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Safety is one of my biggest concerns. There are so many young children in this community and they should all feel safe in their town.
I love the town in which I currently live in, but the crime statistics are getting higher and higher each year.
If one day I have to chose to live here again or in another place I would chose here because the are is very calm you can live in plenty serenity .
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Many of the residents here have lived in the area for 20+ years and have had children who have also settled down here and its a close community, when families are in need they do come together to help in any way possible, there are many community events held here thru out the year, and are attend by a big crown all the time
The crime and safety of this area is in my opinion great. our police department is new and the police officers are very attentive to their work and very responsive to calls. They may seem and look very intimidating but they are probably the nicest police officers, they get along with just about everyone in town. Crime here is very little, in the past year we have two homosides occur, the first in many many years actually. the police department were very on the case and were there for the families
this town is very small about fifty thousand residents, the majority of those residents being from the local state prison lated about 2 miles south of town. The town has an abundant amount of residents who generally know one another and care about one another. everyone for the most part is very friendly and we really ever have an crime within the town. I grew up here and i think being raised here made me into a very humble person because even tho we are such a small town, it makes one value what they have and appreciate what one has, the majority of the town is hispanic and do work in labor jobs so we know what sacrifices are made to have what we do have now. The town has local events held throuhght the year, some being like the day of the family where local restaurants and stores gather in the park and set up little booths of food or have activities and life here is calm and slow, i would defiantly come back if i ever did have to move.
I generally don't like the idea of being stuck in a small town. There is nothing to do and no adventure in the area, nor do the people seem excited to live here. We have high gang activity, which seems to make the environment feel worse and I prefer to move out of the area.
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