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Most of the houses are really nice and the prices continue to rise so it's hard for some people to continue living here. Some neighborhoods all the houses look the same and are right next to each other, but other neighborhoods are very nice and portray individuality. There aren't many, if any, abandoned buildings and there isn't technically a "bad area".
Grayslake has a very reliable police department. I feel very safe in this town because not a lot of bad things happen here. My neighbors house had gotten broken into the other day and police responded right away and were able to catch him. Every town will have some sort of crime, and Grayslake has had very limited crime. A lot of it is just bored teenagers trying to find something to do. But when something is serious, police are on top of it.
This is a great place for young parents to begin their family. Being a teenager here who craves being in a big city, you can get a little antsy here because it is a very family oriented place so there isn't much to do for teenagers. I have loved growing up here because it is a very safe environment, the schools are good, and the town is close to other towns and close to Chicago. This town will continue growing and business will continue to grow as well. My dad grew up in this town and it has grown exponentially since he was little. I feel it will continue to improve, but I plan on moving out as soon as I can to experience something bigger.
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This community is still developing and the construction of homes and the local area is a little burdensome. Also, homes are always being built.
There are a lot of community events like fireworks and carnivals and stuff like that. Things like town hall meetings or county meetings aren't well advertised.
More can be done to monitor crime in our area. A police drive by in neighborhoods would be beneficial.
I think after college, I might consider moving back to this town. It seems like a lot of potential to grow and jobs to get.
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