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Azusa is a very friendly community. The community should spend time to clean up a bit and make things better. In the area near Azusa Pacific University it is nice and well made.
Azusa is full of surprises. By this I mean you never know what is going to happen and whether or not it's going to be a good day or a great day. Azusa is home to the mighty Aztecs of Azusa High School, someone rich and famous from Azusa High School is Lizette Salis a professional female golfer who had he chance because of the great Azusa. Azusa has many Mexican restraunts and such that keep the entire city festive. Azusa has amazing people, and beautiful women.
Azusa is a place where everybody knows everybody. Everybody gets along and growing up here has given me a lot of close friendships. Azusa has also given me the opportunity to grow as a student and athlete with its various athletic programs and great schools I was able to grow up as a student athlete. There are also great places to eat in Azusa and also there a lot of fun activities to do with friends and family. There are places like skyzone which is a trampoline park and there are dinner places like Dennys or Bambinos. Overall Azusa is a great community.
i like azusa cause it is a nice city to live in there are really cool and nice people. i have made alot of friends in this city and i really love it here. i have been raised her most of my life.
As a resident from Azusa, who has been living here for the past 17 years i can rate my overall experience in Azusa as it being decent. Although crimes have been a bit frequent i feel safe due to our police officers concerns of the community.
Azusa does not have many social places, many leave the city to find entertainment. It a good place for families because it is such a small city.
Azusa is a small city but with a very close knit community. Everyone in this small town knows each other from a work place, a meeting in a store, a school, etc. Nothing is ever overpriced and work opportunities are always available upon asking. A lot of the best food, parks, retail stores can easily be found here and many of people's favorite places reside in Azusa. The city does have a pressing issue with littering and vandalism but all around is a great tight knit city.
Azusa is a great city. There is a lot of diversity in the community. THE community members are caring and helpful.
Ive been living in Azusa since i was a child. I love it. For me its a perfect city. I love the weather and just everything about it. I live in between the schools an elementary, a middle school, and a high school. I love it because all the schools are walking distance from where i live. Azusa is an over all a perfect city for me.
Azusa Ca, is were I ever since I was 3 years old back then my parents used to lived in the bay area. But we came here because my moms family live here., I really love the fact that Azusa has grown so much over the past couple of years, new homes have been build and still are going on.
Azusa is a small town with a lot to offer. If you're not use to city lights and the sounds of hundreds of cars driving at all hours of the day and night, then you'll love Azusa. Almost everything is walking distance no matter where you live. From coffee shops to restaurants, liquor stores to grocery stores, kindergarten schools to high schools, a community college and university, all within this small town. If you're gonna travel outside the area, there's many alternatives to driving your own car. Located in downtown Azusa, is the Metro station, which travels all the way to East Los Angeles. There's also the foothill transit and many local Uber and Lyft drivers. If you like the outdoors and you like to keep yourself fit, Azusa has many parks equipped with gyms and many trails for bike riding and walking.
I like living in Azusa, California because everything is close by and I could do so many things. Some people in Azusa are very kind and some are not. However I do think Azusa could improve the education and more. But the city is very calm and quiet. The schools are close. For example, APU, elementary, high schools are close. The schools aren't that far from each other.
Azusa is an amazing, clean and enjoyable area with great restaurants, living areas and the top Christian University in the country.
ive been living here for 16 years and to be honest its pretty ghetto nothing to crazy but its also not the safest place to be at. but other than that its a pretty good place to be, small town lots of places to eat and shop and the best part is that its very close to everything for example the mountains, many malls, restaurants, and many more.
There are many things that I like about Azusa, specifically the feeling of a community. I always pass by signs for library story times, city events and ceremonies. I am not from Azusa but i definitely feel this feeling of unity and support. I appreciate the high volume of police presence, as it makes me feel very safe. The canyons are also an amazing view and are beautiful when the sun is rising in the morning. Things I wish I could see change in would be the using of crosswalks. There are crosswalks in the middle of busy intersections and if one car does not see someone walking, that person usually ends up almost being stuck by the vehicle.
There are spots in Azusa that are definitely sketchy and most people should avoid them. However, there are some small towns nearby that are fun to visit, a lot of cool coffee shops, and some amazing hole-in-the-wall Mexican food.
I just moved here a few months ago and it has been great. They have a new and up and coming downtown area with wonderful restaurants. I have a young child and we have traveled to all of the different parks and have been more than satisfied with their equipment and locations. They all have had numerous activities and lots of open grassy areas for us to enjoy. Azusa is very family oriented; the library, parks, and City Hall all provide activities and events that bring families together.
I really like the city of Azusa, there are some really nice areas to visit and enjoy with family and friends. I would like to see the city keeping the streets more clean and safer for people to drive on.
Azusa is a city where bums are pushing their valuable possessions on grocery carts, black smoke is coming out of a 1994 Cadillac, and high school students going up the canyons for a smokeout as an after school activity.
The area does seem to have a little more crime than others. In my neighborhood we have a 24hr patrol that watches and tickets cars who don't have a pass. I do feel very save in my area, the community is so large and people are always out walking their dogs or jogging. We do have night watch signs all over as well.
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