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The mountains that surround the city are breathtaking and magical. There is a shadow of an American Indian in the winter around noon,in the summer it's a perfect landscape of the snow melting off with green patches slowly arising. Lakes and springs that are pure and beautifully blue make Baker city a wonderland for camping, fishing,hiking and sight seeing. The community is happy and help each other when In need and you feel comfort walking down the historic little city.
Baker City is a great community to raise a family. Its a safe place to live, and has a lot of outdoor activities. Beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. The people in this area are very kind and friendly.
The crime rates are extremely low in this area and the police are great at keeping it that way.
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Overall, the atmosphere is great and I'd definitely choose to live here again. The scenery is amazing and one of the only places where one could find it.
There are some historical landmarks.
We have 4 definite seasons.
There are not many options, and everything is similar.
There are not a lot of opportunities outside of entry-level manufacturing.
I live in a small town so there's nothing special.
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