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Crime is low. Police get bored and therefore are numerous traffic tickets.
The area stays generally clean. Recreation department provides numerous sports, camps, and classes for the community. Schools are great. Provide kids with many opportunities.
Little to no crime, safe living always.
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Aurora is great but closed off from rest of the world.
Great town to grow up in, will not move back.
There are few break-ins and robberies in Aurora.
Aurora is a very close community, and if you are an outstanding student and/or athlete, the entire community knows who you are. The schools are conveniently in the middle of town and there are many great local shops and stores to go buy food and clothes. Overall Aurora is one of the best cities in portage county.
The amount of crime in Aurora is very small. The only real place were crime happens is at Aurora farms, and this is because it's a tourist attraction.
Aurora as a whole has allowed me, as a student, to interact with a community that is growing daily. And by doing this, I have gained the opportunity to explore different cultures and meet all sorts of people from around the world. As a school, we are supported heavily by nearly everyone in the community and that allows our people to interact and grow as a whole. And ultimately, this has allowed me to grow into the person that I am today.
Aurora is not a city that is known for crime.
I have loved growing up in Aurora, Ohio. Of course I had my issues with things, but my entire family grew up and was raised here and I hope that I will be able to raise my own family here one day. Or, at least bring them to visit. The community is so strong and we can always come together in time of need. I would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
Majority of housing is occupied and taken well care of. Few yards are not kept up with but those that are make up the majority. Cost of housing is a little higher due to larger houses and land.
All the events that occur in Aurora really make up the community that it is. Farmers market each week in the summer allows for locals to sell product that they grow or make. Plays that take place at the Aurora Library bring creativity to the community along with the Nutcracker craft show
I do not hear of much crime taking place in Aurora. Police are always out on the roads, available at the Aurora Outlets, and by the movie theater.
Aurora is a wonderful place to be raised. The schools are highly rated and the community is warming. It offers many activities from its numerous baseball diamonds, parks, and even events at the local library. Aurora was such a great place to grow up for me and make many friends that got to share the experience with me.
A huge majority of the houses are well kept and look very nice. Rarely will there be an abandoned home. There is a variety of homes with different costs; high and low. Everyone can find their place here!
This community is great. Everyone is friendly, and you can see families everywhere. Pedestrians walking their dog always wave to passing cars. It is a very friendly community.
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There have been a few break ins recently, but the police department is hard at work making this community safe.
Somewhat transient community. Becoming more stable. still need a recreation center
Getting too be too many houses and a lot look the same.
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