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Avon is a very close community of people who work together to make it a better place. I love how great the school systems are, there are very nice parks, and many options for restaurants. If I had to change anything, I'd want to add a shopping mall, because the nearest mall is in Plainfield, and it'd be nice to have our own.
We have lived in Avon for 16 years. It is conveniently located to Indianapolis, but over time it has grown from a town to a "big city".
I have lived all over Hendricks County, but by far my favorite place is Avon. I swam on the local swim team and loved every minute of the experience. The town of Avon has a lot to offer job, and shopping wise. Great food locations and the town of Avon has done a great job of taking care of our roads.
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Avon is a great community. There are many public schools, grades K-12. There are many churches around to get involved with. Very friendly people. There are lots of eating choices, and Avon is adding more family owned businesses and unique restaurants rather than more local chains, which I enjoy. There are a couple great parks to check out in town that are pretty quiet with beautiful trails. Great PD and emergency personnel to keep the town safe. Overall a great community to live in.
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I love that there is some many shops there in Avon and the fact that it's so close to my work. It's clean and the cops are so very nice. I don't have children yet so I do not know what he school is like yet. I can see myself staying in Avon and raising a family here.
I just recently moved to Avon 1 yr ago, we just purchased a home and we love the area. They have excellent schools with a challenging academic curriculum. The neighborhoods are peaceful and quite. The only downfall is the traffic can get very heavy because US HWY 36 is the main commuting road in Avon. If you like peace and less of a big city atmosphere I would definitely recommended looking it the area!!
Avon is a great town to live in, and I've been there for the past 18 years. The local demographics are well mixed and mostly middle class living in subdivisions. While I personally prefer the farmland and forests to subdivisions, the proximity to Plainfield to the South offers easy access to over 20 miles of paths to bike, jog, etc. The government in Avon hasn't done much in the public works sector, but the town does have a couple nice parks. There's plenty of restaurants and shopping available in town.
Avon is a very nice suburb. Personally I call this place home, it's close enough to the city to stay connected but far enough away to have that small town feel. I would like to see Avon grow with small businesses and expanding it's main street. Right now, Avon's hottest places to go is right down one street and the street neglects to show any scenic views. Many visitors just drive right through without really seeing the Avon I grew up with. Avon's history gets lost in the highway and I would like to see it be incorporated more.
I like the mix of small town and big city that one can find in Avon. Being just west of Indianapolis, I can drive 20 minutes and be in the middle of an apple orchard or drive 20 minutes the opposite direction and be in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. As opposed to the other suburbs that surround Indy, Avon is used to seeing people flowing both ways, and has less of a small town vibe than any of the towns a little further west.
Avon is beautiful and full of life. There is lots to do and participate in, in the community. There is so much friendliness and sense of community.
I just moved to this town nine months ago due to my husbands military transfer to the area. Everyone so far has seemed very nice and friendly. What I would like to see more of is things to do. There are plenty of restaurants to eat at and places to go shopping, but for actual activities there is not, at least not that I have seen. If there are things to do, then they are not very well advertised. From what I have heard, the schools rank very high and Avon is the place to be if your child has an interest in the music department. Overall I really like the town and its surrounding area. We have even put Avon as a place to consider buying a house and starting a family in once my husbands Military career is over.
This is a great diverse area to raise a family being that I have bi-racial children. Also good school systems and recreational activities year around.
Avon has grown so much in just the last few years that it amazes me to think back about my childhood. I didn't go to school here, but my father and step mother have lived here for over 15 years. I went to church here, I had several friends from youth group who went to school here, and about seventy-five percent of family lives here still! Avon has so much to offer, anywhere from jobs, schools, restaurants and more! You need groceries? There is 4 different stores for you to choose from. Want to spend the day outside? There are two parks with trails, one with a splash pad for those hot summer days, and a doggy park for those who need a large area for their furry kids to run! Being able to live and work in this community is such a privilege. To me, Avon is the heart of Hendricks County and I'm proud to be able to call it home!
We have lived in Avon for over 13 years. This is a great community to live in and the schools are outstanding.
We've had a few break-ins in the Walmart parking lot. Overall, this area is relatively crime free and safe.
This area is great, I would pick to live here again. The school system is great, there are many jobs and businesses around, and it's close enough to downtown but not too close.
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I do not hear or see anything bad going on.
I enjoy this area. I think it is becoming something great.
Beside the lack of very much local restaurants, it's a great place to live.
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