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its average but its home
we talk to our neighbors
There are a lot of frequent police visits during the year.
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Its a great area to live in and it is affordable.
There is no "La Puente Police Department", but there is a Sheriff's Station that is quick to respond. Crime isn't too common, but there is the occasional violent encounter with law enforcement and parties are often shut down.
It would be a great community if there where government involvement. There are parts of La Puente that are ignored and are considered "unincorperated" areas and there is an extreme isolation, which is not bad at times because we aren't pestered with "community events", but at the same time our opinions and concerns aren't voiced.
Not much crime goes on. Crime rate here has dropped significantly over the past 10 years
It is a quiet neighborhood.It was bad in the past, but things have improved so much over the past ten years.
La Puente is a beautiful city to live in , the area im located in is called Avocado Heights and its awesome.
There are no dancing/clubs within 8 miles. However there are trashy topless bars about 1 mile away. We need more restaurants and bars.
Rent is very high from what I hear in the open complex near my house. The closest grocery store is about 10-15 minutes away. The one that was walking distance went out of business due to high rent. There are a few mom and pop stores walking distance but just like a liquor store, jack in the box, donut shop, nail salon, laundrymat. There are no restaurants within walking distance. The majority of "life" is located about 6 miles away.
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