore. I like the Inner Harbor and the fact that I can get around fairly easily by public transportation or car.
All major cities have some downfalls and Baltimore has a crime issue but once you learn the city you know how to avoid those situations. The city has a lot of places to go for activities in daily fun or night life. The city also has a lot of growth which can lead to job opportunities.
In my community I love that a lot of daily necessities, such as food transportation, atm's, car services,schools, and buildings for religious purposes. Having opportunity to travel to other city's/ county's in the US, when comparing the cost of living, public transportation, and other internal issues there is a lot that can be fixed. I believe that the money that is being taken for the MTA can be used to hire people to clean the trains and bus stations at night because the order of bodily waste is very unpleasant. This could create jobs for many people. For example in Dallas,TX the city has been able to provide people with a similar job. From personal experience I believe it allows the trains and bus stations look more smell better and look more clean.
There is good people in Baltimore despite the cities reputation in the area. An overwhelming amount of people are very welcoming. I would recommend checking out some food at the Lexington Market. Something I would like to see Baltimore improve on is litter control in the local communities.
I like the transportation services. There is easy assess to shopping and food. I would like to see our neighborhoods safer and our public schools upgraded in every way.
The sights and sounds in Baltimore are marvelous. Especially in the city, it isn't hard to find spots that scream affluence. Glass/mirror-walled buildings, complex architecture, and abstract sculptures define the city well. At the same time, it's also easy to see the stark contrast between city affluence and suburban poverty. Gentrification has clearly done a number on the city and it's long time residents, but through that, the culture created by the colorful denizens of Baltimore still shines through.
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