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I have been living in Baltimore for all of my life. It is a great place to live and I love the culture we have within the city.
My experience living in Baltimore City is fair. Although I'm a long time resident, I'm seriously thinking about moving my family away from here. The crime here is terrible and I don't think it's going to get any better! The public schoold are horrible, teachers aren't getting paid their worth and a lot of students are out of control. I live in constant fear.
The city has its moments of a nice place to live but it is short lived with the gun violence that occurs daily. Between the boarded up houses and trash, it’s hard to enjoy the beauties that this city offers
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I actually love the downtown part of Baltimore, their Ravens team, their Orioles team, their seafood, and others. I guess I could say Baltimore is one of a kind and there's so much good in Baltimore and only the negatives come out.
Baltimore is a typical city with lots of activities, there is some crime, and everything is relatively close.
Baltimore is an interesting place to go to. Yes, this city has had some downfalls since the decrease in population and increase of general crime. Yes, schools are underfunded. Though the main point is this is a great hangout place, with varieties of restaurants. It's a fun place to go to. The Walters Art Museum, the home of Under Armour, Millennia Media, and the unique water taxi service, here in Baltimore.
Still, I will admit, even though it is normal here, the increasing amount of homicides slightly disturb me. It's hard to convince the officials that crime even exists sometimes.
Baltimore is a blue collar city with loyal sports fans. Suprisingly there are many historical and cultural sights to see here. The city serve as home Natty Bo and Under Armour. If you're ever here, don't you dare forget to get some seafood. Know for the best blue grabs around.
I live in my child home. When u finally moved in after my grandmother passed I got robbed shortly after a few weeks of moving in. My family never had this issue when my grandmother lived there and she left the goat top me and it's or family house everyone few up in this house. So I'm indecisive of what to do with it.
I like Baltimore city because of the people that are concerned about the issues that affect people in urban areas. There has been and services that eliminate barriers by providing funding to organizations that have identified people seeking help. Baltimore organizations are committed to reducing addiction, homelessness, unemployment, mental and teen pregnancy, mentoring, and childcare. They now provide a free college education at two years colleges. These new services will stablize families and communities. coming together and
I have moved here on two occasions and have found that Baltimore is a working mans town. You get out of this city what you put in. There are multiple bad reviews about this city but if you stay to yourself and remain focused on your plan, it will work out.
I love the city, my area is very walkable, family & pet friendly. Poverty, drugs and crime are always going to be part of city living.
I wish the school system wasn’t so terrible.
I love the inner harbor area, especially the aquarium. Ravens stadium is also a lot of fun even though tickets are so expensive. I usually go to Baltimore to see the Orioles play at Camden Yards, which is definitely one of the most beautiful baseball parks in the nation. It has such a great and welcoming vibe and is so much fun. Baltimore is also home to the prestigious and prolific Johns Hopkins University, where I have toured and given presentations for work, and Johns Hopkins Medical Center, where I have taken family members for cancer treatment (they are now in remission and living a full life).
I have lived in Baltimore all my life and even though it's not a great city, it is home. Most of the other Baltimore residents I have encountered are friendly and helpful. The best place to visit is the Inner Harbor. There are hundreds of stores and restaurants and not to mention the National Aquarium. Even though Baltimore has a lot to offer, there are certain things that could be better. Baltimore crime rates increase every year. The city was included in the Murder Capitals of America list, coming in at number seven. Nice restaurants and bars do not compare to feeling safe in your own city.
I have lived in Baltimore my entire life and I love it here. The atmosphere, food, culture, and communities are what makes Baltimore great. I would love to see the crime in the city decrease. There are hundreds of murders and other crimes that happen each year.
It's a miserable , cold, hard, ugly, violent city. It's also very dirty and depressing. I want to leave as soon as possible.
Very nice place to live for students with lots of colleges and universities. Some areas of the city are not so safe to be out alone at night. Night life is quite.
Mostly I like to live in peaceful Pikesville.
Upbeat busy area, but drug addiction is really bad. Needs a better substance abuse program. Too many homeless people due to drug and mental health problems.
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I would like to see better minimum wage start at least $9 an hr. No less than a $2 increase on any job in Baltimore City.
I've spent the last 6 years falling deeply in love with Baltimore, a city unafraid to fully be itself, for better or worse. I take pleasure in the free events and festivals, the small feel of a big city, the unabashed quirk and charm, and most of all learning about the countless amazing and innovate NGO’s, organizations, and initiatives happening across the city. No one denies the multitude of issues Baltimore faces, in fact I’ve never lived in a city with such invested communities and groups fighting so fiercely to right these wrongs.
Baltimore for been a decent experience, but their where a couple of factors that I should considered for moving to this city. Moving to this city, with the intention of pursuing higher education was what I had in mind. However, I soon discovered, Baltimore is a city that is in need tender, love, and care (TLC).
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