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Baldwin is an extremely diverse town and no matter what race or ethnicity you are, you will not feel left out. However, I wish the town is closer together as there are rarely any town events.
After living here for over 20 years, I have come to love and appreciate Baldwin, NY. The area is safe, quiet, clean and has a great environment to raise a family.
Baldwin is a small town in New York. It's a quiet area full of diversity and good spirit. It's a safe place to live with little to crimes. The residents in Baldwin are friendly and welcoming. The schools are ok as they offer good academic programs for students and have several exciting sports programs. Although they have fun programs in school there's not much outside of school. We don't have any hangout spots for children other than the bowling alley. Other than that, Baldwin is peaceful neighborhood where you can catch some quiet time.
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I have lived in Baldwin all my life. I like how it is a close knit community with very good public schools. It has many different restaurants to go to and beautiful public parks.
Growing up and living in this area has given me a great sense of community. In this town, my very small town, everyone knows each other and gets along for the most part. My town is very diverse and continues to grow in diversity and it is beautiful. There is a lot of pride in my community and it is shown through the support for the sports teams, arts and music programs in my town. This little suburban town will always be home to me.
There a few petty crimes here and there but nothing serious in the area
This is a close, tight knit area where many people know each other. There isn't much to do here per say but there are many neighboring towns where there are things to do
It doesn't seem any worse here than other areas of the Long Island
It's a nicely diverse neighborhood. However, the Town of Hempstead doesn't put anything into it. They started a revitalization project over 10 years ago that has gone absolutely nowhere. Now the downtown area is full of empty, dilapidated storefronts and buildings. It's horrible.
I think the crime and safety is okay. We have frequent neighborhood watch meetings to keep informed.
I give it an overall 3 rating
The reason for why I'm not concerned about most of these issues is because most of these issues aren't a problem within my community. Yes we'll have an attempted robbery at a deli or something small like that but sometimes those people aren't even from here. A lot of times those people are from different towns.
I love the atmosphere in this community. Yes there are bad people but that's everywhere you go. People treat others with respect. I don't feel racism is an issue in this community. I would choose to live here again when I grow up but not near the water. I'd be cautious about buying a house near the water. Compared to the rest of the country I definitely feel and know there are better communities. I see this community being stronger in the future because of what happened during hurricane sandy where many homes where flooded. That situation and those circumstances helped the community to unite.
People are friendly.

People care for their neighbors.

People are humane and dignified.
Living here, made me who i am today.. I love it ! wish there was more money invested in the town i slowly see a decline of the overall value.
Baldwin, in my opinion is one the few diverse towns in Nassau County, Long Island. Going to school here really broadened my view of the world, because it is one thing to see diversity but you get totally different view once thrust in it. I loved seeing and interacting with different types of people in my community because it helps a lot once you are thrust into the real world.
I love the schools and neighborhood I live in
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The people that live in my area generally are very nice. It isn't one of those towns where everyone knows each other, due to its size, but 90% of the people here are very kind and helpful. Long Island is known for having some of the best communities in the nation, which is probably why the living conditions are great. I would defiantly choose to live here again because of the great school system as well as the calm nature of the town.
It's not the best place to live, but it's home.
the area is all right as long as you are involved in the right activities with the right people. there are several rundown or boarded up buildings and not too much to do in the area
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