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There are portions of Aurora with great schools and great homes-but some other areas are still improving. It is best to go to the area you are considering and drive around it to see if it is an improved area or an area that still needs some work.
One part of the town is nice and clean and another part isn't so nice. Has a casino and appears kid friendly near the mall.
Aurora has great neighborhoods, parks and recreation areas. It also has some of the best schools in the area.
Aurora is the most westerly city in the Chicagoland area. As the second largest city in the suburbs, second only to Chicago, Aurora reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Windy City itself. That diversity gives Aurora its flavor and uniqueness with its wide array of experiences such as local homemade Mexican food such as La Quebrada to the local Two Brothers Roundhouse and Jake's Bagels. As you drive around downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods, you will be met with a friendly and humbling aura. Though divided into east and west sides, Aurora, like Chicago, is a tight-knit community. Like Chicago, Aurora can be further developed and invest even more into education and infrastructure.
I truly enjoy my area. I have been living in the area over 15 years now. We, my family, feel very safe in our community. Especially welcoming a baby boy into the family October of last year. We have parks behind our house and then another that is a mile down. We have groups of people within the subdivision that gather for community meetings to discuss importances and generate ideas for community schools in the area, subdivision its self or the city in general.
Aurora is a good place to live. I am a current resident and I do enjoy everything that my community offers. Although crime has gone up it has not impacted me.
Diverse community. Mostly hispanic. Middle income families. Downtown has been updated and beautified over the past few years. Excellent park district
I like the location of stores. Everything is close by and easy to access. Taxes are also cheap. One thing I would like to see changed is to decrease gang violence.
I live in the southeast corner of Aurora, Illinois. It is a wonderful little pocket in the 2nd largest city in Illinois (2nd only to Chicago). We feel very safe in this area and our neighborhood has been affected by little to no crime. Our elementary school is right in our neighborhood and there are so many families with children of varying ages. I grew up skateboarding and riding my bike with friends to the 7-11 on the corner. We would get our slurpees and then play on the school playground on the way home. Our neighborhood shows movies in the park on summer nights and has league soccer games right down the street. It's a great place to grow up!
Its kinda rough but i love this town. There are some hard areas here but this is still a pretty good place to grow up. I have been here since i was 12.
Aurora is a wonderful city, with an active interest in supporting the arts. Every first Friday there are Art activities happening in the downtown area. If you're interested in live music, hanging out with friends, and having a good time, Aurora is the place to be.
We need better police training and funding of schools. The area is kinda sketch. There's also a lot of criminals that live here.
I have grown up in this area and it will always be considered my hometown even though i wasn't born here. i have had all my major life experiences in this town whether they be good or bad. All my childhood friends are from here. I have many memories living in this neighborhood including my first job, my first school, and my first time driving. Once i graduate college i plan on continuing to live here and look for a good career in the area. Also, my family lives here and i intend on staying close to them. I am thankful to be from such a nice hometown.
It is overall a good place to live in, there is crime and violence like everywhere else, but it is still safe.
Inexpensive area to live in
Large variety of places to eat
Close to every type of store and entertainment
Jobs availability

Not the safest place to live in
Can be crowded
I love living in Northern Aurora. The schools are good for my kids and the neighbors are very friendly.
I have lived in Aurora all of my life. Somethings that I like here is that the community I live in feels like a family. I have always felt good about going to school in my neighborhood, learn and get my education.
The aurora area is greater near the borders of Aurora. Once you enter further into east or west Aurora the areas could be slightly worse. Some of those areas are populated by gang members or troubled children.
I really enjoyed this process, easy, quick and so much information. Aurora is a great town to live in and grow up in. Great education and everyone from teachers, friends, and parents are helpful and can give you any information you may need. The counselors in the school are super easy to talk to and easily accessible as well.
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