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It is a good town for a small farm town visit, but definitely not the best place to live in. People are typically friendly, but the drug usage is prominent.
I love our little town and all it has to offer! Is a taste of country living without being to far out in the boonies. I think we could stand to have a few more options for places to eat and a few more stores.
The community is extremely close and always come together in times of tragedy. They have many activities, especially during the summer and fall, for all ages. Most of the activities are family friendly. There is not much crime in the area so overall it is a safe place to live.
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The weather is usually pretty nice around this area. The climate and everything is about in the middle.
The only places to hang out and relax in are only open a few hours everyday and the crowds are usually for people who are much older.
When it comes to trying to get a job the only places in this area are when it comes to fast food or if your family is friends with people who work at businesses and have connections.
At one point there were a lot of little stores that had products of pretty good quality but now they are mostly all going out of business because bigger companies are taking over the town and putting a lot of places out of business. People can still get everything they need but they usually have to deal with large crowds in order to get it.
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