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Family friendly, small local shops. Easy to get in and out of neighborhoods. Close to local highway. Many local restaurants. Great schools.
I would like to see safer streets. Cars drive recklessly with many kids on the sidewalks and crossing. The schools have a high drop out rate and need more programs to encourage kids to go to college and tech programs.
I moved to Azalea Park a year ago and what I like the most is how quiet and safe the neighborhood feels. I grew up in the country and this is the first big city I've ever lived in. The best part is that when you leave the neighborhood you are less than 5 mins from anything you could want or need. Where I grew up the grocery store was thirty minute drive. The neighbors are friendly. There is a real sense of community here.
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It is a safe place..
Excellent experience in the new neighborhood.
It is unsafe, but most neighborhoods are. However my neighbor's garage did get pilfered. My family is very vigilant and are careful about who we invite in so we don't have any problems, but the area does have a risky aura about it. You get the sense you shouldn't be out walking alone, but i'd be more afraid of loose dogs than any other danger. The police are very responsive however, and we even have a security car that drives around to check any suspicious activity.
I would not hang out in my neighborhood because there are loose pit bulls and i think one of the houses on the street sells drugs, but the court i live in is pretty safe because the neighbors know each other. It's safe to hang out in the court and in our front yard. The atmosphere is friendly but it's quiet and people keep to themselves. Other areas seem either more hectic with colder atmospheres so I can't complain. The status of people in the neighborhood vary, though all the houses appear to be middle homes. There are neighborhood parties and it's a pleasant enough atmosphere for comfort.
It's about as safe as an other area.
I used to live here a while back and it was dedicatedly not as good as it is now. Over the years it has improved a lot and is a pretty relaxed area.
I have not experienced any crime in my area thus far. I accidentally left my car doors unlocked one weekend while out of town, and when I returned, my car was in the exact same condition with no one noticing the car was unlocked.
Due to the attractions in the area, Orlando will always be heavily populated.
My life style is basically living in a lower middle class, Hispanic neighborhood. With the basic lifestyle needed. The houses are small so it can be pretty difficult to make space, especially if you have a family of five in your house. The people are generally friendly. It's a community of mostly retired old men living in Florida for it's easy life style, because it doesn't get freezing cold in Florida. Things get bad when construction occurs because the roads are always blocked and detours can take up a lot of tome when you are already in a rush to go somewhere. Not to mention that trafic is common since the roads are narrow here in Florida.
they look good, it's not a bad area
it is okay but the streets and principal avenues needed to look more clean
Orlando area is not that safe anymore
Florida weather is amazingly good. Sunny days, it rains frequently though. Generally, the weather is perfect and weather issues is not a big problem.
employment is not good at all in this area. it's very hard to find a job
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drinks are okay, food is a little better. the happy hours needs to have more options.
Business are great in this area. You will be able to find almost everything you need, customer service is excellent as well. The places look very clean and they employees will do everything in order to satisfy their clients and their orders.
There are a lot of fast food options and some good restaurants close by.
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