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Ballston is a rural/suburban area that is family friendly with excellent schools. Its a great place to live, work and play!
Great place to raise a family. Friendly and welcoming. Close enough to a number of cities but far enough from the city to enjoy the peace and quiet of country living.
It's better here than it was in previous places that I lived
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The view is beautiful from where I live
This is New York so it is expensive, but if you can do it absolutely worth it...
The community itself is friendly and no one is treated like a stranger...
I am aware that crime is present here; however, I have not heard about anything happening like murder, kidnapping or rape. The most significant is traffic related DWI and there is a great police presence trying to get control of it.
Upstate NY is one of the most beautiful areas I've lived in. This particular area in Saratoga County is so friendly and welcoming. The town we live in has signs as you enter town claiming to be "Ballston Spa...a village of friends" and it is! We live in a country atmosphere but with grocery, retail and restaurants within a reasonable distance.

Saratoga Springs is 15 minutes away and features the Saratoga Racetrack, SPAC, amazing restaurants and numerous lakes and historic sites to visit...I love it here!!

Would I do it all over? Move here again? Absolutely, but I can't imagine leaving to begin with!
Burnt hills has beautiful views everywhere you look. Especially by Goode street, I live next to farms.
I do love living here. Growing up was safe and fun. The school district is amazing and I am very lucky I got to attend Burnt Hills Ballston Lake high school. I stayed involved and found a love for school here.
Besides Schenectady being right next door, the crime in my neighborhood is extremely low. I have not heard a single crime reported in my neighborhood in the past couple years. The police are around every once and a while patrolling, but they are not a nuisance and provide a feeling of safety within the community.
The area that I live in is very quite, with not a whole lot going on. There are local shopping centers in the area popping up and expanding, however the atmosphere for an adolescent growing up in the area is the same. From what I have heard, people growing up in the area want to get out and move to bigger and better places with more going on. The summertime provides some excitement with the track going on and Lake George just up the road, but besides that the area is very quite.
I've been in Ballston Spa since 1st grade. The local area is very nice and quiet. Though my current area, the Bridgewater Apartments, was just in the news about being the local hub for heroin. I'd recommend if you think these apartments look pretty on the outside, run because they aren't so pretty on the inside
The people are friendly, and there is less worry about crime. The area is nice and there is a lot of space to live. The houses are nice as well as affordable. The schools are also getting better
There isn't a whole lot to do in this town, but there are a lot of beautiful things to see and do around this area. All you need is a car and some hiking gear!
Lots of snow in winter & humidity in the summer.
There are only diners and a few chains within 15 minutes of here.
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There are not many long term jobs in the area and those that do exist are for people with qualifications that most around here do not have.
The local mom-and-pop eateries are very good here. The local nursery is wonderful as well.
lots of work coming to the area in the tech plant
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