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This area feels very safe, I've never had a moment to where I thought I was in any harm. I usually go on evening runs, and it is a very safe place. The crime rate, is low from my understanding and not much happens in the sense of crimes. Police are very visible throughout the area, they tend to drive around different communities just for safe keepings. But they are also very responsive if anything does happen.
I enjoy living in this area because it is a very quiet area. Although it is a bit secluded from many things, it is up and coming so the area is starting to grow. With new businesses and restaurants opening it really allows you to go right around the corner to go to the bank or go out to eat. Instead of having to drive half an hour out to go to a restaurant. I personally like more rural places rather than urban cities, so I believe this area is much better than many places in the country. I think this area will be a small town with many employment opportunities for everyone. I would love to live here again if for some reason I move out any time soon.
This area doesn't have much crime. Of course there is some but it's nothing to be very concerned about. Some places I believe should be lit better but that is sure to come with expansion.
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This area is pretty quiet overall but it is definitely expanding. Young people are able to get more jobs as local businesses are opening up.
The safety in my neighborhood is great. I feel safe in my community. I am not concerned with the crime in this neighborhood.
I love the where I live now. The atmosphere is great. Its a nice and quiet community.
After living in this area for about five years, almost six, there's been numerous criminal activity in the area. There's been a hit and run outside of the neighborhood because of poor lighting at night. We've had cars and houses broken into several times. While there is usually a lot of police cars passing the area because of a shooting range a few miles away, there's little that remain in the area to monitor it.
Overall, the Balm/Wimauma area that I currently reside is a nice place to settle if you enjoy solitude. However, it can be dull for those seeking experience and adventure. While my neighborhood is beginning to build more housing, it's a very small environment with a lot of land for each individual homeowner. Compared to compact neighborhoods, I believe its better to have a nice amount of personal space and privacy. It is however, a relaxing area with farm lands and small houses.
Most people living in this area are related to the military with a stay at home spouse. Others work in department stores, grocery stores or Schools.
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