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we have afew new builds around but they are all on large lots mostly wooded and far apart from each other.
there are some cases of drug use but its not a large amonut and does not impact the community
very little crime happens here and what does is petty crime
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we are average for weather in MA snow can be very bad at times and we can experiance power outages
we have a two pizza delivery places and we just got a chiense but still delivery omly
there is no where for employment at all with out traveling out 20 miles
Its a very small town and althought we have had intrest businesses show interest in developing in the area our town always seem to vote them out and nothing every comes to town.
The place I live in is a small town in Massachusetts with absolutely nothing to do. If there is anything going on with friends or family it is always in another town. In comparison to other places, it is better than some, but still worse than others.
Baldwinville is a very small town with a cumberland farms and a dunkin donuts. A lot of people go into the cities for work.
I like Obama, I think he does things that he needs to do but I don't always 100% agree with him. jobs. aka small town
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