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One of the things I like about the city of Aurora its to being a diverse city. We have people from all places living and we get to meet new cultures & languages. The city is big .
It is a great city that is constantly expanding and growing, there is ample opportunity to find a great place to live, attend a great school and meet new folks. I would like to see more diversity in local food places.
Living in Aurora, Colorado affords me easy access to everything I need to provide for my family. Malls, grocery stores, entertainment, government and business offices are all within an easy distance to reach without the congestion of the bumper to bumper traffic in Denver.
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Aurora is a great place to raise your family. Outstanding school district! Pet friendly 😊. Beautiful parks and many shopping options.
The people are nice and the community is very diverse. However the city is not the cleanest, streets buildings need a little bit of cleaning.
Aurora is where I grew up I love it so much I came to high school middle school and elementary and currently in college and it’s great.
Aurora is rumored to be one of the worse parts of Colorado, buts its really not. It's filled to the brim with amazing and diverse people who just wanna make a living in life. Its a modern world.
Aurora is a big city, if you are in the older parts you will hear a lot bad things about the schools and safety. However, it is also a growing city with new schools and houses making it very great to live in.
Not great. I wish I lived a bit further from the city. There is this sense that everyone in Aurora wants to hurt you for their own personal gain. Not real, just this perception that it is dangerous. My wife and I miss Orlando!
There are different areas in Aurora, poor and rich, but all very diverse. Home prices are ridiculous and rent is even worse. I moved here in 1999 and in 2000 rent cost 400 bucks for a 1 bedroom apartment. Too many people here now creating a lot of problems on the roads and crime is rising. Wouldn't recommend anywhere in Aurora.
Always finding something to do and meeting amazing people, Aurora should be deemed one of the nicest places in the United States. Aurora has one of the best districts in the state, (Cherry Creek School District) and also a diversity of places and people. It wasn't hard for me to make friends when I moved here, and my friends and I always have a place to go. From neighborhood block parties to walking around Southlands mall. When I was looking for a job, it wasn't hard for me to find a good paying job and nice co-workers. There is little or no traffic getting across town and I always feel safe when walking at night.
I like how there is so much to do and how diverse the city is and the schools here are excellentpexcellent plus there are a lot of job opportunities.
I've lived in Aurora now for 16 years I never had any problem. It's very central to my work, Church, and shopping as well as other neighborhood amenities. Love it here!
Aurora is a culturally diverse city. This presents a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas and growth. This also means that the food is great!
I have lived here for over 20 years-I have absolutely loved every day of it. the people are wonderful and I feel safe going for a jog at night. :)
Aurora is a great place to raise a family. Growing up in aurora was great. There are parts of the community which are unsafe and unrecommended, but overall a pretty decent place to live. City of Aurora has a great rec program for kids who want to play sports but not at a highly competitive club level. I give special mention to the gymnastics program which is outstanding for boys and girls of all ages.
I and my family enjoy living in Aurora. We been here for few years now and bought a house here. My spouse and i are planning to buy another house here sometime later. Raise our kids here.
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I have lived in Aurora for the past 10 years and it seems to me like good area to live where I would feel comfortable raising a family of my own
I would like to see a more active youth involvement in the community, with more opportunity for networking and socializing.
Aurora is a very family friendly community, there are reasonable job opportunities as well as average cost of living. I work two jobs to make sure my children can grow up in this community and receive the benefits of educational opportunities in this area.
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