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I love Austin! Great place with a mixture of city life and outdoor activities. Beautiful scenery and friendly people.
Hands down my favorite city in Texas. I have been living here for a year now and loved every second of it.
I really enjoy living in Austin. It is such a cool city with so much to do: there is plenty of live music, hiking, climbing, art, and more. It is a growing city with new people every day. It is a very diverse city and there is so much to do.
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Austin is absolutely beautiful any time of year and a perfect destination for people who love adventure. The city has warm weather nearly year-round, making recreational activities a favorite pastime for residents. On hot days people will cool off by kayaking on the river, or they’ll take their boat to the lakes nearby. This is just one reason why it has become one of the most beautiful places for open-water swimming. But this is just one reason why people love Texas’ capital.This is, after all, the “Live Music Capital of the World.” You will have the difficult task of choosing where to party among the nearly 200 venues that offer rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop, punk or Latino shows every night. You may want to visit The Broken Spoke, which is known as “the last true Texas dance hall.” It features great country acts; guests can learn the Texas Two-Step.
Great food great music horrible traffic crazy drivers great people very safe lots of hospitals and schools
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Austin has a lot of character in the community and overall you can get along with residents of the community as well. Austin always presents bunch of activities for their residents and it's easy to find your group in this community.
Living in Austin Texas has giving me opportunities to visit its incredible places. There are many state parks to visit and many universities that give us, student, many choices. This state is huge compare to other but that because it contains many different sites that one can go to. Texas- particularly Austin- has become a more technology based city that has allow many big companies like Google and Facebook to establish their own buildings in the city opening new job opportunities. The computer science major has become of huge importance since all the new companies establish here are in need of people who have studied this major in particular. Living in Austin Texas is amazing compared to other states since summer time can be spent more because of its climate. Overall Texas is a perfect state to live in.
If you're social and don't mind traffic, Austin is the place for you. The people are some of the nicest I've met. It's a really social and artistic place, and there are always events to reflect that. Nightlife is a huge thing, especially downtown. There's an amazing amount of live music anywhere you go. It is very liberal in terms of politics, which is a bit funny considering it's in Texas. As I describe it, it's the California of Texas. However, it is more expensive to live here. Because of that, there is a homelessness problem.
I love how much there is to do in Austin. From the lakes, to the trails, to the famous local restaurants. What I love most is how much I walk to my destinations. Traffic is chaotic, so it's the most efficient way to get around. It has the big city aspect mixed with a small town and historic appeal. Walking downtown gives a NYC vibe but walk just a few streets over and you hit old fashioned honkey tonk bars and vintage western shops. Live music and local artisans sprinkle the streets and everyone is simply being exactly who they want to be. There is something for everyone.
As an Austinite my whole life, living here has been wonderful, with its ups and downs. The traffic can be pretty bad on morning commute and from 4-7pm Monday to Friday, especially on Mopac despite the new TxTag highway built. However, there are wonderful schools and communities that are here. There are many safe neighborhoods and great restaurants too. There were times where I was a victim of racism several times in my own neighborhood and the local grocery, but that can happen anywhere. There are many job opportunities, and the night life is great as well.
Born and raised in Austin. The traffic is increasingly terrible as more people move here. Austin has become a big city, so expect big-city issues. There are a lot of job opportunities, but cost of living has increased a lot. Downtown Austin is very liberal, trendy, and youthful. Tons of events going on all around the town. We host famous festivals like ACL Fest, SXSW, Austin Film Fest, etc. We have a mixed bag of great and underperforming public schools. Lots of good opportunities for higher education at the University of Texas and Austin Community College.

I'm not going to lie, a lot of Austin natives are tired of people moving to Austin because the old Austin personality has almost completely disappeared. Austin feels more like an LA-New York love child now rather than the capital of Texas. However, if you do decide to move here, there is a place for everyone in this diverse town.
I've lived most of my life in Austin. I was born here and have loved seeing it grow along with me, though many things have stayed the same. The city's still vibrant and fun to explore, with a mix of cultures I haven't seen anywhere else. Full of great food and friendly people I wouldn't want it any other way. The only main difference is the height of the buildings, it's still beautiful, maybe even prettier than it was when I was born. My favorite memories of childhood will always be what's exclusive to the city I love, like the Congress Avenue bridge's hordes of bats and Zilker park's now-defunct Zilker Zephyr.
I like that the city seems so diverse politically and socially compared to the rest of the Texas. I've lived here my whole life and this is one of the only places I've felt like living. There are still improvements that could be made, though. The city is starting to sprawl and the commute is only getting worse. I'd like to see that improve.
Lots of parks for exercise, child-safe playgrounds, and running with your dogs. Plenty of concerts and food truck events, great public libraries and lots of museums.
Austin is an inclusive city with a diverse population of people ready to party and ready to work hard.
Austin is a great place if you like a smaller California but its to compact and the people here are some of the weirdest of the bunch. the food here is great but again the people are not!
Austin has jobs and affordable housing. But if you want to keep your blood pressure low, I would recommend not to move to Austin. There is no public transport system in the metro area, and I don't think there is any plan over it as well. Roads are very limited, so no alternatives to take during busy hours. If you need to work Austin, I would not recommend. But if your work in the suburbs and no need to commute to Austin city, I would recommend moving to the area.
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I'm 17 years old, and was born and rasied in Austin. The culture here is so friendly, safe, and interesting! We have a super diverse and active music scene, and with UT Austin there's lots of resources for theatre, sports, research, and education. Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake provide EXCELLENT places for dogs and kids to play. We're also very accepting towards different identities (a good amount of rainbow flags flying downtown!)
But Austin isn't perfect. Our civil engineering team isn't...spectacular, and it causes a lot of traffic. It's also very hot. Personally, I don't mind this, but for those with asthma or skin sensitivites (or any other medical condition affected by heat) it can really influence their ability to live healthily. The winters get super duper cold, though, so it's not just hot year-round.
All-in-all, I highly recommend Austin as both a place to visit and a place to live!
This is the most fun city to live in. A perfect blend of many styles. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
Overall the city is great. There are a lot of activities for varying ages and at varying price points. The city has lost some of its charm due to massive new buildings being built to keep up with the increasing population.
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