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I have lived in Avon my entire life. It has a great school system and a sense of community. As it is growing, getting around during rush hour can be a little stressful. There's many new businesses and fun activities to do. Love this city.
Overall, I love living in Avon. Everyone is super close and it is a great neighborhood to live in. The schools are fantastic, and I received a great education.
Avon is a West-Side suburb of Cleveland that is undergoing a period of rapid growth. The city boasts most of the amenities that families could want in terms of shopping and restaurants. The local school system features strong academics and athletics. Avon's unchecked residential and commercial expansion could prove to be a negative, as traffic is already quite bad. Diversity is almost nonexistent.
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Avon is constantly growing and maintaining the lovely town. The residents are kind and very supportive for the community.
Avon is home to good schools and safe neighborhoods. However, it is extremely lacking in diversity. Youth sports programs are available but could use improvements in organization and coaching. Many residents are commuters to downtown Cleveland. The distance from the city and the lake is good, but the traffic getting on the highway is very congested, especially with new stores opening near the entrance ramp.
I have lived in Avon my whole life and have always enjoyed living here. There is a great sense of community and it is a place where everyone knows each other. Avon is a safe town that offers different experiences and events to all residents. It is very diverse in culture and people. Avon is a great place to live and I have always enjoyed my time spent here.
I absolutely love Avon. I moved here when I was 5 years old. I remember being nervous for the move, but now I would not change anything in the world to be living in Avon. The community always comes together and it is awesome to see how everyone supports each other. I am so happy that I am able to be in a great school system as well.
I have grown up here, the city is full of nice people and there is much to do in it for all sorts of ages.
It grew immensely from the time I moved there to now (over 20 years). There are so many shops, neighborhoods, activities, and various types of people. It’s very different than its old rural background.
Very friendly and safe community. However there is a lot of traffic and not much to do. Also, there is a great school system.
Avon is an excellent access point to downtown Cleveland, but also has great community resources. The schools are great, and there's plenty of diversity of age. It is increasingly commercial, so there are more shopping and job opportunities in the community, but some parts still have a rural feel.
I like that Avon has a good balance of shopping and housing. It has enough shopping within 15minutes, but there are still nice areas to walk your dog. The people are kind, and the sports teams are good.
I have been living in Avon since I was a year old, and I am so grateful to have been raised in such a wonderful community. The Avon Local Schools system has great rankings, and I have had the privilege of learning from amazing, dedicated teachers. Additionally, the local library always has fun activities for children, along with great volunteering opportunities for high school students.
Avon has changed my life. Their is such a strong sense of community. My neighbors have become my best friends and have helped me grow into the strong high school student I am today. Avon has extremely clean facilities. The city's public school is beautiful and the track, baseball and football fields, and tennis courts are just as nice. Avon is extremely safe. I know I am always protected in this city because everywhere I turn, there is a police car, ambulance, or even hospital in case of an emergency. Restaurants, grocery stores, nail salons, studios, hair salons, and other boutiques and clothing stores are on every corner. There is never a dull moment in Avon. With the city pool, neighborhood pools, parks, baseball and soccer fields, hiking trails and playgrounds, there is always something to look forward to.
Everyone's super friendly in this tight-knit community. The public school is phenomenal and the town doesn't stop growing.
Avon is a wonderful city to live in that is filled with many great opportunities and new experiences for people of all ages. It is a very family friendly town that is slowly being built up and renovated. It has a brand new swimming pool and many different shopping centers and family owned restaurants. Overall, Avon is the perfect city for anyone to live in because it has many different forms of entertainment that will satisfy all kinds of personalities and preferences.
I have lived in Avon my entire life and I enjoy it for the most part but I am ready to leave. I am a senior in high school by the way so that may change the perspective on my review. Avon is super family friendly and safe, but there aren't a ton of things to do especially at night. There is shopping and lots of pizza and ice cream places here. Also a decent amount of fast food restaurants. We also neighbor lots of good communities.
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Avon is an expansive and active community with many amenities. Shopping is located in the center of the city, surrounded mainly by large neighborhoods. There are several large parks that offer every manner of recreation, from basketball to fishing. There is also a large, brand new public pool in the center of town. There are a lot of kids and it is a very family-friendly community. It is also a safe community with an excellent police department. Overall a great place to live with a diverse selection of businesses and companies to work for.
Avon used to be farm country according to my Mom, we bought a house here twenty years ago right before the big housing boom. What I like about Avon is Avon Little League. I played there from age 5-12 years old. Its really brings the community together and I met lots of friends in Little League. I also like my Church, Holy Trinity and all the friends I made there. Avon is getting a lot of retail stores and its nice to be able to go shopping up in town. Its quiet where we live which is nice and then if you want restaurants and shopping you go up town.
I have lived here all my life and I couldn't be prouder to call this place my home. I will always be invited to come back and visit. The town is really nice and is filled with people who are always willing to help.
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