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Aurora has been my home for over 15 years and I cannot see myself establishing my life elsewhere. It is where I hope to raise my future kids. They have great schools and great community. The only thing I would like to see change is more recreational fun for family and friends.
What I like about Aurora is how safe and friendly the neighborhood is. There are rarely any problems occurring in the part of Aurora that I live in. I think it is a very family friendly town and it is a very nice place to start at life. Something I would change is the cleanliness of it because a lot of the time, there is a lot of trash laying around on the ground and nobody picks it up. Sometimes, it can be very dirty because of people's garbage flying out of the garbage bins with nobody doing anything about it.
It is a great community, and people know each other. I especially love the number of churches in the community.
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It's not like your typical suburb - it really does feel like a big city. I grew up in Chicago and I tried living in other suburbs and just never got the same feeling. Depends where you are in Aurora though - if you really like that real Chicago feel like shootings and gangs then you have your neighborhoods to pick from. I decided that I didn't need that much city in my life anymore so I opted for the quieter side of Aurora.
While I have met many fantastic people in my hometown, it isn't exactly the city it wants to be. When I was younger there were weekly events downtown that brought the city together but those have since ended and now the downtown area is mostly barren or struggling aside from the fire station, train station, casino, a few decent restaurants, and an adorable bookstore that opened in recent years. Aurora could be so much better if store owners were better encouraged to make the downtown area more inviting.
Aurora is an un and comming city. There's alot of diversity. Downtown there are alot of cute shops around.
Aurora is a great city to live in and raise a family. It has a very diverse population and inspiring individuals within it.
One of the largest cities in IL. The city continues to grow. Good schools and lots to do in the area. Very close to Naperville restaurants and night life.
I have been here since I was twelve years old, and it use to be a good Suburb. Through the years death rate has went up and schools have gotten worse. I like the memories created here and the people that became part of my life, but I would recommend if you choose this city to raise a family go more towards Naperville.
Aurora is an ok place to live. There is not a lot of things to do that are affordable. You have to leave town for cultural things to do.
I've lived in Aurora for about 10+ years now. Its a very family friendly neighborhood. All attractions are close by and the education here is phenomenal from elementary school to high school so many opposites were available to me after attending some of these schools
It has a small vibe and feel to it at times, But its also has a big city feel to it as well. All stores, big businesses, small business, fast food, restaurants and anything else you want or need are most of the time all within a 15 minute drive. Its kind of like a big city without all the people and traffic lol
Completed my undergraduate education at Aurora University and lived in the surrounding community! I absolutely loved Aurora! The neighborhoods surrounding the university are lined with big, beautiful trees! I would often go on walks near the university during the spring, summer, and fall!
Aurora is a great suburb, about 30 miles west from Chicago. It is a sprawling suburb with a historic downtown. Aurora is a great place to raise a family.
I've lived in aurora for 15 years. Overall the city has been a great. Really clean and full of job opportunities. Has some great schools and some that need more focus structure. Would love to see more shops opening downtown.
I like Aurora, i mean it might not be the best place to live but its ok. It depends on where you go and who hang out with. Like any other places, there are some crime here but not major and it is safe for kids to play in parks and maybe adventure outside a little.
lived here all my life. i love this city its very kid friendly. Downtown Aurora has a great paramount theater that host great shows! there is some crime that attends here on occasions like any other city. but other than that the schools are great here. the high school is an awesome school and the teachers are amazing.
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What I like about Aurora is the diversity in this city and how convenient it is. I overall feel very safe in Aurora. Everyone is this town has a different story to tell.
It has an excellent school system with a lot to do in the community. There are many restaurants to choose from and it is a safe place.
Great night life which is cool. I grew up here so its a pretty decent place to hang out and meet friends
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