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The police are responsive to calls, however, the police may be on the other side of the county, taking longer to respond. There are more police seen going into Pittsboro than towards the Chapel Hill side. The area is overall very safe and there are not to much in the way of life threatening crimes.
The overall atmosphere is very nice and enjoyable. Although, for certain places you may have to drive into another county. This is improving because more businesses are moving into the area bringing those places closer. The community is respectable towards others.
The only real fault I have with the community in which I live is that there is so much growth coming to the area. This is great for businesses and job opportunities but it takes away from the countryside and the peaceful small town scene. The people who live around here are generally very nice and welcoming and I would choose to live here over anywhere else. In the future I see this area becoming more of a city rather than country side, but still a good place to live.
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The biggest attractions in this area are the big Hospitals such as UNC, Duke, Durham Regional, WakeMed. Lots of people come here to see these hospitals or to visit the schools associated with the hospitals. Big local events include Farmers Markets, State Fair, UNC/Duke Basketball. The most popular things for tourists to do in this area is go to a college basketball/football game or walk on Franklin Street.
The motto around here is "If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes." That's exactly how I would describe this town. The weather is so unpredictable, one day it is sunny and 75 the next day it is below freezing and snowing. You can never be too prepared around here for any kind of weather. It seems as the years go on, the weather gets more and more unpredictable and the seasons run together more often than not. The most essential items in my wardrobe are boots and a rain coat. Boots because I can wear them weather its hot or cold, rain or snow. Rain coat, well, because who wants to get drenched every other day when it pours? Especially in April. As far as natural disasters, hurricanes floods , thunderstorms and tornadoes are the main source around here. Every year we get at least a few of one of the other or a variety.
There are ample opportunities for a great night out for dinner in this town. Or breakfast! There's places such as Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill, Spankys, Merritts, and Ben & Jerrys. In Pittsboro there is also great options such as San felipe, Verlies Bar & Grill, S&T Soda Shoppe, and Modern Deli. There is only one bar in Pittsboro that I know of called City Tap. There are many bars, nightlife options in Chapel Hill off of Franklin St.
There is much employment in the area I live in. There are a few major hospitals that provide healthcare careers/jobs, office jobs and so forth. There are also many restaurants people can find a job at. Most people in this area are in healthcare careers for a living. Also, many people are in law enforcement around here.
Local businesses in this area are pretty good to shop at. Grocery stores are clean and are of variety. There is a coup;e shopping malls in the area, one big shopping mall that has many popular stores. In Chapel Hill and the near town Pittsboro, there are many mom-and-pop shops that have been around since I can remember, and since my grandparents can remember. My family, friends and I all love to support the mom-and-pop shops in our area!
I was fortunate to be offered a job, but the places I applied to other than that never even wrote me back. With the nation's unemployment problem, there are likely a lot of people out of work. I do know of a certain Bojangles that's always on the lookout for new hires, though. Mostly because they hire a lot of Highschoolers from Northwood...
The businesses are decent, but seem like any other businesses that I've seen. I don't really know if there's anything special that stands out, but nothing terrible either.
Every local business I have gone to has left me thoroughly impressed. Not only was I given top-notch service, but the quality of the products was outstanding. I've never had any complaints about local businesses in the area, I just wish there were more of them.
very little crime and high police presence
Other than the typical summer thunderstorms and occasional hurricane or winter storm overall good weather.
Employment in this area is poor since it is such a small town but being close to the triangle opens up better opportunities
being a small town there are not a lot of options here, a few but not a lot
Being a small town there are few businesses etc. Mainly one needs to head to a neighboring city to have a better selection
Big focus on the health field - it's hard to break into without experience. It seems companies no longer want to invest in training programs.
Review Baldwin Township
People are very friendly, compassionate and politically active.
Great sense of community, tremendous geographic diversity (but not necessarily ethnic), highly educated (sharp minds to keep you sharp), lots of parent volunteers in the schools, great weather and activity choices outside of school. The one challenge may be if you have a high school student who can't find a job during the summer - it's a challenge finding something for him or her to do that includes fun, physical activity.
Love the individual businesses - mom & pop stores because of their uniqueness. However, they often struggle to be viable due to competing with chain stores in the local mall. That being said - everything I need is available to me.
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