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I chose to live in Avon Park because of it's Rural location. It is an easy laid back place to live. I wish there were more jobs, but when you choose a place like this it is expected.
Closer to my family increase job opportunity decrease racism. Better paying jobs. More family oriented High graduation rate in schools more manufacturing jobs.Higher job market. More Christians. More friendlier people my grocery stores. A bigger Mall Male clothing stores. More restaurants more entertainment. Better schools
A very little sleepy town. Mostly rural, so vey quiet. Not much education , or job opportunities. You have to travel at least 30 minutes, to have something entertaining to do.
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I like how it is extremely family friendly. The people here are nice. However, it's not much to offer here. There are schools and things of that nature but I feel the community should have more things for the young adults.
Avon Park is a retirement community with a lot of younger folk living there. Its not a place to raise children as there is nothing for children to do. The community does not support the local kids at all. The jobs are not well paying at all. The county should do more for the younger folks of its community and support the sports teams. These extracurricular activities keeps kids off the streets and in positive activities.
There are many places to dine, a few playgrounds, two or three gyms in and around the town, a couple of lakes to visit, a performing arts theater at the local college, and two malls directly north and south of town. Most people are pleasant. There isn't much to do during the evenings or weekends - you have to drive to the town directly north or south for any kind of nightlife, and even then you're limited. I feel safe living here, and I enjoy having a low population. I would like to have areas to hike or trails to walk. I also think it would be nice to have more community activities.
Avon Park is a friendly community in the central part of Florida. Located in Highlands County , Avon Park is diverse in religion , race , ethnicity , and age . From young people looking to escape the fast paced city life to the elderly that want a peaceful location to enjoy their retired years.
We do not have a high crime rate.
I would choose to live here again.
Crime is little to none in mu neighbor street.
My area is a small rural are very peaceful and tranqul.
When you call any emergency contact they do tend to respond as quickly as possible, i guess its due to so many injuries that the elders usually get on a regular basis.
This town is mainly for retired elderly people and snow birds from upstate. However if enough people try this town has enough potential to become urbanized with the changing times.
I love this area , I've been here all my life.
There isn't much crime here.
I moved here to be close to family. I find this area has everything I need right here.
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