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Our area is small, not leaving many options for food and drinks, but those few places are great.
Many people in my area are required to work jobs that they hate simply because nothing else is available.
The businesses in this area are great, and really show that small businesses still exist today.
Review Back Creek Township
We don't have many attractions.
I don't know of any significant crime to speak of.
The weather is strange as far at temperature is concerned, it may be in the seventies today and the fifties tomorrow
This is a really small community, there is no nightlife at all.
We have a lot of factory jobs but not a lot of professional opportunities.
We don't have a lot of places to choose from.
we have some good trails/rivers
We get to experience all the seasons without extremes
great supportive community. would miss it for that
just average. some have great jobs some unemployed
I love the area, but hope to retire somewhere on the coast
I see a mix of active and inactive people. we do have a great rec center.
we mainly just have fast food with a few local owner restaurants. But for nightlife you would need to go to Asheboro or Greensboro
just average I would say, depends on the neighborhood
Review Back Creek Township
small town, we have good widewalks for walking
We have a few attractions but not a lot.
I am not concerned with safety in my area.
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