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The Crime rate is bad but I do feel safe with the police around. They always arrive at a fast time and ensure safety
I like where I am from. I love that no matter where I look i know I have my family there. Frederick is a family loving city
I have loved living here.
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As for now crime isn't has high as other areas with the crime rate, the issue is with Frederick growing and expanding so much our police force is small so for some calls it might take time, but you do see them around though.
I see this are growing fast and a lot of new younger families starting up there. With this more and more business will start up giving more employment options. Since we are close to Baltimore and DC you can have that city job with that country living and room to develop and grow a family. I see the future right now bright for Frederick, MD with many possibilities.
It is very expensive to live here and the people here are not the best in the world. I didn't think I would have to really worry about gang related violence here in Frederick Maryland but I do. It worries me the most because not that many people know about Frederick and you come here and hear about all of this violence in schools and they are mostly gang related. It is really sad that the kids out here have to deal with this let alone be in the middle of it.
In a planned suburban community, I like having neighbors close by, but on lots big enough to have privacy. Where I live is suburban, but if I want, I have a small city very close by and two of the best known cities on the East coast within about 40 minutes. The area is evolving, with some businesses closing and new businesses opening up. There is a bit more crime than there was 20 years ago, but no more than in other similar areas.

I have lived in the south, and visit other cities often. I am always glad to come home. I do not anticipate leaving.
The people in the area are generally friendly but can be incredibly rude unprovoked, the area is beautiful however I feel the local government spending could be put to better use then constantly improving the ascetics of the downtown area.

The school systems are average at best (at least what I've seen). It is a safe area to live however we do experience our fair share of crime. Over all it is a good place to live though fairly ordinary
Housing has become more abundant than when I moved here. Currently concerned that new projects are creating overcrowding.
Good options for parks, water access to rivers. Community parks available.
Police presence in the community. Active neighborhood watch program. Safe environment.
Average weather for the East Coast. Able to experience all four seasons. No major weather concerns.
Can not give a really good answer as i work outside the area. I have not explored job opportunities in this area.
The local mall has popular stores, good variety. No convenient store (ie 7-11). Need dollar store. Lots of restaurants.
There are some developments in the area, but there is a large presence of custom-built homes and lots for sale.
Personally, I do not live a very active lifestyle, however if you drive around town, you will see many runners. There are gyms open to the public, but they are usually hidden behind buildings or are in generic-looking warehouses.
In the area I live in, there is virtually no crime as the police station is directly across the highway from us. However, there are some parts of the city that could use more police presence, such as Sagner, located near the MARC train yard. While still relatively safe compared to larger cities, and being close to the fairgrounds, I have heard rumors of drug deals occurring.
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The summers can be sweltering hot by mideast standards, however there are usually many nice days with a light breeze. Fall is cold, and occasionally snow flurries will be seen. Winter can either bring many snowstorms or none at all, and is very windy. Spring brings back the warm weather, as frequent rains raise the humidity. It is a good idea to have many winter layers, as the wind penetrates deep.
Many original ideas, my favorite being Pizza & Pretzel Co. in downtown, where pretzel dough is used on the pizzas as well as the fantastic pretzels.
Jobs are numerous, and the area is home to many large companies, such as Gilbane and Lancaster Builders. Everything from small fast-food franchises to five-star restaurants. Minimum wage is set to increase by nearly a dollar over the next year.
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