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Azusa is a city I have grown up in since i was a small child and have loved to see the positive changes it has endured. When I was younger, I feel it was much more common to witness crime, and areas that looked very poverous. Shopping centers have been remodeled to give a more modern look with Azusa Pacific University and Citrus College are nearby which brings many students to Azusa from many different parts of the world.
This is a smaller town in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but on of the most underrated college towns in the U.S! Azusa Pacific University is the spotlight of the city and contains the most genuine friendly college students. The area around the college is growing with all the newest hip places, both to eat and hang out. New housing developments against the mountain range offer amazing views that attract new buyers. Overall this is the spot to be in CA, and a great place to raise a family.
Azusa is a little nice place that is 40 minutes from LA City. It's a little less expensive for living a cost. Unfortunately, it's dusty here due to the mountain hills and very dry.
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Living in Azusa has been a good experience for me, has some nice parts of town and is not too far from much in Los Angeles.
Azusa is an up and coming city. The mayor hosts many events throughout the year. Azusa has a community college and a private University. The high school graduates get scholarships to attend either or. Some thing I would like to see change is the areas belonging to L.A. County instead of Azusa be part of Azusa so we can keep the city safe.
I love the city of Azusa. It is where I have been born and raised. The community is really trying their best to ensure that all students in the community are excelling as well as continuing to provide a safe environment for families. The local university, Azusa Pacific University, does a wonderful job at reaching out into the community and providing services to its local families.
I grew up in Azusa, so my heart will always be here. It's my home, so I may be blind to what it really is. It is becoming congested though, there are new condos and housing at every corner, which blows my mind because the city is not getting any bigger.
The city has changed for the better over the years. There are more culturally interesting things to do in Azusa than 15 years ago. Major improvements could further Azusa's future endeavors: have a public K-12 school track offering a Mandarin/English/Spanish, offer a biannual Citizens Police Academy associated with Azusa PD, encourage more diversity in local politics and board service.
It is a decent town with a fair amount of job opportunities and decent cost of living although some places can be very pricey. Mostly everyone is friendly and should have little problems with current residents. Schools are fairly good, but could always be better.
Azusa is a great city. It has everything you can look for in a small city from movies to parks and well connection with the Gold Line that can take you to further cities to explore.
I love how friendly Azusa is! I moved here as an outsider to Southern California, and was immediately welcomed into the community. I appreciate the effort this city puts into keeping itself environmentally conscious. That is a big deal to me. I am grateful that the mayor puts time and energy into knowing the people of his city.
Azusa is a city with great community. However, due to the lack of funds and safety there are many areas in which it could improve. The public schools are struggling financial causing many setbacks for the children and the school has a whole. The city has a high crime rate ranging from shootings, many robberies, reports of rape and molestation. It is not a city in which one could comfortably walk around the streets.
Its a great area to live in. Your close to everything you need schools, shops, movie theaters, and restaurants. Also your close to major freeways and the gold line has now arrived.
I moved to Azusa from Whittier when I was a young girl. I was less than thrilled to say the least. However, I've met welcoming and warm people, I'm about to graduate from what I believe to be a great high school with many opportunities that I took advantage of. I believe the Azusa lifestyle has shaped me into the person I am today, and I will always take this with me wherever I may be.
I lived in Azus a for 17 years and it still been great played baseball for my city and made plenty of friends. The people are very friendly and nice and don't have to worry about violence
Azusa is an overall okay city. Some of the neighborhoods are definitely nicer than others, but construction for shopping has picked up in recent years. The public schools are terrible, however!
Azusa is definetely a growing community. Business is coming in which is good for the community because it brings in jobs. The housing market is also booming.
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Azusa is a good city and I have been living here for 15 years. There are many places and schools to explore.
This city may not seem much, but it has many restaurants and locations to hang out, so there is enough to do. The weather is amazing and it is usually a great day to be outside. It is in just the best location because most attractions are at a fairly small distance like, Disneyland, the mountains, the beach and other places like Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags.
Azusa is a small city with people who know eachother. We have great programs but there have been many incidents with violence lately. There are a lot of gangs i think and our schools are not updated so it prevents people who live in the city from attending schools in the city.
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