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Baden is an extremely safe and comforting town. Great schools and communities surround the area. I would like some modernization and different attractions to come to Baden, that way there can be a greater variety of things to do.
There is little to no crime that occurs in Baden. I feel safe in my home or even walking alone outside at night.
Baden is a great small neighborhood. Although the school district it's apart of isn't so great this neighborhood is. Many of the home owners are elders or new family's with children.
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Animal friendly, most people stay a while, not many community functions
My town is mostly elderly people with a low crime rate.
I would choose to live here again
It's not the greatest. People on the road are usually careless and rude. Construction is frequent and takes forever. There is always someone getting pulled over, or an accident being cause due to reckless/drunk driving. People do not use their brains around here when driving, and that's a safety hazard for everyone.
Most people around here and the two neighboring towns are very rude and self centered. There is always problems being caused between blacks and whites. Some of the elderly are nice, and some are not. Usually everyone knows at least a couple people from family members, friends, ect. I would say most people are not happy here and are just trying to get by everyday and moving on to the next. Not a lot of us get along for various reasons. This place is full of unappreciative, rude, and snobbish people. I have very few people that I know that I can actually call "decent" people. Everyone thinks they're better than the other for usually dumb reasons. I sometimes hate living here just because of the people alone, and that's saying something.
It's a small town, so you have to go a good distance to get decent things, but you can get basic necessities right down the road(s). Restaurants and bars are sometimes dirty and not well kept depending on what part of town you go to. Only 1 retail shop and it is for bigger women. Most shops in the area have either been closed due to not having enough customers, not paying rent, or they're just run down and there hasn't been a shop there in years. Our hard wear store is one of the best in the area and our dry cleaners are up there too. Salons and nail places are average, along with almost everything else.
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