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Aurora is a lovely place to live. Like anywhere else there are neighborhoods that are nicer and some that are more worn. A change I would like to see would be more love from other boroughs. Aurora has a history of not being a great place to live, given the crime, however this isn't a total reality.
My experience living in Aurora is good so far. The neighborhood is very diverse and everyone seemed to be welcomed.
I love the fact that I grew up here. I love Aurora for what it was. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of negative people moving to Aurora. It has become trashy in the northern parts. The Aurora I like to see is in Southlands. That area is so beautiful and the people are so nice. It's rare to have someone open a door for you in the northern parts. Aurora has been great to my family and me for 26 years. We know the area and the people so we blend in. Definitely not one of the cleanest and well maintained but has been my home and I don't think I could move. There have been a lot of upgrades lately and I believe they will lighten up the atmosphere.
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I love the city, and see lots of potential in this city. However, northern Aurora has high crime rates and is unsafe to visit. Although sometimes I need to go there for shopping because it is cheaper, I much rather feel safe and shop in a safer area like South Aroura.
Melting pot of life! Great people and great activities for all! Sports are awesome for kids and adults alike. Always activities from southlands to city center!
Aurora has a plethora of diverse cultures, neighborhoods, and activities while conveniently being located close to Denver.
Aurora has many opportunities for sports and other community activities. It is a place that has many parks and encourages healthy living.
I really like the small town feel to aurora. The area has turned into a bit of a crime prone city though.
Aurora is a beautiful city. A huge part of this is due to it's diversity. There is vast representation of various ethnic and religious groups, as well as social and economic categories. I have lived here my entire life, and have not found a place more culturally collaborative.
Aurora covers a very large area east of Denver. The appeal of Aurora varies depending on the area but overall Aurora offers great diversity, community events, and welcoming feel.
The cozy environment it feels like everybody know each other, most of the residents are very friendly and always trying to help each other.
A lot of nice neighbors. Very friendly people. I enjoyed taking walks around the parks or biking around the multiple bike trails located around the area. On Christmas the houses are very decorated and every Christmas I like to walk around the neighborhood to see the lights. The schools in aurora are also very nice, overland got a specialized science building which can teach children how to get a flying license. Auto repair class also taught me a lot about cars. Churches are very welcoming and more modern. A lot of basketball courts and tennis courts to play with some friends. There is also a cool arcade around Iliff that I sometimes frequent. Overall my experience at Aurora has been very pleasant and is very family friendly.
it is a nice town to live ,my kids both graduate in safe environment nd i have my business here for 10 years .it has very friendly resident
I attended a Cherry Creek public school, and as so, I was prepared with all of the necessary skills to succeed in undergraduate school at Regis University. I appreciate the education system in place within Aurora.
The nicer parts of Aurora are great. Although there can be major improvements in the more centralized areas of Aurora.
It's a place I call home, yet it's not the safest place in the world, the movie theater shooting in Aurora was only 5 minutes away driving from where I live. My high school went through lock downs at least 5 times a year, and it's not safe to roam the streets at night. But I love the diversity of people that live in this town, many people of different race, heritage, origin, from all over the world.
The community is diverse and that makes things like school, grocery shopping or just walking around comfortable. The city is currently undergoing a lot of construction which is promising. It would be nice if there was more to do around town, but overall it is still nice.
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I love living in Aurora because of the diversity that is represented where we live. We love the school district that are children are in and look forward to staying here for as long as we can.
I've lived in the city my entire life. Most parts of Aurora aren't that bad. Majority of it is safe and decent to live in. Living in the same city for so long makes for interesting developments
Traveling too and from the city is hard. It is growing so fast. There are alot of people coming here and the light rail has not helped slow down the commute. The housing community has kept up. The city itself is pushing green,renewable housing choices and has tons to do on your off time. The schools are not the best but they are decent. Cherry creek schools are located in parts of Aurora and are better than the Aurora Public Schools. Instead of putting money into the public schools the city is allowing tons of alternative schools to move in and take kids over to them.
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