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Austin is city of opportunity and music. if you are in IT this is the place to be. Affordable living and job openings makes it special.
I have lived in Austin for seven years now. I met my husband here and had both of my kids here. I feel like there is a lot of opportunities for me and my family.
I like Austin because there are so many different places to eat and to explore. There is also amazing, fresh food and many coffee shops.
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I really like Austin. It is such an eclectic city that's perfect especially for young adults. I love the balance Austin provides between the city life and the hill country.
I like the area a lot. There are plenty of things to do, but the traffic and the weather is not great.
Austin is a great city with a lot of diversity and adventure. Each part of town is unique and has many desirable qualities.
every thing in austin is great
high school collages universities is wonderfull . the weather is nice all places is wonderfull actually i like it
I love how eclectic Austin is, there is something for everyone. Whether you're trying to find yourself, educated or start a business. I feel like the synapses in people's brains here are just constantly going off. There is no right or wrong person to meet because everyone has such interesting opinions on whatever you want to talk or debate about. I love how active the community is as a whole and how supportive people are for whatever cause you want to bring to light. There's always something to do and lots of free stuff too. People want to meet you, it's like everyone is a recovering awkward person, there's always someone to find on your level. Keep Austin Weird!!!!
Austin is constantly changing and growing. This is great for real estate and jobs, but it also means there's an abundance of traffic and construction. There's a plethora of places to go for great food, live music and tasty cocktails (or beer, cider, etc.). There's always interesting and quirky things to do all over town (such as a graffiti park where you can go and spray paint all you want or a bouldering gym where you can go indoor climbing) and plenty of them are family friendly.
Austin has it all. Water, parks, camping, city life! Its bustling with people, but easily allows you to escape it all and find peace in nature.
My family and I enjoy Austin's weekend activities that are kid friendly and often times free or very inexpensive. We enjoy plays put on by local libraries, street events downtown, Austin's book fair at the Capital, UT's kids college events, and much more. The dining in Austin offers variety and great taste and quality. Everything is conveniently located near downtown or easily accessed. The parks in Austin offer events and leisure for walking and family picnics. My family and I enjoy Austin's events throughout the city.
Austin is a great place to raise a family as well as great place for millennials and singles. It is a hug for music, arts, family fun and so much more. The culture of Austin is diverse and eclectic. You will definitely find something to do or see or be apart of here in the ATX!
It has a variety of things for so many different people. In between the night life, museums, shops, and parks here you can never get bored here. It is perfect for both single people and families a like.
I love Austin. Traffic is terrible and the rent has dramatically increased because so many people have moved here.
Born and raised in Austin, Texas. I love it. I go to other cities around Texas and none of them compare to Austin. I feel like it has everything want and need. It's small but getting bigger.
Everyone can fit here. I like the relaxing atmosphere around here. Living cost could be little high since housing can be quite expensive, but if you manage to survive through that, you will enjoy here. Great music festivals, cool buildings, even a river in downtown. Foods here are so awesome too. I could find almost every kind of food in this town.
Born and raised in this great city, having seen it become one of the fastest growing cities in the united states. What makes Austin so great is the convenience of many unique restaurants as. As many people say "Keep Austin Weird", whenever you come to Austin you never know what you'll see we have a bat bridge, a large park (we are a very dog-friendly city), two lakes, and the well known 6th street. We like to see people who are enjoying our great city but please don't stay... traffic can be horrific with all the new people moving here. If you looking for a city to explore come down to the live music capital of the world!
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Austin is very family friendly. There are a lot of good job opportunities. The public school system seems too cater to the success of their students. The cost of living is predominantly higher here than other cities around Texas. Yet if you're smart and resourceful you can manage quite well. If you want to be successful, get a good education, and start a family, this town is great for that.
The City of Austin provides great services to its citizens including a very helpful 311 info line, mixed recycling at the curb and even a pilot program for curbside composting!
Beautiful city! Awesome food, great people, sooo much to do. I loved here for over a year and would gladly live there again!
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