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The Bal Harbour Police Department has been keeping the streets safe long before I was born.
If I could live her over again I would. It's beautiful and the community helped shape my character as a good proactive citizen.
The city that i live in called Bal Harbour. It is a beautiful residential neighborhood. The beach is never crowded because the line of buildings in front of the beach block all access, and because there is only one parking lot of 50 or 60 space which is used by fishermen and surfers. There is a path between the beach and the buildings where the people can run, walk their dog, do bicycle, or simply take a walk and enjoy the view of the ocean. We have a harbor where you can see the boats of the richest people in bal harbour docked. We also have a basketball park where you can play if you are a resident of bal harbour. In the same park there are some games for children to play.The biggest thing that we have in bal harbour would be our mall.there are great stores and restaurants ( which i can't go to because there are very expensive, otherwise i wouldn't be here trying to get scholarship money to help me with my education, but that's not relevant). I don't thing that the neighborhood will change because it is small and very residential.The major change that is happening right now is the mall extension. Yet if there is one thing that could change over time, it would be the small condo building that would be changed into big brand new building which in my opinion is not a good idea. Yet again i'm not in the position of the guys doing this and earning millions at the same time. Even though some people would say that bal harbour is too fake because it has too much money, i love and respect the people that live in here, and i don't think that i would like to live elsewhere even if i have one and a half hour of commuting to go to school. I love it !
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Living in this area was a good experience however coming from a nojn wealthy family and being surrounded by people with wealth was difficult. I would constantly be judged and ridiculed and it causeed me to move states.
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