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I like the feel of living in the country but being very close to town. It feel like a very safe place to live and I am comfortable raising my child here and letting her attend school in this area.
The housing market in Ball, LA is average. The median home is small both in size and price. House style and age does come in a wide variety though!
I truly love living in my community! The area is very small; however, the amenties that the town has set up for her citizens is impressive! The town has wonderful schools, roads are maintained and cleaned, there is a large walking track, an updated children's park, a very involved community, excellent police force, and a general sense of safety prevails. Though the town could improve in some areas, I have very little to complain about!
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I live in a very small township, Ball, LA. This town measures so small that it could be considered a neighborhood itself! Overall, this community is very tight-knight, safe, and religious. The town was recently named the safest city in the state of Louisiana! The police station is central located and is manned by a group of hardworking, dedicated individuals. I highly recommend this neighborhood for hardworking people of all walks of life!
Being that it is a small town, it is normal to pass cops on a daily basis. They each have their spots where they hide, or if youre passing through from 2-4 you'll see them directing traffic for the elementary schools! The crime and saftey is very decent in my town, like I said everyone knows one another. You can leave town for the weekend and expect your neighbor to watch your home for you.
Like I said it is very small, so there is not much to do or many tourist that come by. However, I like small! I know everyone and it feels good to have a relationship with my whole town!
Central Louisiana is a very average place to live. The schooling options are above average, with an array of high ranking public and private schools available for residents to choose from. This area does have an interesting history. As far as attractions, it is very average; however, being located in the center of the state of Louisiana does allow the residents easy access to everything else! This area tends to be rather conservative in its views, though discrimination based of race, religion, sexuality is absolutely not tolerated! The police in the area are wonderful and help make/keep this place safe!
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