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I like the community it is very alove and well the people are friendly and the community is nice and thats it
Balch Springs is a decent community overall. Very working-class area. The best kept and family-oriented neighborhoods are zoned to schools in the Mesquite Independent School District, which has a solid reputation.
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balch springs is a very small city with not alot in it. its not super safe, and there is alot of homeless people. The city services are less than they should be, theres alot of run down neihboorhoods although there has been several streets with new houses added over the past few years.
The local Library has many good activities for all different age groups (and for free) however, the city itself acts like an HOA and will even fine you for minor issues such as not having your lawn mowed.
Balch Springs is a city that is alive and almost magical as a city goes. What I like the best is the diversity . Diversity is our strength! The schools are great also. They pride themselves on the stellar ESL, free breakfast and lunch programs. We could have never have had all of this if it was not for the diversity we have striven for. Also the streets are drive-able in a lot of the areas of our city and there are a ton of auto care facilities that are ready to serve scattered through out not to mention the mom and pop restaurants and mom and pop convenience stores. The thing I will miss the most about balch springs is waking up to roosters crowing on my street and the music that emanates from the our resident's front yards and garages. Especially on weekends and Holidays. What I don't understand is why co-workers friends and family never want to visit.
I love Balch Spring. Been here for 12 years. School district is awesome. Mall near by also restaurants and shops.
Balch springs is very nice to live in because you don’t see that much going on over here. It’s a calm place to live in with many things to do. You do not really see that much crime on this side compared to where I used to live in Dallas. There is also a local sweet bread store if you like that you will be able to pick up bread any day you’d like.
Love the atmosphere and the customer services is wonderful everywhere you go. So family friendly. Food in Balch spring is awesome and it’s all near you.
I like the small suburban feel this small city gives. However, the roads are terrible, and the section 8 apartment safety isn't too high. The schools are poor; great teachers for the most part, but the education itself is subpar. Overall, Balch Springs is not a place that I would like to continue to live in.
I've lived in Balch Springs for 18 years, and I can say that it has became more dangerous over time. Men were constantly trying to grab me on my way home from middle school. Recently, my brother was robbed at gunpoint on our own street, now he doesn't go outside anymore. I do enjoy walking my dog, but I can never leave the house without bringing a knife or mace.
Balch Springs is a nice neighboorhood for the most part. There hasn't been from my knowledge any crime or incident in the area that I live in and the people keep to themselves
There are lots of community events to participate in and lots of helpful services it offers. It is also very friendly and diverse.
Balch Springs has Amazing Citizens. The police are active in the community. They eat lunch with the school kids and read at the school a lot. Schools are great. Love the teachers.
All my neighbors are very friendly! They are very helpful. The only thing I would possibly change is adding lights. My neighborhood is beautiful, all it needs is a few more lights down the street and everything would be perfect for me!
Balch Springs is now a busy town with a lot of new welcoming faces. I have lived in this town for 12 years already and i can say i feel safe to go around the streets without having fear. There is a lot of police officers too that help keep this town safe and they are greatly appreciated. I would like if there was town meeting for the whole community so everyone can be aware of the events that are going around for our benefits.
It's very quiet. The schools are really nice inside and out. The safety is also really good it takes the police to get there in less than five minutes. One of it's major things to me is it does need improvements in those potholes.
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I have enjoyed living here since I moved in 2005. It has been pretty quiet but every now and then something occurs. Overall I have liked living here.
Small and quiet at times, but most nights you hear sirens of some sort. Streets are in desperate need of renovation. Don't drive through here if you value your tires or suspension. Not many sidewalks on the streets. Police force is... Well it's a small, country, southern town. You do the math. Or google search. Recent news involves that of the case of the officer gunning down a young boy. Lot of work needs to be done, but it can be done. Hopefully the city can build into something better.
The city isn't that bad of a place to live in, but it needs improve in some areas. I would describe the overall quality of life as slightly-below average to average.
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