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It has an excellent school system with a lot to do in the community. There are many restaurants to choose from and it is a safe place.
Great night life which is cool. I grew up here so its a pretty decent place to hang out and meet friends
I was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois. Aurora is predominantly Latino and I grew up in a household speaking Spanish. I loved the diversity of my community because then I applied to the Illinois Mathematics And Science Academy on the other side of Aurora. This experience was culture shocking because it was required you live in a dorm and that you experience different cultures such as Asian, Caucasian and African Americans, something I had never done before. What I would change about Aurora is the crime rate on one side of the city versus the safer other side of the city. The East and West sides both have very different crime rates. Besides that I love my city!
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I was born and raised in Aurora. Every town is going to have its up and downs but nonetheless Aurora is great for everything you need. Great activities to do on the weekends and the people are friendly. The only thing I don't like is the cost of living. Rent prices are going up and gets hard for a college student to live by themselves.
Aurora is a very diverse suburb of Chicago. Moderate cost of living, amazing restaurants and entertainment venues. There is the down side of having some areas that are a little frightening and possibly gangs (I've never noticed any obvious activity, but I had heard gun shots from a bit down the way). The other finding is that the schools vary vastly. There is an elementary school with a very low rating, they don't appear to have the resources for the children that they should.
I like how comfortable Aurora is. It's not big like the city of Chicago and it's not as small as a farm town. You can find absolutely anything in this town. It may be nice to be able to know everyone in town but I love the fact that I see new faces every single day.
I moved to Aurora two years ago from Beaverton, OR. Originally because I attended Aurora University and I found a job at the Aurora Public Library. Once i started working at the down town library I got a better sense of the Aurora community and I liked it. I almost felt at home again. I especially love the Art scene of 'First Fridays', and the events and concerts held at the new pavilion.
My experience has been wonderful here. I've been living in Aurora for about 5 years. I am currently a senior college student and I am pursuing my graduate degree at Aurora University. The local stores are easy to travel to and there are a lot of great attractions. I have enjoyed the opportunity of living there because it is relatively close to my college campus. It is not too far from downtown which is a great way to get out of town every now and then. There isn't anything I would change about this town.
I love the multicultural environment. Aurora surrounds the Fox River, so nature preserves abound. It is an affordable suburb, with room to grow. The city of lights is a friendly place, rich in Hispanic culture.
Aurora is home. There's not always things to do but there is definitely activities downtown in the summer. It is average for safety.
Aurora has become a expensive town to live in, not worth the high cost for this city and its schools it offers.
I have lived here for 10 years and have seen much growth from the city. I am on the boarder of Aurora and Oswego. My kids go to the Oswego school district. Many things to do and see. They have started to clean up their downtown district.
Overall Aurora is a good place to live. However I wish that downtown was more developed and that there was more community events. In addition to community events, I think it would be beneficial for Aurora to also have more youth programs.
I live right on the edge of Aurora and my experience has been pretty good all around. Personally I live in a good part of Aurora and therefore don't have to dealw it's any of the other things that go on. When you are actually in Aurora it's not as nice as where I am.
Aurora is a great community with a very historic downtown. It's also a very diverse community, which is a good thing. Downtown has lots of great indepent restaurants so your not eating the same old chain food.
Aurora is a great place to live, but all i hear during the night and day is the ambulance driving by. There are a ton of cops patrolling the area. That could be a good and bad thing. Otherwise, i think it is a great place to live. The neighbors are very friendly and its not very costly to live here.
I was born and raised in Aurora all my life. I personally like my town because of the widely diverse cultures, people, activities, and experiences in Aurora. Downtown Aurora is beautifully presented as a lively town, because the Paramount theater, comedy bar, culture diversity in restaurants, Waubonsee community college life, Sci-tech museum, river walk, and RiverEdge park. never a dull moment living in Aurora, the city of lights.
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There are portions of Aurora with great schools and great homes-but some other areas are still improving. It is best to go to the area you are considering and drive around it to see if it is an improved area or an area that still needs some work.
One part of the town is nice and clean and another part isn't so nice. Has a casino and appears kid friendly near the mall.
Aurora has great neighborhoods, parks and recreation areas. It also has some of the best schools in the area.
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