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Austin is Wonderful! Such a fun city to live in. There's always something to do, like live music or movies in the park. The festivals keep the city on its toes.
The food here is unbeatable. Queso and margaritas are life, but pizza, tacos, and ramen are all in high supply as well.
This city is amazing!! There's so much to do & while it's a large city it still has that small town feel.
Austin is busy, loud, and exciting city. Recommended for the bachelor who enjoys daily night outs on the town.
I love that Austin has many things to offer for a wide range of people, but the change is that there should be more outlets from the city.
What's not to like. The city of Austin is very versatile. People from all over the world come here. Being able to experience this has been a huge turning point in my life. I think I speak for most Austinites when I say this about what needs to be changed, TRAFFIC!! However, the "change" is currently in progress. The city is doing the best they can by expanding our roads.
I absolutely adore the city of Austin. It has great opportunities for any hobbies or interests. The people are overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming.
Austin is a family friendly, soul finding city. I love the diverse culture and range of personalities you can find on any street. Anything you could possibly want, other than a beach, is within 30 min of your house. There are a variety of different activities, shows, festivals, and fun all throughout the year. The only thing I would change would be the prices of shows. While Austin doesn't always have the ability to charge fair prices for things, it would be nice for the working people to have a chance to go to most of the expensive activities.
I came to Austin for school, I attended the University of Texas at Austin. From the moment I came to Austin I knew I made the right choice. The city always has events going on, it is constantly growing and the people are some of the nicest people you will met. It is such a diverse community and you feel welcomed everywhere you go. It is also a city that you can grow and start a career in. Austin offers so much to its community and it is truly a wonderful place to call home.
I like how the city is growing but it is causing it to be overcrowded with more people moving down here. The city is very beautiful and the downtown area is a great view. The traffic is horrible and construction is making traffic worse everyday.
I have lived in Austin for my whole life, and it's a truly amazing city. The overall attitude here is very positive. There's no shortage of opportunities or culture, and despite living here for so long, I still find new things every time I take a drive downtown. Being a college town and having SXSW, the diversity of the population is astounding. People come from all over the globe to be here. It's a land of equal opportunity.
It's been amazing, growing up in Austin. I've seen so many changes happen to the city, and yet, it managed to keep its "weird" quality that makes it so unique. I've met people from all around the world in this humble, growing city, and every year that goes by I only see the city getting more beautiful. It's always felt safe to me. I've received great public education thanks to this city, and it prepared me well for my college years. For a youngster looking for his/her place in this world, I think Austin may be a beautiful start. For a couple looking for a city to raise their children ideally, I believe Austin will leave them with years of happiness. It's a lively city, with gorgeous nature trails, a fun lake to spend the hot summer days in, and a musical, entertaining downtown to go out and have fun in.
Austin is a city where, if you're ambitious enough, the whole city is at your fingertips.

Food culture in Texas really is unbeatable, especially with so much diversity, although often expensive, you're getting the best. With many options ranging from a classic P.Terrys cheeseburger, to a refreshingly healthy Juiceland juice, you wont struggle to find something memorable to enjoy.

The Day-life in Austin is where the city really shines for me, walking around Barton Springs and Zilker Park is truly the perfect way to experience this beautiful, green, and environmentally conscious city.

One moment you're enjoying a walk around town, the next, the night begins to settle on your eyes as neon lights sparkle from the many bars, and clubs, which seem to come out of nowhere. With 6th street, 4th Street, and Rainy Street all within walking distance there really is no end to the possibilities of the night. Nightlife in Austin is on par with every other major city in the US no doubt.
Austin is a great place to live. It's diverse, progressive and overflowing with exciting events and locales to explore.
Austin is a very unique, diverse, and thriving city (almost too thriving at times, which causes longer commutes). From sipping coffee in front of a scenic view at Mozart's , running the trails at zilker park, enjoying a delicious bunch on congress, to going out for a night in the town on Rainey or 6th street , Austin has activities to do for all moods and ages. Life comes blissful and easy to those who are able to keep up with the high cost of living and live cwntrallh , but for those with a daily commute from north Austin to south Austin good luck! (And the train that runs from north to south Austin fills up relatively fast at prime hours )
I love everything about Austin. It's very hipster and unique in many aspects. There is ton of great food and plenty of things to do. The capital is a great place to tour and South Congress is a popular shopping street. My favorite restaurant is Home Slice, they have really good pizza and its interesting because the restaurant is so fancy, highly recommended.
Austin is a beautiful city, full of excitement, growth, and opportunities. With an eclectic social scene accompanied by live music, good food, and a great environment, Austin has been a great city to grow up and live in. Born and raised in Austin, TX, I'm proud to be from Austin and love being in my city.
The city has changed, yet it is a fun filled urban/old school place to enjoy the nature on and off the water. Plenty of tech-savvy upgrades make the transportation and nightlife activities a bit better. Thankfully the music is still here, the eco-friendly and the safe haven for all lgbtq.
Austin is an amazing up and coming city. With the ever expanding skyline, breakfast tacos on every corner, and live music everywhere you go, its no wonder this once smaller town is now a thriving metropolis. The best tacos you can find are from Las Trancas, which is an amazing little trailer on Cesar Chavez.

There is always something to do in Austin, and with 300 days of sunshine each year being outdoors is a real treasure. The city has had a lot of tech companies pop up and this has caused an increase in the number of people that occupy the city. The one thing i dislike about Austin is the traffic. Rush hour seems to last from 5am until 8pm every day!
Austin is one of the greatest cities in America. The people are fun-loving, laid back and respectful. You get all the best parts of both living in Texas and being surrounded by sound minds. With over 300 days of sunlight a year, Austin makes for one of the most adventurous cities I know of. People flock from all over the globe to get a taste of what we got!
Austin is a great city with a vast population filled with diversity and culture. The city is more liberal than it is conservative. I love the people here are very nice and enjoyable.
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