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There are hardly ever issues with crime. If on occasion there is, I still feel safe. I haven't felt unsafe living here.
I enjoy living here because it's easy to have my lifestyle in middle class. It is mostly suburban with some more private areas. There are plenty of places to shop nearby. It is always safe. The only downfall in my opinion is that more and more housing is being built for the upper class and there are many more wealthy people moving in the area.
Gibsonia is a very safe suburb. I have walked around strip malls at night and gone places alone and have never felt unsafe.
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As opposed to nearby Wexford, Gibsonia does not have as many dining and shopping options, but is in the process of revamping the neighborhood and is by no means in the middle of nowhere. There are many good strip malls nearby plus small businesses and parks, but homes seem to have large wooded lots and it does not seem urban. I grew up here and I love it!
There are many community events to be involved in.
Pittsburgh is a very safe place to live.
Pittsburgh is a great place to start and raise a family. Growing up first in the city and then the suburbs has been very beneficial to the person I have become and the education I have received.
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