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Austin is a friendly, naturistic city. It has the Colorado River you can paddle board, kayak, and row on. Tons of parks, and outdoor activities. Zilker Park is pretty massive downtown Austin that always has a friendly pup playing ball. As it’s an off leash area if you have any dogs. Austin is the live music capital of the world, so if you love live music, this is a great place to be.
I have lived in Austin all my life. I love the diversity, culture and of course the music. What I don't love, however, is the traffic. Because there are so many people in Austin, the roads are often filled.
Great downtown area. Lots of places and events to visit. Wish there was more being done for the environment, there's a lot of litter! Other than that, love the nature. Overall, a diverse and busy community.
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BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Always so many fun things to do and such a dog friendly city!!!
The main thing I like about Austin is the many entertainment options available near me. I love that there is a bike trail near me and I don't have to make the drive to Zilker Park.
Austin is a very eccentric town with many new and upcoming things. I lived there for 12 years and grew up in the suburbs. It has good jobs for IT, or techies especially since the new Google building will be there. There is a lot to do outside and for fitness. Austin was really great before 2013, but ever since all of the Californians began to move there is when there started to be more traffic, forced liberal agendas (if that matters to you), higher rent/mortgage, more crime, and more LA vibe rather than Austin vibe. The keep Austin weird vibe slowly left after the people from Cali started to move here, however you can find remnants of it. If you like LA culture move to Austin, because when I left it started to become a smaller and slightly tweaked version of LA.
Austin Texas is the state capital of Texas that is full of excitement and best of the west coast & south combined. It is full of rolling, lake side, good eats and totally hip to be around and about! The University of Texas at Austin is close to downtown and is an amazing top rated university in the world. All the suburbs surrounding downtown are also great living with the lakes nearby that offer so much outdoors to enjoy peace and rejuvenate. Arts and restaurants are top notch and the cool Austin City Limits annual music festival along with South by Southwest are two VERY big events that bring lots of folks to town to be exposed to some of the best of the best! From music, to politics, to eaters, to outdoors to athletic events to the Jimmy Fallon show, Austin is in the center of so many great experiences & memories in grained in a lifetime. This city is filled with as much or as less of what you want. Austin affords you to have the enjoyment and exposure you want. Just Living!
The thing i love about austin is how diverse it is and how huge the city as a whole is. What i would love to see is maybe more sport teams from austin because austin is probably one of the only major cities in texas to not have a sports team.
I work in Austin. I get to see all the different artwork painted on the buildings on the Eastside of Austin. I love all the diversity and the food trucks. YOu can find just about anything in Austin Texas!
I love living here! There is a large art community, tons of opportunity for musicians, and plenty of nature to be submerged in. The people here are nice compared to where I originally come from. There is a large sense of community. I also thoroughly enjoy the food - there are so many restaurants, food trucks, and hidden little mom-and-pop shops. Austin is home to a huge vegan community, and I really appreciate that as someone who has been vegan for 8 years. There is constantly something new to try! I appreciate the expressiveness of the community - art is truly everywhere. From outdoor installations across the city to museums located downtown, you see art no matter where you go. The city has a way of influencing you, driving you to seek out more.
I lived in Austin for two years, great place for the outdoor scene and nightlife; however, if you hate traffic Austin is not the place for you.

Austin has a very poor transportation and highway infrastructure, with only one major highway. Austin has no HOV lanes or inner city toll ways, it seems that everyone wants to be on IH35 at the same time. Unlike like Houston and San Antonio that have loops and multiple highways running thru their metro areas, this is what Austin lacks.
Great city for music, events, food! Always something going on downtown, and it's very lively. The University of Texas being near downtown adds a liveliness as well.
Austin is basically what we Native Texans call East California. This city is about as NON-Texan as it could get, and most Texans don't like Austin or the people that live here, oh except for the Governor and his staff, we like them, the rest can go back to California.
I like that there is always something to do in Austin. I also enjoy that it is one of the more progressive cities in Texas, but believe that we have a long way to go before we can honestly say that all residents of Austin are considered equal by the local government and given equal opportunities and resources in all areas of town.
Great city. Amazing nightlife. Had tons of fun when there. Always something to do every night. Very lively downtown, always something going on.
I really love the weather in Austin, its great weather. But it can get really hot sometimes. But there are so many things to do up here. I don't have anything that I would like to see different in Austin.
The safety is a major concern as it is in every major city but I feel it has ramped up around the downtown area in particular. The people are nice and a great variety of things to keep you busy.
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I grew up here and it has always been considered the "liberal oasis" in a republican state, but it's changed drastically. It's too expensive to live here, Black people are being pushed out and history is being destroyed.
I love that its such a beautiful city and has tons of opportunities. one thing I would like to see is more diversity in certain areas.
Austin is the live music capital of the world and has an abundance of natural beauty. You can go hiking on the greenbelt, or attend Austin City Limits in the fall.
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