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Austell is a very family friendly place with many different people and businesses. I have recommend and still do recommend for others to live in this city because of the atmosphere and the easy to get around life. Out of the 8 cities I have lived in Austell is hand down the best one I have lived in thus far. I go two a two thousand public school and not one student or staff member absolutely hates living here. Austell gives very little if not anything to complain about. The police is also very kind and hardworking form what I have seen from my small encounters with them. I have felt very safe since I moved here almost five years ago. I most certainly do not regret moving here and neither will anyone else that decided to move in to this city many call home.
The cost of living is to high, for a two bedroom we are paying over $800. The neighbor hood is run down!! The store and everything around the area is old. The apartments complexes are not interested in fixing up the complex but they want there money on time. The stores around the area are old as well, they are not well stocked and the prices for everything is sky high. somethings are even out dated so you have to check your expectoration. The school system is the worst I hate the elementary that my kids go to. they act like robots and they treat the kids like they are support to perform as puppets. If i had the money my kids would be in private school. On the up side you have six flags close by.
It’s quiet and everything is close. The grocery stores, shopping plaza and restaurants are convenient. The people in this area simple.
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I love the quiet neighborhood. Only problem is that the customer service at every establishment is terrible. From Walmart to Mc Donalds.
I like the fact that Austell has great Public schools in the area and the crime is low.Six Flags is also near so it's plenty of things for friends and family to do.
Austell is an alright place to live, Just wish the cost of living was a bit lower. The commute time is very excellent and there are quite a few good opportunities here in Austell. Lots of shopping places, close access to the highway and interstate at this location. Overall a very safe community and a great place to live
I love that Austell is very close and easy to get to downtown Atlanta. Six Flags is here and it is a nice stress free zone. The Cobb County transit system also makes it easy for you to get across Austell and other parts of Cobb County.
Its a great area to live in. Schools are getting better. There are a lot of areas one can visit, and great parks as well.
City-town like area. Many things neighbor Austell.From food to shopping, hospitals and more.
It connects to Marietta, Powder Springs, and other locations. It is a growing city just like the other neighbors.
Austell is a very safe neighborhood to be in. The environment is very serene and welcoming.
The community are also very friendly, no matter which race you belong to or in which situation you find yourself in.
Great median size city. Great schools. Safe neighborhoods. Been loving in Austell for about 20 years. Great place to raise your family.
Nice and quiet city. It has a good educational system and educational activities. I would like to see a better selection of homes and entertainment.
I live in Austell off Austell road between East West Connector and Veterans Memorial. Quiet residential area surrounded by trees and friendly neighbors. Most things we need are a short 5-10 minute drive away.
Austell is a good place to live.
There is not much nightlife, however the housing is affordable and
close to everything.
There is no real violent crimes, and loud children are everywhere.
The people are a melting pot, which is nice.
The biggest set back, is having to travel 8 miles to Smyrna to reach a
farmers market style store with health food.
I would rate it a 3 out of 5. Affordable, safe, may have to drive for food and fun, and lots of families.
Great city for families. It is located in a great, safe area. I would definitely encourage people to move here with their family. It is convenient with commuting to work or to shopping centers, like Cumberland mall. I absolutely love living in Austell, and will be here for a long time.
I've lived in Austell, Ga for about 8 years now and it's a pretty good neighborhood. The crime seem to rise and fall which average in my personal opinion is about 4% average of crime which is mostly car thief. Overall it's a nice area, easy access to I-20 and 285 with great amenities to include Six Flags over Georgia.
I has affordable apartments but not in the best neighborhoods. It's pretty quiet for the most part and they have spread out some of the most traffic roads. It is located right next to 285 and 20 which is convenient but again not in the best neighborhoods. The public schools are Title 10 but still not that great but more so checking the boxes. However, there are private church schools that are amazing with kids!
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I love austell because if the people. I grew up here and have been living her on and off for over 8 years
This area is peaceful and very quiet and I love living here. The schools are really nice and the traffic isn't very bad. I am a country girl so Austell is just enough for me.
One of the things I would most like to see about Austell is the increase of involvement in the public school system. I would like to see more options for kids to have activities.
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