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Nobody comes here as tourists because there are no attractions.
It's a good town to live in, but sometimes it can be quite boring because there is not a whole lot of exciting things going on day to day.
There really isn't any devastating weather around Iowa. Just the typical bipolar Iowa weather where it can snow one day and be 65 the next
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Employment in the area is good. Most people are employed by the college or high school, the local labs, or construction companies.
With the new companies coming to town this has also brought a variety of food establishments also. We have a good variety now to choose from.
It seems that the police don't in force traffic rules for the "rich" people in town but do for the lower class. The "rich or influential" seem to get by with certain actions that others don't.
The town has been growing with the new businesses that have come in.
The town is starting to attract better companies that provide good jobs.
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