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I have live in Bakersfield my whole life. I started school in preschool and graduated there too. Bakersfield is a poor town but even though that is true Bakersfield is a big family. We recently had a bad flood in Bakersfield and lost our Ball Park(Pride Park) and a few homes got badly flooded. When our town seen that a family's home was getting water in it we had people drive up with trailers and people formed a line and got all of the belongings out of the house before the water could take it away. My town is also very small with a population smaller than 300. Even though we are small I have always felt supportive by the community.
Very small with a heavy drug influence. Community is very involved with the school, or at least with school sports.
The community is very supportive. But there are a select few that can be rude
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The cops do a good job busting the meth houses.
It's a great place to live. A lot of people are really helpful and would give you the shirt off their back. But the draw back is the school system in Bakersfield. It is lacking in many places and the students suffer in their education. The schools focus is all on sports and not very concerned about students education. I'm an Honor Roll student about to go to college. My senior year he administration forced a elementary teacher teach Highschool science even after she told them she didn't know how to teach science to highschoolers. So other than the school Bakersfield is a great community that comes together if anyone needs help.
There is a lot of crime here - mostly drugs and drunk driving, but a lot of crime. Police do what they can, but it's not enough. People have to want to be legit in order for things to get better and it feels like a lot of people in this town have just given up.
There are a lot of drugs in the area and I did not find the high school to be a positive experience. I would not live here again. I am looking forward to moving away to college.
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