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Bainbridge Ga. otherwise known as one of the first Port City's. Its home to the Flint river and wide range of history. I've lived in Bainbridge for about 15 yrs. From there schools to hospitals its an average place to call home. Some would say this is a good place to retire and not settle here. Overall Bainbridge GA. is great.
Nice small town, good place to raise a family. It is no far from Tallahassee, Florida or Dothan, Alabama.
I have always like the idea that this is where my family is at and a great place to raise children. I would like to change the drug scene in Bainbridge
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It's a quiet town that let's you see the stars at night. There isn't much to do but catch up with old friends and relatives. Your elementary school teacher is likely to follow you up until you leave middle school. You either stay their for the rest of your life or you leave before the smallness of the space that you're in swallows you.
I enjoy living in Bainbridge because it's a very small town, where everyone get to know pretty much everyone. The down side of it is there is nothing to do and not many jobs. The pay in Bainbridge is pretty low compared to most places.
They've nice people everybody speaks and wave in this city. Nice astmosphere. Roads need be fix. I would love to see new restaurants in this town. They've few options then big city's has in South Georgia.
If i had to choose to live in Bainbridge I wouldn't, there's not really anything i can do when i get home after school or when i get home from work, like if i don't stay home or hang around good people i feel like i would end up in jail because there really nothing to do clubs and fun places don't stay open long because the lack of business or it just gets old, and we don't have a mall so also there's not really that many jobs available for the youth to get into.
Very affordable and pretty apartments
People are friendly most everywhere
You hear of crime maybe 3 times a month
Small town but everything i need.
There is a deep sense of community in this area. Parents are very involved in their children sports events, especially football. Education is very important and valued in this area, which is depicted with school-events and community activities being held year-round. Usually when people live in this are they don't leave very readily. There area is not very pet friendly because there is not a dog park but there are areas/parks where animals are welcome.
At the time I was living with my parents so I don't personally know what the cost entail. But considering that one of my parents is attending college and the other maintains the household with his/her income I believe it's affordable. The housing quality is decent and well-kept in my opinion. The vacant properties are usually fixed up by parties that sell them during spring/summer season when the immigrant workers come to the area.
The safety in this area is okay. It's a great place to raise children because everyone usually knows everyone. The police station is located a few miles from this neighborhood and the police respond in a timely manner when called. The police also patrol the area on a regular basis. The only concern that I have is when the immigrant workers come during the spring/summer season to pick the produce.
I've lived in this neighborhood from birth to May 2015. This is a very quiet, low crime area, where everyone usually minds their own business. This neighborhood is close to most of the restaurants and stores. One of my parents are disable and have been able to safely maneuver through the neighborhood safely. Most of the neighbors are friendly and have been living in the neighborhood for many years. This was a great place to live.
The crime rate is not good, and the feeling of protection is not any better. I think if people felt safer and more protectful, we would be better. Also with jobs, there needs to be more employment opportunities for everyone who lives here, and there needs to be more excitement for children.
It's a small town. Nothing to do, not much to see.
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I would say this place is okay only because of the amenities that it offers. As far as location, it is more than adequate but there aren't very many places to visit nor to see. Lets say you want to go catch a movie, you have to take a 45 minute drive to the nearest move theatre in an entirely different state. Bainbridge is perfect for an older family who want to enjoy a traditional country living and a slow pace yet friendly community. Nevertheless, if you are between the ages of 18-28 you probably would want to choose a more fast paced sort of living.
no mall or movie theater. bowling alley is sketch
There are a lot worse areas
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