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Baldwin City is great for small living that close big city amenities. Although it is a college town, it is generally very family friendly and quiet. The community is working to add more healthy lifestyle opportunities and the high school does a good job of preparing kids to move on to higher education.
I love it here, I am a college student at Baker University and it is the perfect size and close enough to a larger city so you don't have to drive far.
I like that it is a one traffic light town. It is small town Americana and very quaint. If I need more Kansas City is very close as is another college town: Lawrence. It is situated in Mapel Leaf country so the autumn, and its celebrations, are beautiful. The people are down to earth, conservative and also it is a college town to there is a high degree of education.
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I have learned over the years that it is best to allow your home town to be what it is, and to appreciate what virtues it has taught you. Baldwin City lacks inclusivity and a progressive attitude on life, preferring an "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" perspective. Schools teach a traditional curriculum, with the introduction of iPads being the greatest upgrade in recent years. General housing expenses are reasonable, although most young people are not immigrants to the area, but rather the fourth or fifth generation to live here. To really be "anywhere", you must travel at least 15 miles away, so it is not the place for those who want an exciting neighborhood. Nature-lovers and country enthusiasts alike will find solace in broad horizons and impressive starlit displays every night, although environmentally-minded activists will not find easy company. Society is not rich in this part of the country, but more introverted pleasures are readily available.
Crime is not common in such a small town when it is prevalent, the police are quick to do their job.
Baldwin City, Kansas might be small but the people are significant. Every face is a friendly face. People here are so kind, thoughtful, and willing to help others without expecting anything in return although they always know they'll have help when they need it. This community is so immensely supportive of one another and I never thought I could live somewhere with such great positivity. Everyone knows everyone, and in some towns, that means people's lives aren't private. But here, judgement is pushed aside and everyone is accepting. The atmosphere is continually encouraging.
Clinton Lake is very close which has hiking, camping, fishing, boating and plenty of outdoor space
There is no public transportation because it is a small town
There aren't many choices but those choices that are sub-par will be replaced within a few months.
Most people live here for long periods of time and everybody knows each other. It's very pet friendly and when there are events, people go to them.
It's pretty quiet and there isn't much crime. Feels very safe. Elementary school nearby could lead to more sports facilities, etc.
We have all 4 seasons: humidity, ice, allergy and nice
We are a small bedroom community with very few employment opportunities. For low income families there are not many jobs or opportunities for advancements. The crime rate is low and it is a nice friendly town with lots of church activities and decent schools. In general though, Kansas is going down hill and I would like to leave. Our state government is going in the wrong direction and they are killing our economy and schools. The winters are also very cold and I'm sick of snow.
Our small town has an athletic club for a fee and a city rec commission. We have 2 doctor's offices and a hospital within the county. It is a very walkable community where kids can ride their bikes without harm.
it's mostly white middle class with a smattering of lower income elderly and disabled. There a few minorities but not many.
The state government is deplorable. I have been politically active in the past but I have given up. I just want to move to another state.
We have a very good police department
Review Baldwin City
There is a variety of housing. Single family homes. There is an older section of town with homes over 100 years old and then there are newer areas that have just been built and everything in between.
If you have a car everything is pretty great but if you didn't it would be awful.
It's improved now that we have a Dollar General. you don't have to travel to a neighboring town for a Walmart or Target but there's only one grocery store and it's small and has higher prices. The only dry cleaners is a long distance deal through the grocery store. We have a couple small pharmacies and antique stores but nothing major.
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