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37 reviews
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Ballwin, Mo is the best place I have ever lived in my life. I moved here by myself to live closer to my family and to start school for nursing. It's such a friendly and inviting area and there are many opportunities for advancement. Also a lot of places to have fun.
Ballwin is a beautiful community with great parks, fun places to shop and great schools. Minutes from local highways to get you to a Cardinals Game or when the Blues are in town! Andy's Frozen Custard is a great place to stop year round.
Ballwin is a area where you can find friends in seconds. A place where safety is the first thing. People are friendly and treat each other with respect. Everyone is welcome. A place where you’ll find caring peoples. The school which I go to is really open to anyone. A place where I can get my education from is a best place where I will be able one day become a dentist. My dream is to become a dentist, and Ballwin area its near colleges are helping me to get there. With their help, one day I will become a dentist.
Ballwin is a safe and friendly place to live. It has easy access to several highways and is within 30 minutes to the city and other surrounding areas.
Ballwin is the epitome of home for me. For more than a decade, I have been able to enjoy its serene parks, friendly people, enjoyable local businesses and guaranteed safety. From the up-to-date rec centers to the local neighborhood parks, the town is kept clean, orderly and safe through the work of the townspeople and administration. It is truly a place where people enjoy to live and work.
It's great, plenty of little chain shops around and lot's of parks. Near major highways but most of the neighborhoods are far enough to where you don't even know.
The area is friendly and surrounded by a good amount of businesses. The community is diverse and peaceful, with most nights silent by 9pm.
It is a great place to grow up. Everyone is kind and it is a safe area. Lots of local attractions and shopping available.
It's overall quiet, and the police do a great job of patrolling and such. The police stations are easily accessible as well.
There's many restaurants and places to shop around where I live. It's a nice area, and they've been building new houses recently. Whenever the electricity or water stops working, the town immediately goes to fix it.
The cops are always around. however, we did have a few break-ins in our immediate neighborhood. I also had someone break into my car at one point.
I loved living here so much and miss it everyday. It was a beautiful place to live!
The crime rate is always very low and the safety ratings are always very high.
It is a very friendly town. Everyone is extremely nice to one another and the streets are safe.
police presence very visible. When called in past have been very responsive, helpful and timely.
a nice suburb, convenient access to highways, medical offices, stores, malls, hiking and parks. People are friendly, could be alittle morw open though.
The police do a great job.
Great small town, lots of great stuff
Ballwin is a friendly, homely place, and everyone is nice! We've got the Midwestern hospitality, the Arch, the museums, the restaurants, and great opportunities going for us!
It's a great area with a good cost of living and friendly atmosphere. Being in the midwest, it is easy to get to other places in the state. It is generally very safe and family friendly.
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