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Avon has been a wonderful place to grow up. The entire school system is filled with excellent teachers, exceptional leadership faculty and support staff who always support students in all we do. Students are encouraged to participate in internships to help students discover areas of interest, and areas of future study. Local service agencies welcome students to volunteer and learn about the importance of civic involvement and contributions to help our community. I would highly recommend Avon to families searching for a place to raise their children.
The schools in Avon are decent, but the type of people that you get in that town are deplorable. There is so much emphasis and pressure put on students to go to a school simply for the name, not even considering the cost is completely backward. Students that stray from the STEM path, are not supported and are looked down as students that just haven't found their way yet. However, if you can resist the negativity and force yourself to stay positive, and look for opportunities and motivate yourself, you will come out on top.
Avon is a great little town, with excellent schools, parks, and recreation. I have lived here most of my life and have cherished the fact that I grew up in such a great and supportive town.
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There is a lot to do in Avon and there are also many different things to do that are in good driving distance.
In Avon, there are very good schools, and active people. It is mostly middle class and rich people. There are great local restaurants. There is also a lot of trails and some mountains. Not much to do besides movies, shopling, and going out to eat though.
Avon is an affluent town with a great school system. Low crime and a pretty suburban setting, the downside is higher property taxes. It has easy access to major highways and many folks commute to work. The public library is wonderful and there are many walking trails. A great place to raise a family, but not the most affordable place to retire to. Avon lacks a distinct town center like adjacent towns Simsbury and Collinsville and is not as walkable given the lack of sidewalks.
Quiet and peaceful, but not very lively. There could be more of a walkable center, but the center is more of a strip, so that is difficult and not very walkable. Nice rails to trails in town. Schools are good, but overrated. Not enough housing diversity or variety. Families seem to be attracted to the town, but it is very pricey.
Beautiful, upper-class, New England town. Pros: great schools, beautiful scenery, safe, and quiet. Cons: have to drive everywhere, little economic diversity, not as convenient as some other suburbs to Hartford.
In addition to Connecticut, I've lived in Maryland and North Carolina. I've found both those places to be warmer than CT in more ways than one! Residents here tend to be more curt, less diverse, less friendly. Cost of living and income are higher. Not much for teenagers to do around here. You can go to the next town for a movie or something. The trees are gorgeous, though.
The immediate area is very safe, but surrounding cities have known crime. There is some concern of crime closer to those urban areas.
Avon is extremely safe and clean.
Avon, CT is an amazing place to grow up and raise your children. It's a medium sized suburban town with excellent schools and amazing things to do. There are endless shops and restaurants, and many places to play sports and enjoy nature.
Due to increase in taxes you will find more homes going up for sale. Home are not selling quickly. The avg. home is roughly $350,000. Very low crime rate.
A few pet parks, town community activities that gets everyone out
Area is nice, If you like the outdoors there is plenty to do. Plenty of trails for outdoor activities. Nice little coffee shops. Not much in a way for teens.
Living in Avon, CT is great because it is a very friendly town. People who live here like living here, and are typically very nice to people they see. you can always go to a store or walk down the street and guarantee that you will have at least one person saying hello to you. It is kind of expensive to live here, however it is defiantly worth it. Compared to a lot of other places to live, this town is probably better. A lot of towns and cities struggle with criminal activity. However in Avon there is very rarely ever an arrest made. The biggest crime that usually would happen is a traffic ticket. People don't typically get robbed or hurt.
The area is very spread out and not socially encouraging. Thus causing many people within the area to spend their free time with their own family in their houses instead of out and about.
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This is a beautiful place to live and grow up; the residents are friendly and I am glad to have them as my neighbors. It is not always the most exciting place to live, but I would live here again if given the opportunity. I had a great educational experience and am proud to have grown up in the area.
Avon is a beautiful town with a strong sense of community. Its school system is remarkable and one of the best in the state. There is very, very little crime and each resident can feel safe in their home at night. There is beautiful wildlife in the area and it's common to see bears and beautiful birds. Avon is truly the place to live for families who wish to prosper.
There are plenty of places to eat, however many people go to the next two towns over for night life.
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