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I dont really like this city. It is very dirty. The people are disrespectful and dont know how to act. Besides coming here for college I wouldnt recommend people to move to baltimore.
Baltimore is very diverse and i think there should be better structure. Baltimore should add more kid and adult friendly activities for families. Also start fixing up some neighborhood buildings.
I love the people and all the artistic peoples that be around and all that good stuff. I love the food and the way the people out here speak. They act very differnet but you know how it is ya know the people out here make there own rules.
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Baltimore has many good things when it comes to entertainment. It is just that a person would have to work hard to find things. Overall, Baltimore is a good place to attend school and has places like the harbor for tourists to go to.
Going to school here gave me a different experience. Visiting a new city is always fun and exciting.
I like Baltimore city, but there are some things that need to be fixed in order for the city to prosper. Baltimore needs better roads, more funding for public schools, more houses rebuilt, and safer streets.
It use to be worth walking down the street and now i must say its not. the houses are either boarded up or torn down.
Its okay i been living here my whole life...
I would recommend for some reasons n discouraged for other reasons...
I love the location of Baltimore, which is along the 95 corridor which makes it easy for us to travel to the south or north, I would like to get rid of the crime in Baltimore.
I grew up in Baltimore i love my city. Im willing to make my city a better place with amazing opportunities and advantages. I want to help people across the city and country.
it is an okay area and very city oriented. baltimore is a busy and different kind of city. approach with caution.
From my experience at Morgan State University, I have fell in love with Baltimore. Around Morgan there is a bit of a food desert. Baltimore has a lot to offer.
Baltimore is a vibrant blue collar city with strong educational systems like Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. It is a great city for students and 18-28 year old professionals to learn and get their beginnings.
what i would change about Baltimore is the crime rate. and the one thing i like is the different places to go
I've lived in Baltimore all my life. I love many things about it and see some where it needs to change. Public transportation here is out of date and miserably slow.
I've lived in Baltimore all my life. I am a natural Baltimore city girl and I love my city. Despite its reputation; I would never be ashamed or regret where I came from. However, if I did have to change something about my city it would be the structure and home living. Here in Baltimore we have thousands of boarded up homes that ruin the art of the city. But I do love my city and I am proud to be from Baltimore. Go Ravens!
Baltimore is a small city, but very unique. It has a reputation, like most cities, but it also has so much potential. The first word I think of when I think of Baltimore is "Community". There is so much going on in Baltimore, and I feel like there is so much growth that can occur within the city.
Review Baltimore
It is a okay city to live in, there is so many things to see here with so many wonderful people. I just wish there wasn't so many negative thing said about the city.
I am a Baltimore native and I've lived here while not attending college. Baltimore has lots to offer and has a great sense of community. There are great schools including Coppin State and Morgan State, as well as Johns Hopkins. There is also a great social atmosphere downtown at the Inner Harbor. Baltimore is a great place to live and visit.
Baltimore is a city that is in need of a lot of support from the community and its government. I love this city because of its rich history. The history is rich but complicated. The has always been a lot of drug infestation and it is the cause of the crime. With better communication between the community and the government it could be a city on the up swing.
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