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Brilliant Coffee, amazing beer, and the view of Lake Michigan seals the deal! The town is a peaceful pocket of the otherwise overly populated Door County in the summer times. In the Winters the ice captures the lake and the silence in the air offers that same sense of serenity.
All of these are reasons why I live here
Hard to live in the middle class but if you can carve out your niche you will never leave.
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Totally safe very little crime
lots of places to eat and drink in this tourism driven area.
Four great seasons, no floods, no tornadoes, no earthquakes, no landslides, no wild fires. Cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Your wardrobe must have layers.
this area has everything from a 50,000 sq ft mansion to $300/ mo apartments
The small year-round population hinders the viability of most chain stores here consequently the vast majority of the business in the area are locally owned and operated.
The local economy is heavily dependent on tourism, so service industry jobs are the most prevalent. the housing market is on the rebound here so jobs in the construction trades are also available.
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