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One of the last areas to be developed. Very nice area with no city government
The citizens of this area are nice and friendly. The only thing that could make it better was if there were things for the youth to do around here.
There are alot of fast food restaurants and only a hand full of people are seen walking around to exercise.
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There's is alot of crime going on vibrantly around here, especially involving drugs. The police are always quick to respond.
This community doesn't getter together that much. Only in high school events.
It's either hot or raining. We have a few hurricanes from time to time. Shorts and t's are essential.
Many restaurants stay open late since we are near a tourist attraction. A popular restaurant is T Bone Toms . I love the sea food. Amazing variety.
The employment is very high here. The most common job is restaurant buisness.
We have a great variety of stores around here the grocery stores are decent. There are plenty of mom shops such as target and hobby lobby add well as pop sous such as home Depot. There is a store for anything you need in this area.
Trailer parks are not my favorite thing to see.
We don't have any state parks near by.
People live here because it's cheaper.
I see good restaurants towards the city of San Leon.
Bacliff is a poor town and many people don't have decent jobs.
They are okay, but I think they could be better.
Not any health and fitness centers in the area, most are a drive a way.
Live in a nice quiet neighborhood. all the neighbors each other and look out for one another.
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Mostly family owned businesses, so depends on the owners.
Nice family owned business. Friendly atmosphere.
For the most part, people who work around my neighborhood are kind and hard workers. However, there are a few rude employees here and there.
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