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Just recently moved to the area where they built a new subdivision, it's nice safe and kid friendly. Not very diverse as I would like it to be but maybe in the years to come that will change.
It is really an average place to live. It is not the worst, but it has its faults. There is a fair amount of things to do in Azle and whatever you are missing you can find in the next town over.
Living in Azle is a small-town-with-a-sonic kind of experience! It's loving, and home-like, and full of good people. Churches on every street and your best friend a 5 minute drive, you really can't go wrong. People range from lower to middle to upper class, and they all come to the same grocery store! You'll run into people whether you like it or not. Overall, a memorable and sweet town.
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I really Live living in Azle it is low crime and for the most part people are very friendly. I have lived here for 8 and a half years. The only place I would not recommend for residency are the Azlewood apartments the rent is high and you pay all the utilities also it takes forever and a day to get anything fixed.
Nice, quiet neighborhoods. Decent schools, 3 major grocery stores including Walmart. Low crime rate. Not very welcoming, suspicious of strangers.
Azle is a wonderful, small city where everyone knows everyone. We have wonderful schools in which the teachers have an opportunity to truly connect with their students. We also have different martial arts schools in our town so that there is an er a shortage of things to do when school is out. Azle is an amazing place.
This was a small quiet town when I settled here almost 20 years ago. Today, Azle has exploded with growth. Several new home developments have popped up in what used to be rural farm fields. The businesses are growing so fast it's hard to keep up. The citizens of Azle have responded well though, in my opinion. My children attend the one Blue Ribbon Award school in the entire area. Azle is definitely a nice place to live.
Its a great town! I live in the near by town that doesn't have a wal-mart so I go to Azle to do my shopping. The people are friendly, its in a good location(close enough to Fort Worth but not too close) the only downside is theres not much to do for fun. it would be nice if they had a place for families to go to have fun other than the park.
Quiet and friendly place to live.
The town is located with convenient proximity to Fort Worth. It has a great school district and many churches of different denominations. I like the small-town feel, but there is not much to do in Azle. Unfortunately, there are high rates of drug/alcohol use and teen pregnancy.
Nothing Exists like that here
It is a very nice place
Texas does not have 4 seasons
Love where I live_close to the lake, the park, and the city life!
Its okay but usually have to travel 20 minutes for the best choices in retail/automotive.
This is a rural area but easily accessible to the DFW area which has many opportunities for jobs.
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