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Avon Lake is an alright city. I graduated under an amazing staff (except the principle, they were a nightmare), partook in the marching band, and held a few jobs here. The people are generally pretty nice, with the exception of the rich snobs you get once in a while.
I grew up in Avon Lake and I moved away to go to college. The best things about Avon Lake are the school system, the library, and the Lake. Avon Lake has the best schools in Ohio and are top rated. I went through those schools and they prepared me really well for college. The library is filled with so many great books and they keep up with all the latest movies and books. It's also a really kid friendly place (I worked at the library as a student page so that might be why I'm biased). The Lake is always a great place to visit, especially during the summer. If you find the right "beach" area you can see Cleveland from it and that's a really cool view. The disadvantages of Avon Lake are that not much happens in Avon Lake, since it is a small town. Also there isn't much of a nightlife and very little diversity.
Avon Lake is a wonderful place to live. The school system is amazing. The city has won a Tree City title in the past. Close to Downtown Cleveland, and easy to access all the sports venues in minutes, including the winning Cleveland Cavaliers. Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Avon Lake is an idyllic place to live and raise a family. With many different housing options. From huge palatial homes on the lake to affordable homes, apartments and condominiums. Avon Lake is also in Lorain County and therefore, the cost of living is a big selling point. Avon Lake is the choice suburb on Cleveland's westside.
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There is hardly ever anything crime related happening in Avon Lake. It's a more affluent community in a wealthier are of the suburbs of Cleveland and doesn't see much crime at all.
Avon Lake, Ohio is a very modern suburban town. It is very pleasant and quiet with almost no crime at all. The city's public schools are top in the state and the overall quality of life is very admirable. The only downsides to this city is that it is predominantly white. Also, there isn't much to do in the city itself but the neighboring cities host lots of entertainment. Downtown Cleveland is also a 20 minute drive making the city very reachable.
I haven't personally had any issues with crime, robbery, vandalism, or any other safety issues. The police mist being doing their jobs.
The weather is not very consistent and the summers keep getting hotter and more humid. Area is getting more crowded. Good distance to businesses and entertainment.
Overall housing in the area is awesome
People are friendly, the environment is always fun.
Overall I feel safe anywhere in the city.
The schools are fantastic, overall area is great!
This is a great area to live in. Very kid friendly area. Could use more events targeted towards young families. I would like to see more businesses come to our town and stop leaving.
It's a great area to live in. The school system is excellent and the town and it's neighboring towns are expanding
This area is for the higher income families. Homes in the this area average about two hundred thousand dollars. Not many abandoned properties are in this area. The closer you get to the city the more you have vacant homes.
We do have very nice Metropolitan Parks. There are plenty of places to picnic, bicycling, rollerblading, etc. In the winter we have a place called Brandy Wine for skiers which is very popular. Also a place called Boston Mills which is rich in winter activities.
The weather in Ohio is unpredictable. We have the four seasons but during some of those seasons the weather can get pretty rough. People usually say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". The winters are usually extremely cold and a lot of snow. Springtime in Ohio can be beautiful but usually very rainy. The southern part of Ohio usually has a much larger threat of tornadic weather. I think where I live, Lake Erie protects us from that. Summer time is usually humid and very warm. Sometimes drought is an issue, but that hasn't been the case for the last few years. Fall in Ohio is my favorite time of year. Leaves changing, cool crisp nights, seems like the air is cleaner. I like to call this "sweatshirt" weather. Hoodies are essential for the Ohioan closet.
Avon Lake rarely has crime. Any crime that happens is usually teenagers trying to steal candy from the drug store. The police do a good job keeping our town safe. They are always out driving down the streets making sure everything is okay.
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Although there are rarely any natural disasters, Avon Lake has all four season. Summer is the best time since the city is on the lake with great beaches to enjoy. The fall is always chilly with great weather that is perfect for campfires and football games. Winter is the worst. It brings horrible blizzards and snow storms causing everyone to be trapped inside. Spring takes awhile to arrive but once it is here (usually in April) 50 degree weather seems like summer weather.
Buffalo Wild Wings is the restaurant in Avon Lake that everyone goes to. Everyone goes there to get great good and service. There is a lot of bar food places, a couple Chinese restaurants, and fast food.
Avon Lake has the Ford factory. The factory provides many jobs with good salaries. There are many restaurants that are always looking for more employees. Most employees around Avon Lake are younger since the companies are small self owned buisnesses and restaurants.
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