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Aurora combines city life and the beauty of nature. Concerts, festivals, and more, all year round. The people are friendly and there are many kid-friendly activities.
I really enjoy living in Aurora Il, it's a very united community. I really love the area but there are also downsides to the area.
I love the community feel in Aurora. Downtown Aurora is growing with lots of opportunities. The park district has many opportunities and activities from athletics, recreation, and community events. The park district has many parks as well as bike paths that connect the city. There are many diverse dining options in Aurora. Aurora also has many historical elements including homes and neighborhoods. Aurora has lots of opportunities for jobs and growth. Additionally, due to Aurora’s large size it has many high schools both private and public options. Aurora also has higher education options with Waubonsee Community college and Aurora University.
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The city is clean and the community always tries to make it seem better even though other people talk bad about it.
Indian Prarie School District 204 has excellent elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools! There are some great subdivisions in Aurora, such as Oakhurst and some of White Eagle. There is a great selection of grocery stores nearby, such as Walmart, Meijer, Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joe's.
I have been a resident in Aurora, IL for twelve years. As an employed wife, mother and homeowner I would recommend it to anyone looking to relocate to a suburb in Chicago. Although there is no public transit, there is more than sufficient major highway and wide streets that access great schools, libraries, churches and shopping areas. It offers a wide range of restaurants and entertainment for all age groups from theaters to night life. Aurora has a great mix of diverse families and there are many small and large businesses that employ many area residents. I love living in Aurora!
I love the Aurora sense of community, whether if you were an outcast or a very extroverted individual, Aurora has some sort of community in which you will feel belong. Even after 17 years of living in this city I some how find new and original groups of people. Even if these individual groups will seem diverse and some ways isolated from each other, when time comes Aurora will come together and form one whole city of love and happiness.
Aurora is a great neighborhood, everybody is very friendly and understanding. We are a close neighbor, so everyone knows each other and stick up for one another !!
Aurora has a bad reputation because of specific "dangerous" areas, however it is one of the bigger suburbs of Chicago and has amazing parts to it. Minus a few rough neighborhoods, the majority is safe here in Aurora. The schools need good teachers just as any other district does. There is a wide expansion of stores and entertainment for any age group to take part in.
I grew up in Aurora; lived there for 23 years. There is always something cool to go to, and I just recently participated in the 2 annual Pride Parade which had an amazing turnout of support. Not just of locals but from businesses as well. I loved living in Aurora.
The city has changed a lot since I was young and is moving towards even more community and city involvement in events. It is becoming increasingly artsy.
It’s very good caca it’s like the best place to live in and have a family. The school are okay but they give good education. The stores there are really good. I’m proud to live it Aurora, il
Nice houses a great place to raise kids and to have a family and great schools and a great place with lots of activities for kids to do
I moved to Aurora in Dec. 2019. The area I live in is beautiful and rich in resources such as the library, park district and community center. There’s plenty of daycares and schools through the area.
Downton Aurora offers a lot of family activity opportunities. There are concerts, festivals, and even a trick-or-treat event. There are also many parks near to enjoy with your family.
I use to live in aurora and I loved living there. I was close to shops and good food and I felt safe. I know there is a bad part of aurora but I feel that every place has its good parts and bad parts of town.
I would describe the environment of the town as very friendly, and also very diverse, with many different cultures being found within the city. Some of the schools within the city are top notch for public schools, and the city's a convenient location near train stations leading to Chicago, which helps make this city lively.
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Growing up here as a child, I thought it was a great place. I lived in a safe neighborhood close to my schools. My neighbors and community members were inclusive and kind. As the years have gone by and I've returned from college, my parents say that crime has increased and I've noticed a less welcoming community atmosphere.
Lots of culture and history. I have loved living here all my life. The Paramount in particular is an amazing display of Aurora's art and theatre community.
Aurora Illinois is a great place to raise a family with it being a surburb of Chicago it is very easy to go to the city whenever you want to. It also a very diverse city with very family friendly environment
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