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I don't live close enough to the middle of town so I don't see what the police do when bad things happen. My neighborhood is very secluded and somewhat boring so we never really have a need for the police. From what I've heard they are very quick with responding to calls but I don't see them all that much when I drive around.
I've lived in this town since I was seven and it is home to me, but it's not where I want to be in my adult life. I think it's an amazing place to raise a family and build connections with the people around you. That's not what I want as I get older. I don't this place going forward as most people living here have their whole lives and don't want anything to change. It's an old fashioned place with not want advances happening. We had a Wal-Mart Express for about a year before it went 'out of business'. I'd like to be somewhere that always has something going on and new exciting things to try. That place is not here even though here has its up sides.
Most people in the area have their own cars.
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The biggest attractions are several miles away. The river waterfronts are 30-45 miles away, and the Atlantic Ocean is a little farther. The festivals are mainly for local people to enjoy, as they don't really attract tourists.
We really experience all four seasons here. We occasionally have snow in winter, the summers are very hot and humid, the fall leaves are gorgeous, as well as the spring flowers.
There are lots of great eastern NC BBQ restaurants in the area. There are some great steak houses as well. I am not a "bar-hopper" so I cannot really answer that one.
ECU provides many job opportunities, as well as Greenville Utilities, FedEx and UPS. There are local businesses also, such as Roberts Welding and Coastal Industrial Services.
We have several local businesses in the Pitt County area. From dry cleaners to hardware stores to pet stores to restaurants to boutiques, the Pitt County area serves residents very well.
Hot summers and cold winters! The spring and fall are a mix of super hot days and snow days. Ayden takes great precaution with all forms of weather. I always have a bathing suit and rain boots!
We have exercise options and our schools encourage good health constantly. Many of our locals are older people and small children so the overall health varies.
The only store we do not have is a department store!
In town has beautiful historic houses while outside town has apartments, subdivisions and country houses.
Our police/firefighters are the best in our county. Our mayor and committee are caring people and help their townspeople.
The down to earth atmosphere here is a great place to raise families, but doesn't have many opportunities for college age people. This town is safe, and cozy.
We don't do much unless it involves one of our schools or our annual festival.
The highways could use a little TLC.
There's a "bad" area of town, but the police force keep it on that side of town.
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The community isn't religiously open minded, but most people are respectful of differences.
It works for a rural town.
Everyone is very friendly to each other and helps anyone if they need help.
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