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If you are looking for a quiet and safe neighborhood to live in, Baldwin, NY is the place for you. Most people are friendly, the school district is good. The town is diverse in terms of race (Black, White, Hispanic, Asians). I think there should be a bus that runs through Baldwin Harbor towards the middle school, it is a 15 min. walk to the nearest bus station.
I have lived in Baldwin Harbor for my whole life-23 years. I love how close I am to any needs I may have such as food, gym, hospital or stores. I lived close to my school growing up so I never had to travel very far as a child. Now as an adult, I appreciate the close proximity I live to the Long Island Railroad as I will be a full time commuter come August 2017. Additionally, my neighborhood has always felt safe. My parents allowed my brother and I to play in our yard growing up without having to keep too watchful of an eye. As a woman I feel comfortable in this town and I know that I can walk to CVS up the block or ride my bike to the food store without feeling in danger. It is a safe, affordable and beautiful place to live.
I love my neighborhood! Baldwin Harbor is a wonderful and diverse community. This town is one of the safest and cleanest communities around the surrounding area. You'll often find parents taking morning walks in small group, mothers walking with their strollers, or on the weekends parents taking morning bike rides with their children. Baldwin Harbor is a relatively quiet town that supports small business. The children and very respectful and the educational system is top notch! If considering Baldwin Harbor a place to live come and take a drive around and experience Baldwin for yourself. Everything you would want in a community to raise a family is right here in Baldwin Harbor!
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I've been living in baldwin harbor for almost 2 years, and my experience here has been quite pleasant. I like the fact that its safe, quiet and full of diversity and also that there's a park within walking distance. For now there isn't anything that I would change.
crimes happen everywhere but very rare here
welcoming,fun an alive at all times
In my opinion and from my experience living in Baldwin, I have never seen a crime happen in person. However, I have heard of a couple violent occurrences in the northern part of my town. While there is a lot of crime there, it is rarely violent and the police are quick to get to the scene and take care of the situation.
After living in my town for the past 13 years of my life, I have decided that this would be the ideal place to raise children one day. The school district is great and the sense of community and school spirit is amazing. The experiences and opportunities I had thanks to Baldwin (especially because of the high school) are things that I want for my children to have as well. I also think that the diversity we have in this town is something very special and that isn't seen in many other towns near us.
My experience in Baldwin has been okay. The area is very diverse and continues to diversify.
I have had not incidents or complaints regarding our public safety services.
Baldwin is a diverse community in both its residents and its mixture of professional and community services. There are some challenges getting new businesses to come in but overall we could do better. I would like to see more commercial businesses show an interest and support our neighborhood and community.
Good housing though some homes not fully recovered from hurricane sandy.
We live in a safe are as we live on a peninsula so most of the cars and people are your neighbors and they watch out for you .
Great neighbors and community Baldwin harbor
To say that a couple of years ago, I was outside when a shooting happened a few blocks down from me (we heard the bullets) would not be a lie. I would prefer more street lighting, but this could be because I'm easily distrusting of the dark. Also, I've recently become more aware of a lot more police in the area. I'm not sure if this should make me worry about something going on that I don't know about, or simply an upgrade to the level of safety patrol in the town.
The overall area is not a bad one. There are places to be and things to do, during the day time. However, when the sun goes down many places where I might be, (the library, a park or elementary school playground, etc) with a town like Rockville Centre right next door, with restaurants, movies theaters and the like all located over a span of just a few blocks, I tend to be more attracted to spend time in other towns. In terms of atmosphere, this was a great place to grow up, and still remains kid friendly. However, as an adult, I have become more interested in exploring more locations. I wouldn't choose to live here again, but that is no fault of the towns, that is merely a geographical preference.
This area has many locations where exercise is possible, including two gyms, one in the south of town and one in the north, as well as public parks where tennis courts, dodgeball/handball and basketball courts are located, as well as a hockey rink, a skate park, and miles of street to walk through. Just the same, there are multiple bars and liqueur stores. Overall, the community members have access to both the healthy and not so healthy sides of town, and it is up to them what they choose. However, I can say whenever I go walking, I always see plenty of other community members out walking as well.
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The community overall, through the churches, schools and other organizations has many opportunities for community togetherness. However, when these events are not in session, or going on, the community can feel a little distant. Overall though, I believe there is a strong sense of community, through and I have made many friends in this community.
There are some opportunities, mostly due to harsh owners and employers, who's job offerings often have fast turn overs due to the lack of considerations of employees. Though this is untrue of my current employer, who is located a town over from where I live, I decided not to take jobs in my home town for this reason.
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