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108 reviews
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Baldwin Park is a knit tight community based in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My overall experience living here has been good. However, there is large homeless population at the on ramp of the 605. There are no local shelters for the homeless in Baldwin Park. The nearest shelter in the next city over in West Covina. See that those who are going without, this may cause trouble for he/she to obtain such benefits from a shelter. A few may have access to transportation such as a bike and or public transportation. But for majority, this is not likely the case. It is urgent this issue be addressed and resolved. I have written a letter to mayor addressing my concerns but yet to hear back.
Overall Baldwin Park seems like a safe town. It does not have a lot of activities like a mall or movie theater , but it is in a location that makes the commute to other cities like Los Angeles very easy. Most of the areas of the town are well kept for the most part.
Baldwin Park is a quiet diverse community. In the recent years, the community has grown. There are new homes being built, new shops, and more community activities. They recently introduced a weekly market. It's a great place to raise a family. There are many improvements our community needs, but overall my experience has been great. I can't wait to see this town come to its full potential.
Baldwin Park is a very safe, family orientated city, which I applaud them for. There are many activities for the whole family that are offered through their recreation department. The only thing I would like to see the city invest in is education. I would like to see more colleges and universities speak to the youth that are in elementary, middle, and high school level. Our kids truly are our future.
Overall it is very quiet minus the weekends or around specific holidays. Mostly no one bothers each other with petty issues. Love the Raspado shop in my neighborhood and to go to Baldwin Park Pizza Company where the food is always fresh.
I like Baldwin Park I like where I live I'm close to Walmart Home Depot and other shopping places all within walking distance. The area is safe it okay to walk at night. I have 5 kids so it's nice that I can send them to the store and not have to worry about them. Never hear any complaints or burglaries or anything of that nature to me it's a great city to live in
One of the reasons I gave Baldwin Park 3/5 star review is despite all its set backs, I am still pretty happy with my life. I have lived here all 17 years of my life and although it's not the best or safest place to live its the people around me who make it better. My family especially my parents do their best to shield me from things that I shouldn't see and what other people will probably never see and my friends are a good distraction. Although I do not like to say negative things about where I live I am going to have to be. I am happy where I live but there are a lot of things that this area needs work on. First off, it really is not the safest place to live. I have had home break-ins in the past and someone has even broken into my parents car. There is not much diversity here, it is mainly a Hispanic community. It is also not much of a family friendly place.
Baldwin Park is inhabited, predominantly,by Latinos. It has improved significantly as a city over the past few years. Some new places have been built and others renovated, such as Park Plaza on Maine, which makes the city look more modern. Overall a great place to live. Plus, it is fairly close to Los Angeles. We do not have a K1, but we do have El Taco Nazo (delicious shrimp tacos ) and a certified farmer's market at Morgan Park .
Baldwin Park isn't a big enough city to have fun. Although there are places like parks and recreation centers , it has no movie theater or shopping center.
No concerns the police takes care of us the residents of this city
This city has been a better neighborhood throughout the years
The crime is not to where I can notice as a resident, but we still have some form of crime.
Where I live now is much better than where i used to live. It better because I can take my daughter out and not be worried about her getting hurt. We are closer to the markets and stores as well which is more convenient for me. I am also closer to a park where my daughter can go out and play.
I typically believe that this place is safe. Some things have happened recently that sort of shifted my viewpoint. A few months back, there was a huge drug bust by the DEA around five streets down from my house. A few weeks ago, there was a murder and an attempted suicide in a small grocery store that I frequented. I don't go there anymore. Once in a blue moon, I see a police car cruise by our street. People say that I live in a ghetto area. I don't really think so. We live in the better half of the city.
This place is nice, quiet. Every once in a while, strangers come by our house and graffiti on the sidewalk in front of my house, which kind of sucks. At least they don't come inside our gate and graffiti the house. Oh, and my brother's car was attacked very recently. It was sort of a drive by and a man stabbed my brother's tires with such brutality. Five puncture holes in the first tire, and two on the second one. It's a good thing they didn't scratch the car though. It's not one of the greatest places to live, but there are no noisy neighbors or crazy parties going on at night, so that's good. I guess I wouldn't mind living here if I could "do it all over again."
The weather is amazing! There is so much night life! Location is everything, there are a lot of things that are close by and on hand for everyone.
Around my area its pretty safe to say you can around at night.
No I wouldnt want to live there again because there is a lot of pollution and stuff like that.
Like any city, there are a variety of crimes which the community is aware of. Although these crimes are not violent or cause of immediate danger, such as vandalism and drug use, I still feel that enforcement is needed.
Living in this area is a great experience. The atmosphere is very active. The parks are full of activities for any age group. There are many programs for children such as sports and afternoon care. I personally feel living here is very safe and everyone is super friendly.
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