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I have had a great experience living in the city of Austell GA. I love the benefits that the suburbs allow versus living in the city. The driving distance to Atlanta is no more than 15 minutes. I enjoy the opportunity to experience the restaurants, museums and shopping. What I enjoy must about Austell is the small town feel of knowing your neighbors as well as being in a clean, safe environment. The housing market is attractive which allows for you to have a great investment that will benefit both you and your children in the future.
The only thing I would change is the amount of homes currently being built. I am concerned that eventually we will be facing over crowding in the area.
I loved living in Austell. It was a very friendly environment. The only thing I would change about Austell would be more things to do. It's kind of boring and really isn't many fun things for my age group and below. The community is wonderful and filled with different eateries and variety of shopping outlets which I absolutely LOVE!
I've lived here almost all my life so, I'm very familiar with this area. I like it. Its diverse, and most people are very friendly.
I moved to Cobb county because of the great school for my kids so Austell was a great option. Lots of stores close by and a great area for kids.
The City of Austell is on the rise more homes are being built to accommodate the growing number of people moving into the city. I like the work that is being done around the city. They have also brought the Epi Center to Austell which is a great hang out for the youth. It has also brought more jobs in as well. Six flags is a big part of Austell, It allows the youth from all around Atlanta to come out and enjoy as well as become employed there as well.
the city of Austell is a very friendly small town .It not like the city, but its not like the country either. I really enjoyed my time there. In some parts of the town nothing is really there. Its all very urban, they do have a lot of events,like for kids when school starts,and festivals. They have lot of historical land marks. the only problem would be is littering but other than that it is the best place to go.
I love this city. The crime rate is low and the schools are decent. There's lots of entertainment and shopping.
there is not any violent crime just the normal property crimes which are a concern but not a huge fear
i grew up here and i love the area and all its taught me and how i grew up
It seems to be getting worse, the school system is not the best, there are better alternatives a few miles down the road.
My neighborhood is near and we'll kept.
We have acess to adequate health care.
My neighborhood v does not have and official neighborhood watch but we do look out for each other and report suspicious activity.
My neighbors and I are friendly towardseach other and we have a strong sense of community.
This area has occasional thunderstorms. We experience flooding six years ago and we have fair winters.
There are a few restaurant's but no truly high level ones.
Most of my neighbors with and my fellow classmates have jobs at local stores fast food restaurants and amusement park.
I can get just about everything in my area. We have affordable shops and restaurants that fit the locals .
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