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It's growing, more restaurants, new gym, would like to see a new movie theathers and some night life spots.
Baldwin park is a wonderful city. Especially to play softball at with other friends and family members from that same community.
It's a nice neighborhood with a few things to offer new visitors. It lacks quite a bit in diverse eating establishments.
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If you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by to visit the first ever In-N-Out! Aside from that, Downtown Baldwin Park has some great hole in the wall restaurants. If you have the option available to you, visit Covina or West Covina instead.
Baldwin Park is a work in progress. It is the place I call home. I would like to see more community involvement amongst residents and police department to improve gang and drug activity in the surrounding communities as well. I would like to see the schools help their children's education thrive by taking less days off and helping their students grasp and retain class lectures.
Not a lot of places to eat. They only have the generic fast food and Mexican food. Their schools need an upgrade. Safety needs to be amped up. There is no nightlife.
Baldwin Park is a nice simple city visit. Every month they have family events at the local park and all over the city
Baldwin Park is a small town that is great for families looking to live in the suburbs. There are frequent community events and a variety of small businesses as well as mainstream businesses. It is located near the 605 freeway which is ideal for someone who frequently takes the freeway. The schools in this city are adept in teaching their students. There are no clubs and it is rare to find a bar around. This makes Baldwin Park a family friendly place where any night time events are usually community events that are appropriate for the whole family. The community is mainly inhabited by people of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, making Baldwin Park not so diverse. There is a need for other cultures and ethnicities to come in and make it more diverse, considering that Hispanic/Latinos make up 80% of the population. Other than that, I think that Baldwin Park is a wonderful small town.
Not much to do in Baldwin Park for older teens... The library has really limited hours.. not much places to go shopping. Living is pretty convenient, since there are a lot of markets.
It's a nice community. It isn't the heart of LA but LA is within driving distance. Baldwin Park is near 3 freeways so it is easy to get to where you want to go.
City is perceived as a bad neighborhood. Would like to see better schools and more extracurricular activities for young students.
Baldwin Park is a tight-knit community that cares for one-another. Although it is a fairly small city, there is always activity due to the large population of school-age children residing there with their families. The only downside is that it is very underfunded compared to other suburban cities. This can be seen by the state of some buildings and the quality of education needing improvement.
It was great growing up here. Schools were good, close to the freeway, had plenty of grocery stores. Overall was a nice comfortable place to live. Good community programs at the community center. Were also home to In n Out which is a good place for young people to get a job and work.
The city tends to have a lot of noise especially during the weekends when there are a lot of parties in neighborhoods around the city. Along with constant parties the city also allows fireworks. This poses a problem because every year around the neighborhood where I lived there are always fireworks going off from the beginning of June all the way until October. The main thing I would like to change or see more enforced is the firework policy and the use of illegal fireworks. The good thing about the city of Baldwin Park though is the Santa Fe Dam which is especially nice to go to on weekends for barbecues, birthdays, events, or just to simply run, walk, bike ride and enjoy the park. Although there are quite a bit of negatives for Baldwin Park recently it has started to develop and change, with newer housing, more shops and overall parts of it are becoming nicer.
I'd like to see less trash in the city, better transportation systems, more community based items like community gardens.
Lived here three years. Liked my experience, no trouble with neighbors or community members. Schools have few fantastic teachers and working to be better for community.
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It's a decent city with it's own police department and nice parks, a community center with an indoor pool, lots of shopping close by, but the school district leaves much to be desired if you have special needs children.
Community rich with Mexican culture. The sense of feeling belonged will always be captured when the city hosts public events. Despite the unfortunate events happening between citizens and police officials, Baldwin Park has never been a victim of such violence. I feel safe in my city and I am proud to be a member of it diverse and welcoming enviorment. It is also the birthplace of In-n-Out burger.
Baldwin Park is a knit tight community based in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My overall experience living here has been good. However, there is large homeless population at the on ramp of the 605. There are no local shelters for the homeless in Baldwin Park. The nearest shelter in the next city over in West Covina. See that those who are going without, this may cause trouble for he/she to obtain such benefits from a shelter. A few may have access to transportation such as a bike and or public transportation. But for majority, this is not likely the case. It is urgent this issue be addressed and resolved. I have written a letter to mayor addressing my concerns but yet to hear back.
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