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pretty good area; not too much crime and if there is any, it's usually vandalism.
Very nice place to live, quiet yet not too far away from the cities.
There is not a lot of hard crime around this area.
Review Baldwin Township
It is a wonderful place to be if you like small.
I love my little town, great people and great places. Some hooligans that run around the area but what do you do?
Events are nearby - within an hour drive. Professional sports, concerts, University sports.
Quiet, small town near metro.
Many workout facilities to pick from and very convenient hospital/clinic facility.
Easy parking, pedestrian/bike and walking. No public transportation to speak of.
There is a great community but it needs to grow and have more things for kids. Sports is the best community events. The school has the best music department!
Great housing available at good prices. City, rural, new, used and lots to build. Close to major cities!
We definitely have 4 seasons. Winters are COLD.
We really need a GOOD restaurant. Very lacking.
Stupid crimes - petty theft, disorderly.
Cannot get everything needed locally.
There are some nice houses.
I have not had any problems with this
Review Baldwin Township
We have some very nice parks.
Princeton is a small town but nice. I love that I grew up here.
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