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I think Bainbridge is a perfect little town that's a little city with a little country. Everyone is always pleasant and smiling, makes you feel like home wherever you go.
We have a high number of drug crimes, mostly including things like weed and heroin. The police have their hands full with investigations into this, and, as such, tend to not be as responsive and helpful as they should be when needed for other reasons.
I love my community and the area it is surrounded by; the people are great, varied in personality and values, and the constant discovery of new things behind the mundane is something that reinforces its charm. It has a small-town feel, while still feeling like it is a pert of something new and modern. Overall, it's a great feeling of connection. It feels like home.
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The snow here is terrible because we live in the snow belt, but it seems that people still haven't been able to handle it.
I do love it here. There is a strong sense of community and sharing.
The job options are very scarce and limited.
We have many nice housing options in the area.
The people are nice and have a Midwestern attitude but are a bit too conservative for my tastes at times.
I love the local parks and park facilities. They are beautiful and well taken care of.
Not many people come to Cleveland to tour or visit but when they do we sure do welcome them. Lately many movies have been filming around here and we love it.
We have a nice selection of gyms but not enough sidewalks or free exercise areas. Many exercise and sporting areas are private and deter the public from participating.
There could be more sidewalks and a better public bus system. The town is quite isolated.
The local businesses are trying their hardest to make ends meet in the economy. It is disheartening to see many opt for Walmart who drive out the local businesses. There are many nice local farms around. I believe there could be more restaurants.
As a vegetarian, I wish there were greater vegetarian options close by. There are too many Subways and McDonald's but not enough eating out options for organic or healthy eating. I wish there could be more local mom and pop restaurants close by. If I want to go to these sorts of places I have to go too far away. The bar scene is relatively nice though, as there are many choices for drinking cheap and close.
There is not too much crime here. There is white collar crime for the most part. I still lock my doors but I don't feel too unsafe or insecure here. I can walk my dogs at night and I don't feel threatened.
I enjoy this area but I wish there was a better public transportation system. There are so many great neighborhoods and suburbs of Cleveland and I wish they were more connected. At times I feel isolated from other parts of Northeast Ohio. The crime rate is under control and it is relatively safe. The area is great for young parents and for raising children but not as much for young singles.
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