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Beautiful weather, outdoor activities abound, healthy focused population, lots to do, lovely big trees including the infamous live oak.
I have lived in Austin most of my life and can tell you that it is the most peaceful places that anyone can live in. I know that I am extremely lucky to call Austin my home and believe me I do not take that for granted. The city is only growing and I know that it will only get better with time.
I pretty much lived all my life in Austin but have had many fun/good experiences. I can call Austin as a second California and a city who keeps getting bigger each day with many moving in, causing also so much traffic in my neighborhood.
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Austin is an amazing city to visit or to live long term. There really is something for everyone here and it is a pretty inclusive city, at least in my experience. Everyone is pretty nice, healthy lifestyles are encouraged, and the schools are pretty good, and there are plenty of private schools to choose from as well. Great restaurants open all the time, commutes can get a little crummy, hopefully after the Mopac construction is complete, it will help out with that. The cost of living is a little high but there are great pockets where rent isn't that high and the outlying towns like Buda or Hutto are a lot less expensive!
Austin is the greatest city in the United States! There are so many different things to do and the food is amazing. The people here are all so unique as well. I'm glad i was raised here.
I am born and raised in Austin. Austin has some great schools that are safe, the saying keep Austin weird is true here we have lots of crazy fun people here party life at night on east or west 6th street are the best. the down fall of Austin is the cost of living is high and traffic sucks I hate Austin traffic. But I love my City.
I love Austin it is full of excitement! The people that I have encountered are very unique and very kind. Certain areas of Austin make me a little uncertain because of the way the neighborhood looks. For example the east side is not the nicest and it makes me feel like I might get robbed. Other than that Austin is growing and it probably will continue to grow. The traffic on the other hand is horrible. It takes hours to get from one side of town to another. So if your okay with waking up really early and trying to fight traffic then it will not bother you.
I was born and raised in Austin, and I feel lucky to have grown up there. The traffic is pretty bad and the summers are scorching, but Austin is a beautiful city. It's surrounded by parks and outdoors spaces, and full of friendly people, good food, and great live music.
I grew up in Austin my whole life until I went to college in 2013. It has been crazy to see how much it has grown in the past 5 years. People are finally realizing how amazing of a city it is. I was lucky enough to spend my whole youth here.
Love austin,tx and its diversity. How you can drive down town and be in the city walking down in congress ave. , and just a few miles down the road you can go kayaking on lady bird lake. The awesomeness of UT austin and how eveyrthing is distribute.I love Austin. KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD!
I lived in Austin for about 21 years. it has been great since the town is pretty diverse and a lot of new people moving in. But this causes a lot of traffic which is the most negative thing I can say.
Love this city! Great place to meet friendly people, lovely nature and hiking spots, cheap and delicious restaurants, and always sunny!
Friendly courteous diverse community Many tourists attractions Affordable living Beautiful scenic parks and recreational areas Various sports activities
I love the culture of Austin, TX. It is a community that values adventure, morals, friendship, and kindness. However, the city is in grave need of improvements to the transportation infrastructure. Ideas for a lightrail, or road improvements always seem to meet great political resistance.
Austin is a great city with tons of things to do for everybody. Public transportation can be considered subpar especially in the suburbs.
It's a fun, young city and there's plenty to do here. There's something for everyone: people who like the outdoors, who like crafts, or who like sports.
From my experience, Austin is dedicated to healthy living with its abundant number of yoga studios, gyms, and health-oriented shops and restaurants. For example, Juice Land is very popular in Austin. The greenbelt is also a very popular spot for outdoor exercise. Austin is also great for going out with a plethora of places to dine out, to drink, to shop, and to watch movies (dine-in movie theaters are very popular in Austin). Austin is becoming a highly populated and crowded city. Finding parking space at the mall or even at a grocery store during the weekend is becoming more and more difficult. Because of the high population, living costs has become expensive.
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Austin is a one of a kind place. If Austin is your kinda place! Look no further because the character her can not be duplicated! From the music to the unbelievable food.

However the word has been out for long enough now that the traffic has gotten a bit unbearable, and cost of living is soaring. Like with anything, you get what you pay for!
Traffic is Aweful! Don't move here. Too expensive, be coming elitist, once was a cultural mecca. Stop the gentrification of this wonderful city.
Austin is a beautiful city with amazing opportunities for small/local businesses, community engagement, and growing tech companies. The City of Austin supports preservation of nature habitats and local parks, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful scenery which the city was built around. With events like Austin City Limits, SXSW, and The Circuit of America race track, the opportunity to experience some of the most popular entertainment in the world is unbelievable. Austin is truly one of the greatest cities to live.
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