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Aurora is an amazing place to live in. In addition, Aurora provides opportunities for people to nourish and become global citizens! Grat place to bring up your children and has very low crime rate!
Aurora is a good town. If you stay on the southern side, you will find better quality of things. Southlands is great, and so is the movie theater there. There is a diverse population and it's big enough that you won't always see a familiar face around.
Great area will diverse people. Nice suburb of Denver and close to some really nice state parks. And you can't beat the view of the mountains, plus you always know which way is west.
There is a big difference between North and South Aurora. I currently live in South Aurora and love it. There is less traffic than in Denver, most of the people are kind and the scenery is nice. I have a three year old daughter and I am a single mom attending school full-time. I try to take my daughter to a local park every day that it is nice out, it is nice I don't have to worry about feeling endanger around this area.
Aurora is a nice city, with lots of parks and recreation, there are many opportunities for a healthy lifestyle.
Aurora is a great palce to live. It is second largest city in Colorado. The city of Aurora boasts some 100 parks and more than 5,000 acres of protected open space that encourage residents to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.Youth sports are a big part of life in Aurora. From volleyball and football to soccer and lacrosse, families can choose from a number of activities. Wide open spaces, a moderate climate with 243 days of sunshine and awesome mountain views combine to make Aurora a golfer's paradise. It also doesn't hurt that Aurora's mile-high elevation gives a golf swing a little more lift and distance. The city's golf trail includes nearly a dozen courses, including six award-winning municipal courses open to the public.
I have not had any bad experiences with living in Aurora. There is minimum of traffic, which I love.
It's a great city. I have anything I need and I have agreaat neighborhood structure to succeed in school.
Id like to see more people come toger instead of robing and stealing.there has been a high crime rate but me as a person i like to keep my life going foward and strive toward my goals
Aurora is a large city, and with that there are different parts to it. I currently live on the far east side of town and love it there. Right next to Buckley Airforce Base and could not be any happier. I have great neighbors who all look out for one another and are proud of their homes. Everyone is so friendly in that area, out walking their dogs, enjoying the sunshine and just having a great life.
I previously lived in west Aurora off Havana and had no issues there either. My apartment was a gated community and never had a problem while living there. Many great stores across the street and a lot within walking distance.
Aurora is a very diverse city. Traffic is horrible which makes commute times long and many accidents. Concerned about the safety of everyone especially law enforcement that protects the community.
Aurora covers large area and is mostly good, family friendly and fairly high class, but would like to see more improvements made to the area around Overland high school and Aurora mall. These are the places I'd rather drive an extra 10 minutes to avoid.
I've been in Aurora for a year now and so far it's been a great experience. Everything is very clean, new, and tidy. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. Traffic is usually okay but there is quite a bit of construction. The entire time I've lived here there's been construction everywhere. But overall it's a great city!
I currently live in South Aurora and it is an okay place to live. Although the North part of Aurora is very different and gives the whole city a bad reputation.
It is a nice area in the Denver metro area. It is less dense than the major city, but is still a suburb. It is on the southeast side meaning you have to travel through or around Denver to get to the mountains, but is closer if you want to head east.
Aurora is a great palde to live in Colorado. It has a bad name of being "ghetto" but that is not the case at all. It is a great place because there is every kind of person here and it is the best midway of urban cities and private living. Living here is really going to submerge you on all kinds of cultures which is the best part.
I have lived here all my life and it is truely a melting pot. This city has grown and expanded and is this is continuing. There are many opportunities to grow!
What I like about Aurora is that they have a wide diversity of not just people but, also foods, entertainment, and schools. Whenever I wanted to do or buy something I never have to go far as whatever it is its just around the corner.
Aurora consist of great people. This is because the people around you in a community makes the difference as compared to other cities. Everyone keeps encouraging the youths in the community how successful they can be if they go to school. I want to be successful and that is what I like about aurora.
Aurora, Colorado is indeed a beautiful state as we hear. The beauty of the state is from top to bottom. The skies are visited by massive triangular swarms of ducks flying in the mornings, the naked leafless mountains are dressed with fresh white snow, and the grounds in aurora are warmed by a beautiful sunrise that reflects in the sparkling white snow.
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