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Beautiful location. Lots of beautiful scenery with a quaint little town feel. There are many cute little shops and places to pop in and have a bite to eat. Perfect for a nice day trip out.
Great place to raise kids. However, it's expensive to live here unless you work in Seattle. Very upper-middle-class-white-soccer-mom kind of place. The schools are top in the state. Ironically, the arts are very well supported within the community but not in the schools. There is no nightlife to speak of, really. The ale house or other alcohol serving establishments are the only ones open past 8p except for the grocery stores. It's a beautiful, seaside town. Boring if you can't drink.
A beautiful, quiet island community that is known for it's green lifestyle and excellent education system. The island is a safe place, but the cost of living is a bit higher than normal.
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This place is really safe like you could walk around wherever at night and you'd be fine, there's barely any crime.
I like it here but I personally prefer a big city and this place is pretty small. I would definitely live here again though I wouldn't change that :)
Bainbridge Island has a very low crime rate, and there is rarely any sort of violence that occurs. Police are always very responsive to any sort of call, and do a good job of making sure that their communities safety is their number one priority.
Living on Bainbridge Island is a great place to raise your family. Its schools are ranked top in the state, and provide excellent preparation for kids planning on attending college. It is a short ferry-ride to downtown Seattle, but far away enough to feel a sense of privacy. There are numerous things to do on the island, including movie theaters, exceptional restaurants, and many different parks to enjoy. I would definitely consider moving here in the future when thinking about raising a family. I would rank Bainbridge Island as one of the safest, best places to live in the entire country. I think Bainbridge Island also has a lot of potential to grow as a community, but as of right now it exceeds its expectations.
It is a a nice place to come home to see friends, but will get more and more expensive.
Rural area. Police officers are awesome and have good relations with the community.
Very nice island to grow up on, everything very local and friendly
Beautiful island and its' people who bring their passions to the rock and the good and bad of it. It is a pretty tight community so everyone is held accountable.
There are so many fantastic restaurants on the island, all of which are local establishments. Even though the island is small there is a wide variety of cuisine available. The downside of our community is that everything closes early so nightlife is limited.
Our community has a no-chain policy that promotes the well-being of local businesses, which are all outstanding establishments. However, I cannot purchase clothing or sporting goods for myself on the island.
There are wonderful local businesses and probably 90% of all businesses are local, not chains or large companies.
Since Bainbridge Island is a very small town, job opportunities are quite limited.
Folks from out-of-town like the quaint feel of Bainbridge Island and Winslow in particular. The Today Show recently gave a 'shout-out' for the Island's 4th of July Parade as a must-see attraction. There is a new Art Museum and a fine new Ale House which has garnered a lot of attention locally and from the mainland. I hear that the Bloedel Reserve is a main attraction and is a favorite with Martha Stewart!
I don't expect to stay in the area for much longer. The general atmosphere is OK and I've enjoyed it for the most part, but I want to move on to other experiences elsewhere. I reckon that the future for folks here will pretty much remain unchanged.
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There is a sense of community here and people are very much involved in with City politics and there own interest groups. There are plenty of events and concerts that mainly cater to family's and older people. It's mainly a family focused area. The main reason for this being the relative safe environment and good schools. A lot of BHS graduates go out-of-state for college - unless you're an avid athlete or intellectual, life on the rock for a teenager is pretty dire.
People either use their cars or bikes; there are no sidewalks outside of downtown - so it is dangerous for pedestrians. There is county transit at the beginning and end of the work day for commuters getting to/from the ferry terminal. Traffic is bad when the ferry is delayed, or if it is a holiday and there is an increase in traffic volume. A cursory glance at the Police Blotter reveals that there are a lot of speeders and people driving without a license or insurance.
There's good and bad everywhere. There are a lot of "rich" neighborhoods where the average home price exceeds $1m. Some of these people come across as entitled and snooty and unwelcoming to outsiders - this I don't like. There is a small pocket of average income locals who live near to downtown. There is not much diversity and since the only way to get to/from the island is the ferry, or the bridge at the north of the island, it feels like a gated-community.
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