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Great area, no issues. Lived in the area over ten years crime is fairly low.People are friendly, buses are easy to catch to travel to to downtown Pittsburgh. No complaints really.
Baldwin is family friendly neighborhood. It is really a safe place and the school is amazing. I lived at Baldwin for over four years and my experience is amazing. We can go out at night and still feel safe. You can walk to many stores without having to fear getting shoot. Also, the apartment are good in my belief, even the houses are very nice in Baldwin.
Baldwin is a very diverse area. Most of the people are very nice and helpful. The Baldwin police will make sure you are safe and a good school district. Not many problems, overall it's a great area to live in.
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It is not a bad place too live in.
Low crime. There is a police presence, but only when someone calls.
I have lived here most of my life. Its a good community, with good people.
I feel safe in my home area. I do not see many cops driving around but that does not bother me because I have not heard of too many crimes that have happened in my area that would involve the cops to be called.
This is a nice area where everybody is friendly. Personally, I would like to live in a warmer state altogether, so I would not choose to live here again. I would suggest this place for a family who is looking to live in a quiet suburb that is not too far from or too close to the city. I think that this area will be continually a good place to live in the future.
The safety in this area is great. You can feel it in the atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable, and kids are even out sometimes past dark with little concerns. There is very little crime and I cannot actually remember the last time the police had to come into the area.
Overall this area is okay. The people are nice but it isn't a tight knit community like it used to be. It is quiet and very convenient when it comes to getting to the city. I would choose to live in this area again because it is nice but kind of boring. It's great for any new family looking to begin their lives.
The housing here is very affordable and attractive. There are no vacant lots and there is a good distance between neighbors. Yards are mostly kept clean and the exterior of most houses are very attractive.
The people in this community are a bit older but they are very open to outsiders and nurturing to everyone. Everyone goes to everyone just to ask how their day is going and there is always conversation going on between neighbors.
The police here have really kept up with the crime going on, it's very rare to hear of anything bad happening in or around the area. While crime does happen every where, it seems to be kept at a minimum in my neighborhood.
I have lived in my neighborhood for a little over nine years, and while it is a very safe and nurturing environment, it is not for me personally. To me it feels as if little to nothing happens in my neighborhood and I long for spontaneity and creative outlets within the community. If it were up to me, I would not stay in this neighborhood but I would seek out one like it with regards to the type of people that live nearby.
There could definitely be worse places to live, but Pittsburgh is boring when you have lived there your whole life.
The amount of refugee's living in this area has increased dramatically over the past few years. Instead of trying to fit in they are excessively aggressive and contribute very little to the community. The education system will suffer as a result because teachers will have to spend less time with students who grew up in the area, and more time with new students who are very unappreciative.
Its a general neighborhood in Pennsylvania. I dont think I would chose to live here again, because I personally dont enjoy what pittsburgh has to offer
Review Baldwin
Lots of variety, many ethnic groups,
Lots of diversity in cuisine and cost
Lots of jobs in the medical and technical communities. Steel production has basically collapsed
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